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Created On: 12/04/2017 10:05:08

Thanks for the review! I have had some nice reviews, which is a pleasant surprised, since I didn't expect to get any for such a short piece.

Knight of Disorder

Created On: 05/08/2016 10:33:25

Thanks for the review. I'll post for a beta, as the nazi is currently angry with me. I'm working on catching as much as I can on my own right now.


Still out of my mind!
Created On: 11/01/2012 13:39:57

I normally would make him ridiculously taller than her, but for the MoaB verse, with both of them being roughly 8 or 9, Sesshomaru really hasn't managed to get too much taller than her yet I made him a shrimp lol XD

Actually, I want to thank you- you just gave me an idea for yet another chapter for MoaB :3 I think it's time for some height issues to arise
Feedback from l'-'jj: New MoaB chapter? I feel ridiculously honoured and excited!
And somehow, I didn't realize that they were kids in the picture, even if Kagome was flat-chested....


Out of my mind
Created On: 11/01/2012 10:59:07

Really nice picture, but compared to Kagome, isn't Sesshomaru a little short?

I thought that too at first and was all freaked out, because I drew them both by hand and used tracing paper to get the heights right, so I was all "WTF, Mate?"

But then I measured them and Sess IS actually taller, but because of positioning and those awesomely elevated shoes of Kagome's, their heights seem a little off :3 I promis though, Sesshomaru is still a smidge taller than her!

Otherwise, I'm so glad you like it!!!
Feedback from l'-'jj: I noticed those geta sandals too, but he's usually a lot taller and they look about even... but that can be because he's slouching for a change and Kagome's got a little spring in her step...


Out of my mind!!!
Created On: 10/22/2012 10:49:53

Have you ever fallen off a bicycle? I've managed to do so several times and this kind of acrbatics you are describing don't seem right to me. If you are to fall (or fly) over the handles, you have to employ the front brake and even better is af there's some kind of onbstacle you bump into with the front wheel (stone, treeroot, or, in my case, 20 cm concrete step or younger cousin.

stepping back on the pedals would take you into a skid.

I'm just talking form experience here.

Actually, I'm also drawing from personal experience ^^;; Mind, it didn't happen to me the first time I rode a bike, but I had a really bad incident where after stopping suddenly I flipped over the handlebars in this wicked somersault, and was still holding the bike handles when I landed It hurt hard... and because I am NOT Sesshomaru, I cried like a baby

Also, The bike I described for her is the same one I had as a kid, and we didn't have front brakes, just the silly wheel ones where you jammed back on the pedals lol XD Thanks for the comments!
Feedback from l'-'jj: Wow, that is some bike accident... As a kid I also didn't have a bike with handbrakes, but the accidents then didn't involve flying over handlebars. I managed to peel off the skin on my heel when I chose to ride my bike in slippers. What hurt about this the most was the disinfectant. Getting to know close up the front bumper of a car didn't deal any damage to either me or the bike - and I had been either five or six in both cases.
I did a somersault over the handlebars about three times. The first case involved the aforementioned concrete step and and cousins I didn't want to crash into. And maybe some faulty brakes. Once again, the thing that hurt the most was the disinfectant on my elbow (I'm pretty sure I saw some cartilage, because there was something white in the wound before it started to bleed). I had been about twelve?
The next year, my glasses were already broken and we decided on a joyride in a forest. I tried to jump with the bike a few times and on about the third try I put the front wheel maybe a bit too sideways. You should have seen the acrobatics. And my dear cousins crashed into each other a few minutes later...
The year after that (do you see a pattern here?) I had a borrowed bike and even though there might have been enough room, in order to avoid crushing into my younger cousin, I used the brakes. Both of them.
That was (almost) a long time ago, though. Last year I was once again reminded on why it's a bad idea to ride a bike during the throes of winter (besides the fact that it's awfully cold and the salt wreaks havoc on the metal parts). There had been ice on the road just as I was taking a turn... And I ended in a crouch over my downed bike, the kind you see from Spiderman while being plastered to some vertical surface with one leg slightly stretched behind him.


MoaB Land XD
Created On: 10/19/2012 05:11:31

I'm getting really excited about this fic.It's true that you've got a typo here and there, especially as it's not beta-ed, but in the last few chapters I noticed that they're growing less frequent (it's still annoying though).

Oh... Foreshadowing future? No matter how omnious it sounds, it's the best part of the fic! Some might argue that you can't beat the adorable-ness of chibi-Sess, but his plot is what draws me in, because I can feel that you poured your heart, soul and mind into your work.

I'm sooo looking forward to more...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the story so far, and am pleased to tell you how much I enjoy your reviews! I am sorry about the typos ^^; and I try to fix them when they are pointed out or I see them during a re-read of a chapter, which I try to do frequently to catch the lil' buggers!

I am so happy you are enjoying the plot, and am quite elated by the last two chapters as they are the starting point for the deeper elements of the story to begin, cusshioned by copious amounts of childhood romance and fluffy moments of course

I hope you will continue to enjoy the direction this story takes, and be prepared, because I have some lovely twists planned for this story, ones I'm pretty sure no one will expect XD

Stay Awesome!

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