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Hmmm what to put, what to put? Well i'm still in school and will be for a long time (sweat drop)  buuuuuuut its worth it in the end. At first I was all about the Inu-Yasha and Kagome pairing but then I took a random quiz and vo-la! Here I am :D a proud Sesshy Kags supporter of I'm not sure how many years. Random is that greatest thing in the world and can't stand to see my friends upset. I love to write but my writing is horrible (and so is my spelling so sorry for any mistakes) so I might post every once in a while. Yes I am very weird and I hope we can be friends!!! Pease everyone :D

P.S. I'm willing to beta if anyone is looking for one :3 a wise friend said that i should post it on my profile so here it is :) yes i did say earlier my writing is horrible but i work much better with others

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Kono Ama

my mind
Created On: 06/29/2010 16:39:39

Thank you for the review! I am glad you enjoyed it. I normally write happy endings, but with this one I wanted to try my hand at a sad one. The story that I got this from ended happy and I think in a situation like that, being forced even if you end up enjoying it, would not make one happy. I think it would be the opposite and I wanted to show that.

Again thank you for the review!
Feedback from midnight whisper: your welcome keep up your wonderful work!! it was a pleasure to read


Created On: 06/29/2010 00:07:39

Hello there >. I wonder how you found me o.o lol
Feedback from midnight whisper: lol i'm a new user and just was looking around and you were on line at the time, hope i didn't freek you out or any thing lol

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