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Pride of the Inu by Knight of Disorder

In the Night He Came

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

AN: This is just a one shot. Got no plans for it even though it's really open ended.


"Breath deep the demons of winter," his words piercing the near gale of solid white. His own ears drawn to the muffled grunts of his raven haired captive. "Breath deep the demons of winter." The volumous cloud that held them aloft leaving misting trails as it rose higher towards the looming storm. "Know this, I take from you everything, yet I cannot kill you. So you will be punished."

The icy field which fell before them held so many things yet neither pair of eyes moved from the ruby-eyed Inuyasha. His head jerking back and forth trying chase movements of the swift creatures which circled. "Know this ha-," seeming to rethink his words, "beast, should you, and you will, come upon my lands I will kill you."

Narrowing his eyes on his struggling captive when he felt her human teeth dig into his skin. Watching her defiant stare slowly dim until her dull grey eyes closed and her heart rate slowed. Sheathing the second fang of his father to lift her across his forearms. His eyes never leaving the beast that was slowly disappearing in the blizzard.


AN:Just to let my readers know. I am working on the next chapter for Dogs on Monogamy. On another note, my niece showed my a "spell" she'd written (crazy little girls) and it actually was really neat poem that birthed this into creation. 


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