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Are you Listening? by InumeT_FlyGirl

Cool Kids

Are you Listening? (Title may change)


Kagome Higurashi could be the poster child for not fitting in. Her bubbly personality, shimmering blue eyes, and freakishly long hair were a rarity among Japan and labeled her as the outcast. During her junior year, however, she meets an enigma of sorts, Sesshoumaru Takahashi, the center of everyone's attention. This young tycoon had many people around him to make him feel like a walking god; girls flocked to him and guys wanted to be him; however he didn't care. His only concern was keeping people as far away from his person as possible and being alone. Unfortunately, for him, he meets Kagome and finds out that something’s are better than being alone. Join these two as they take a journey of friendship, love, jealousy, deceit, and a need for someone to listen...

Chapter 1: Cool Kids-Echosmith

Hugging her books close to her chest, 22 year old Kagome Higurashi walked silently through the corridors of the college pedway to her first class of the day: Multi-Cultural Issues. Her extremely long raven hair had been pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head and her shimmering blue eyes were hidden behind the frame of her glasses. Thankfully, since college didn’t require uniforms like her old high school, she was able to dress down and more comfortably rather than tug at the too little skirt her school deemed appropriate every time she rose from her seat.  She was so glad those days were over, because today she donned a pair of black joggers, and a long sleeved green sweater that rose just a bit above her navel, and she felt great.

Much more comfortable than the skirt’ she thought to herself. As she reached the commons area, she bit her lip when she passed by her fellow students who were either socializing with other students or looking at her disdainfully as she walked through them. Inwardly, she sighed as she continued her trek to her class.

She wasn’t sure why no one liked her, at least not completely sure. She could hear a few of their comments, some old and some new, about her freakishly long hair and her weird blue eyes at times but she feared the  real reason came from her heritage. Sure, she was born in Japan but she was only partially Japanese.  Her mother had fallen in love with a blond haired pirate during a voyage gone wrong in 1987 and was held hostage for five years along with other women who had been traveling back home from their journey. However, instead of being either killed, raped, or sold off to the highest bidder, her mother had captured the interest of the captain and well…developed a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome which led to the birth of a rarity. Unfortunately, her mother never discussed anything further about her father, only mentioning that he was killed shortly after her birth and she was sent home. There was nothing else to it….or so she says.

Kagome never delved deeper than what her mother told her but she knew that practically everyone in Japan knew the story of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as they like to call it.

That was probably the reason they always looked at her as if she were an alien.

She was the only human in all of Japan that had blue eyes and she was often mistaken for a youkai on some occasions; that is until they sensed her reiki.

Shaking her head, she figured she worry about her schools dislike for her later, as she made her way into her class and flopped down into the seat next to the window. Dropping her books on her desk she watched as her other classmates piled in laughing and joking with each but also regarding her warily. She wanted to roll her eyes. Did it really matter that she was different than they were?  Was it so horrible that she wasn’t a traditional Japanese woman?

She sighed again, reminding herself that she would never understand their obvious dislike of her person, and began to hum quietly to herself a song that she had stuck in her head.

An older gentleman, with a white beard, graying hair, and a warm smile walked in shortly after, before clapping his hands together and saying proudly, “Welcome Students to HOSM 390 Multi-Cultural Issues. I am your teacher Dr. Fukujima, but you can may call me Profe.” The students all nodded, giving the teacher their semi-undivided attention as he explained the context of the course and his expectations.

“Since this class focuses on Cultural differences we will be getting to know each and every student personally throughout the semester and my one hope is that you all will develop a better understanding about other cultures and diversity.” Smiling brightly he looked around the room eagerly, “To begin, I will have each of you introduce yourself, year in school, hobby and interest starting with you.”

Kagome frowned. She didn’t like introducing herself. Moreover, she doubted that this class would change the views of her classmates about her.

A wolf-demon stood up, his blue eyes a little darker than her own meshed well with his tanned skin and black hair that was hung in a ponytail. His fangs glistened as he smirked giving off a very cocky vibe, “What’s Up! The names Kouga Ookami, junior, and the star of the track team” Kagome stifled a giggle as his chest puffed out proudly and some of the girls squealed in admiration. This guy was definitely full of himself.

“Oi sit down ya mangy wolf you ain’t no star” A gruff voice sounded two seats down from the cocky wolf and instantly Kagome’s eyes drifted to him. She took in his long white locks, golden eyes and the cute dog ears at the top of his hair and narrowed her eyes. He must have been a Takahashi, she heard so much about the popular Inus but had never seen one until today.  

