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Created On: 04/18/2016 22:39:27

Thank you for your review to "Dark Nights..." I'm a sucker for romance, especially historical romance. So I think both of us understand each other's like for the genre. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the story in the future!


Created On: 04/17/2016 04:13:04

Thank you for your kind review to The Shikon and the Miko! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. As for your question, there is no reason why Sesshoumaru wouldn't have made it to the future even if Kagome didn't meet him while she was stuck in her own time. I don't think the timelines should be crossed lightly lest it affect how the events unfold.

Also thank you so much for your lovely comment on Life After Loss! I'm happy to hear you like the pace of the story and the characterisations of both Sesshoumaru and Kagome.
Feedback from Lammy: Thanks for responding! I read all of your stories on Friday and enjoyed them all.


Created On: 04/03/2016 15:39:42

Hi Lammy,

Thanks for reviewing Black String Of Fate, I'll try to keep it coming^^

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