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Hello all! I have finally made an account! I have been lurking and creeping up on everyone's fanart/fanfiction, and I decided that I want to become a full member of this crazy community. I have been lurking under the name of Sapphire41026. That's the name I usually use, but I decided to go with something a teensy bit different this time!

Anyway, basics:

College student.

College budget.

A dachshund, a pug, a bearded dragon, a rat, and two roommates under one roof.

Crazy beyond belief. I dance in my underwear in my kitchen to freak out my roommates.

Texan. Yes, I do say yall. Quite frequently.

That's all for now, folks!


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Created On: 10/22/2014 17:17:53

LoL! I'm really thrilled that you are responding to my work so well! But I'm sorry that it's conflicting you, lol. I hope things get better.



Created On: 10/06/2014 19:34:19

Wow.. that was a lovely review! But I don't want to be responsible for you falling asleep in class, so please - get some sleep!


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