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Hola!! =]
All i can say is......I'm Me! Lol (Names Amanda =])
happy, sad, angry, excited, shy, i can express it all

What i will say for those that are thinking.....
I'm just a regular person living day to day, always sticking my nose in books....most often in a manga book ^.-
My ears will be covered with headphones to listen to any type of music....yes even country but not too much of hard core rock(can't really stand it when they scream -.-)
Living in Arizona but yes, i often do think (& sometimes wishing ;)) of moving back to CaLi. It's where i was born N raised, yea!

Alrite.....anymoar? No? Then off you go to a story or art cuz i'm off already to read moar of SessXKags!! XD

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Created On: 06/27/2014 22:39:37

Thanks for your comment in my art


Created On: 07/19/2012 16:49:25

Thanks for reviewing While You Still Think You Know Everything. Glad you are enjoying the story.

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