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Hi, I’m Darkness living in Hope or DliH for short. Hmm lets see, I’m a bibliophile (book lover) aka I love to read A LOT! I also own a lot of books, well over 100. Same with movies, love them too. I can't write, but I'm trying. I also love to color. Mostly pencil and water pencils. Love those.

My favorite pairing in the InuYasha series are Kagome and Sesshomaru, sometime Kagome with Inu No Tashio, Naraku and Bankotsu, Legolas from LotR. InuYasha is the only anime series that I read, others have not caught my interest.

What else… I’m Canadian and proud of it! So no I don’t live in an igloo, or drive a dog sled, but I do have a dog who thinks he’s a sled dog but he really isn’t ^.^!

I LOVE to drive FAST, its fun and exciting when you know what your doing. Also you can most likely find me outside somewhere reading or just hanging out or at the computer reading here.

I have one sister who is a pain in the butt but I love her anyway and would kill anyone who hurts her. I’m a private person in my outside life. Not many people know the real me and most likely never will unless I trust them enough.

I feel that anyone who has ever dumped someone over the phone should be shot and shot again. Cause it hurts like a bitch, I know from experience.

I think that’s all for now, till later,





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Inkasha Taisho

Created On: 08/18/2010 22:34:10

Thanks for reviewing affair with the mailman!!

Aimee Blue

Created On: 02/17/2010 12:05:03

Thanks for the review on Deep Blue!

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