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Created On: 01/11/2013 22:26:46

Thank you for all of the kind reviews you leave for me on my story It's been Two Long... It's greatly appreciated and makes me want to update as quickly as I can! So thank you very much!

golden eyes hypnotize

Created On: 01/09/2013 05:59:52

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, awesome reviews of my story, "Rise of the Shikon Miko!" It really seems like you are enjoying my story and that makes me super happy.


Created On: 12/16/2012 06:52:43

You're very welcome, I'm just glad you enjoyed the story so much!

Thank you for your encouraging reviews, they were really lovely!


Created On: 12/13/2012 22:57:44


First, welcome to Dokuga! Second, thank you for your review Third, in response to your review: I made Shippo Kagome's nephew not son in this particular fic, hence why he is the nephew. I know normally he's portrayed as her son but I decided on a new take for this- I wanted her to be a single women and just that you know?

I'm so glad you like my story
Feedback from YangSjie: Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense to me now And for the welcome wishes of course Looking forward to reading the rest of your story!

Jade R. Rayne

Created On: 12/13/2012 15:24:23

Welcome to Dokuga!

Thank you for your support on Murasaki!

Feedback from YangSjie: Thanks! I'm loving the story, checking back daily to see whether there is an update Keep up the good work!

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