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My name is Ocean yes that is my real name -.-' I am currently 16 years old born May 28.. I have been a huge fan of Inuyasha ever since I can remember. I was first introduced to Inuyasha at around 9 years old by an old friend of mine that lived on my street.. I remember playing with him outside with my younger sister (2 years younger) he invited us over on night to watch a movie in his basement we watched the first inuyasha movie, and from that point on I was hooked. I own a trampoline and we would act as the characters I loved being either Sango or Kilala (because she wore pink and because kilala is adorable :3) My sister would be Kagome and my guy friend liked playing as Kanna :p ah.. good times. Anyway I remember moving after our house got broken into and I completely forgot about inuyasha until I was 14 when I had a flashback and remembered us playing I tried to remember the name of the show and when I did I looked it up sat in my room for the rest of the week and did nothing but watch the entire Inuyasha anime from start to end (I had only seen a couple of episodes as a kid never saw the whole thing..) I had liked the pairing of Inuyasha and Kagome but I always loved Sesshomaru when I had a thought what if they where together? I googled it and apparently a lot of people agree that they are the best pairing ever! I immediately dropped inuyasha and dubbed him a 'two-timing jerk' lol I don't think like that anymore I just like the SessxKag pairing better....


Wow didn't think I would write that much.. excuse my horrible grammar, spelling errors and over use of comma's/period's I am no writer and am on Dokuga for reading all of your lovely fanfictions which I enjoy so much and contributing some art to say Thanks c:


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WIP Semi-realistic Sesshomaru
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