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*under construction*

Hello fellow Dokugans! ^^v

Although I have many nicknames, you guys can all me Itoe-Hime or Hime for short (b/c there's just too many Itoes).

I fell in love with Dokuga after reading some fics of Dokuga's talented writers. So here I am!  I am not much of a writer, but I consider myself pretty good at critiquing papers (*ahem* catching grammar mistakes). ^_-

I don't have much time these day so I do not think I will be able to Beta anyone... Maybe in the future sometime....

As of now, I am very busy preparing and studying for the Bar I have not been diligent about reviewing wonderful works of some authors... I sincerely do apologize!

However, I will get back to reviewing after the Bar Exam to give y'all some input. Btw, I am very opinionated, and hopefully, through my reviews, I hope to encourage and help you all to improve your writing (not that you guys need it, but I believe in the adage that the sky is the limit; there's always room for improvement)! IF I offend you with my brutally honest and opinionated reviews, please Private Message me; it is NOT my intent to offend anyone! Although I am entitled to my opinions and you (as the author) have prerogative to not follow my suggestions, my goal is not "flaming" authors on his or her hard work. I do NOT want to hurt feelings... I just want to give constructive criticism if I can.

I only write legal papers, and I feel that these creative writing is something astonishing!

wishful thinking: Maybe one day I'll be able to write some Sess/Kag fics myself~ I envy y'alls talent!

These songs were suggested to me by my sister, who by total accident found these beautiful jewels: (if it helps you all to write more of beautiful Sess/Kag fics, the better) ^^ <---same song as above except with English translation and the use of Korean traditional instruments.

Even without knowing the lyrics, the artists sing with such emotion that it evokes strong feelings in the listeners. (These songs are NOT like modern K-pop, if you follow Kpop that is; these are supposedly K-classics) ^^;;

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Created On: 08/20/2014 17:13:53

Thank you for your review of "The Grass..." It's done now, so you can finish reading it. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you like the ending.

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