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06/03/2018 00:19:08Re:Help, please! Sesshomaru is "ugly"Searching for a Fic...530
05/18/2018 17:48:10Re:A heartbreaking storySearching for a Fic...913
04/30/2018 14:45:58Re:I'm looking for a story but i cant remember the naSearching for a Fic...406
04/29/2018 19:32:55Re:I'm looking for a story but i cant remember the naSearching for a Fic...406
03/28/2018 14:32:29Re:Looking forSearching for a Fic...463
03/19/2018 12:42:13Re:looking for a story please helpSearching for a Fic...422
01/15/2018 03:42:03Re:Searching for 2 ficsSearching for a Fic...576
01/03/2018 16:39:28Re:Can't find it...odd request.Searching for a Fic...707
12/31/2017 15:58:36Re:Some of the funniest crap I've ever watched!Off-Topic Discussion556
08/31/2017 03:35:29Re:Sesshomaru BlueGeneral Discussion987
08/07/2017 23:31:40Re:Where'd It Go?Fanfiction Help1923
07/29/2017 23:10:54Re:Sesshomaru in a suitRecommendations665
07/21/2017 16:30:03Re:Should I post a dark story?General Discussion1103
06/27/2017 13:53:35Re:Need help remembering a fic.Searching for a Fic...558
06/15/2017 01:00:36Re:What are your biggest fanfic pet peeves?General Discussion2400
06/11/2017 03:02:22Re:Two different searchesSearching for a Fic...547
05/15/2017 23:37:14Re:Recommendations on Sesshkag story pleaseRecommendations608
04/11/2017 21:46:12Re:looking for two ficsSearching for a Fic...717
03/06/2017 17:29:33Re:Searching for a fanart!Recommendations627
01/28/2017 21:51:39Re:Wrong fanfic...Searching for a Fic...1459

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