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08/11/2010 20:23:46Re:One Hundred Million Words and Counting!General Discussion2480
08/09/2010 18:52:34Re:Association GameForum Games772826
08/02/2010 21:00:36Re:Stories where Kagome courts SesshoumaruSearching for a Fic...2583
07/21/2010 19:47:32Re:Things Sesshomaru would never say.Forum Games280160
07/16/2010 21:31:56Re:can anyone understand japanese....I need some helpOff-Topic Discussion2297
06/30/2010 20:50:39Re:The first fanfic that got you hooked to Sess/KagGeneral Discussion89820
05/20/2010 00:43:10Re:Looking for Traveling With Sesshoumaru by AdviSearching for a Fic...23831
05/06/2010 14:21:19Re:Association GameForum Games772826
05/05/2010 14:45:54Re:Association GameForum Games772826
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Created On: 08/20/2010 00:32:43

Dear Melly,

Thank you for the stunning review on Shanghai! I'm glad you're enjoying the read, and OMG yes, I totally LOVE Sano/Meg!! They're my OTP, along with Sess/Kag and Gin/Ran (from Bleach). I have never seen a better chicken and fox pairing LOL.
Feedback from Melly: Woohoo! Review reply!! ^o^/ I don't know how you keep updating so quickly and publish such awesome work! On top of that, you seem fluent in Japanese, English and Chinese... ?????????????????Seeing the Sano/Meg in your story is making me want to read more fics with that pairing too... Gotta love it! Keep writing and I will keep reading! You have the greatest ideas. (^^)v


Created On: 08/11/2010 12:42:26

Thanks for your comment on my WIP! I appreciate it
Feedback from Melly: You're welcome! It was an awesome piece. ^_____________^


Created On: 04/26/2010 06:44:08

Welcome to Dokuga!

Thank you for the lovely support and comment on my recent fanart of Miroku ('On Borrowed Time'). *hugs* And THANK YOU for putting it (and other fanart pieces of mine) under your favourites!

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