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His Retainer - TouKog
His Retainer - SessKag
Shatter Me
SessKag - Masked Truth
I will protect you Sesshomaru-sama
  • I will protect you Sesshomaru-sama
  • Author: JeniNeji
  • Category: Fanart
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IY: years past
Someday, I'll tell you this
  • Someday, I'll tell you this
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Sesshomaru in a bunny suit
  • Sesshomaru in a bunny suit
  • Author: Mimiru
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Stealing a Kiss
Bed time story
[SessKag] My Protector
Baby Sesshomaru
Reaching for an Open Sky: Chapter 1
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No Uta

Created On: 08/09/2015 05:38:18

Thank you for taking the time to read and review Korekuta - Origin 4. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed the backstory.
Feedback from elizabeth: I love history

Miss Elinor

Created On: 07/01/2015 22:47:07

Thanks for the reviews on The Psychiatric Ward! I look forward to them every time!
Feedback from elizabeth: the story is very good

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 02/04/2015 13:13:29

Thank you for your loyal reviews on "The Hime Tradition".
I'm glad to read that you will be waiting for the sequel too
You've been such a great supporter of this story! So, thank you for reading this story from beginning to end!

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 01/23/2015 21:34:42

Thanks for you review on Rain, and I'm definitely seriously considering doing a continuation for it. ^_^

~* Siera Goddess of the Sea *~
Feedback from elizabeth: I'll be waiting continuation


Created On: 12/30/2014 19:40:56

Thank you so much for your review of unexpected.
I hope you keep liking the story and will tell me your opinion.

Look out for a new chapter coming soon.



Created On: 10/28/2014 17:03:05
Edited By NitoriNikki On: 10/28/2014 17:03:32

Thank you for your encouraging review on "I'm your Master".
Story will be updated soon : )
Feedback from elizabeth: that good what go actualize

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 07/29/2014 00:44:55

Thank you for all the reviews, and i am sorry to have put you through all the emotional turmoil of this fic.
Feedback from elizabeth: but it was worth reading the story each chapter was very intense

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 07/20/2014 21:49:44

I'm so glad you liked the chapter! Yay!
Thank you for your review on "The HIme Tradition"
And I think you ask a very good question. Now that Sesshomaru knows Kagome's secret...let's see what happens. I think they will become even closer as Sesshomaru's curiosity grows.
Feedback from elizabeth: sesshomaru is very curious l´ll have to be patient

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 06/29/2014 22:54:32

Yayyyyy~ I'm glad you liked the chapter!!! And thank you for the birthday wishes! You're the best! ^0^
Feedback from elizabeth: today on her birthday that is he meet best wishes

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 06/26/2014 23:18:49

^0^ Yay!
I'm glad you liked the chapter! And a bride for Inuyasha?? Hmmmmm~ does this mean that you like Inuyasha? Hehehe but he is supposed to mate Kagome *evil smirk*
Feedback from elizabeth: a new girlfriend for inuyasha for that to stop bothering

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