“No need to fuss over Mr. Ookami Mr. Takahashi, why don’t you go on and introduce yourself”

The half-demon scoffed, “Feh, everyone should know who I am but for those idiots who don’t. I’m InuYasha Takahashi, the half-demon that could kick your ass. I’m a junior and captain of the football team.”

Once again, she heard the slight squeals of the girls in the class and mentally rolled her eyes. Will they do this every time a cute guy introduced themselves? Kagome watched as the rest of her classmates introduced themselves, laughing along with them as a human by the name of Miroku introduced himself, before it finally came around to her.

Her hands shook slightly, and she willed herself to just get up and get it over with.

“Alright who’s next?”

Kagome decided to stand up then, her eyes looking towards the front instead of the smirking faces of her classmates. She took a deep breath,

“My name is Kagome Higurashi, I’m a junior and history major-


Her body tensed, when she heard the shout, and her fist closed tightly as she willed herself to calm down. She was expecting it after all. However, she wouldn’t let someone else’s ignorance make her lose control.

“Mr. Akiyama see me after class” The professor’s eyes went back over to Kagome and he smiled softly, “Thank you Ms. Higurashi, please be seated.” He watched carefully as her fist unclenched and he body relaxed a bit more.

Honestly, he knew who she was already. Hell, everyone knew who she was. The outcast, the different one, probably the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on as well. He didn’t understand her fellow classmates dislike but he was elated to learn that he had her in his class. She was a wonderful student he had heard and also one of the most powerful mikos since Midoriko.  He would make sure that she knew that there were people who wouldn’t judge her because of her heritage.

“Thank you all for your introductions, now...”

Kagome tried to focus on the teacher but her growing anger and self-pity was eating at her. As soon as class ended she slowly gathered her things before heading to the library for her two hour break like she always did, making sure to ignore the giggles that centered on her. 

The walk to the library was fairly short and for that she was glad. She quickly went to the very back and sat down at her favorite table; one that only she knew about.  She was grateful for the silence and peace of mind the library gave her and quickly went to work on one of her assignments, pulling off her glasses in the process. Sighing, she pulled her headphones out of her sweater along with her IPhone and hit shuffle, singing the song softly,

“They all got the same heartbeat but hers is falling behind.” 

Closing her eyes, she let the music take her away, she was totally oblivious to the pair of golden eyes that were on her.

“Oi Fluffy! What the hell are you doing?” 

Sesshoumaru Takahashi, turned from the strange girl, and looked towards his brother with a frown. He had come to the library an hour ago, after having to get away from a group of annoying women, and went to the very back to sit and relax. After he had gotten comfortable the scent of vanilla and jasmine invaded his senses and he looked up to find the source of the wonderful smell. His shock was mild, and held back effectively when a young human woman came into view her hair tousled into a messy bun her glasses falling to the bridge of her nose came into view. He watched silently as she settled in, putting on headphones, and taking off her glasses.  He was just about to get a look at her full features but his idiotic half-brother ruined the moment.

“None of what I do should be your concern half-breed”

InuYasha frowned, looking between his brother and the still oblivious human from his class, “Keh, whatever.” InuYasha watched as his brothers eyes traveled back to the girl in his class and smirked, “Looks like you got a thing for humans” 

Before the laugh could escape his throat, his oxygen was cut off by the grip his brother had on his throat and he grabbed the hand that held it there, 

“Do not make assumptions like that again dear brother, for it will surely be your last” Sesshoumaru growled, dropping his brother on the ground below and stepped over him fully intending on leaving when something or rather someone crashed into his chest. It did not hurt him-not even a bit- but the person who walked into him was sprawled out on the floor books scattered everywhere.

“Ouch, what the heck did I hit a brick wall?”

Sesshoumaru looked down at the culprit and was surprised to find the girl he had seen earlier on the ground trying to pick up the fallen books. Offhandedly he wondered if she had bumped into him on purpose to get his attention but then he noticed that she had not looked up at him just yet. ‘Strange’.

He continued to watch as she stood up and finally let her gaze linger on him but he felt his eyes widen a bit at her features. Her eyes for example were a vibrant blue, ocean blue almost and within their depths held so much emotion it was a struggle to look away. What was she? Surely a human of Japanese descent couldn’t have this eye color? She looked so exotic. Shaking his head, he felt the rare tingle of her reiki spike against his youki and his frown deepened, a Miko? 

After grabbing the last book, Kagome stood back up to her feet and to turn around and face what she thought was a brick wall. ‘Oh God’

Standing before her was probably the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on, long silver hair combed to perfection and let loose around his shoulders and back, tall muscular frame and golden eyes that looked to her expectantly. He had twin magenta markings on each cheek and a matching crescent moon on his forehead, showing his demonic heritage and stature. He must be very important. Realizing that she was staring she pushed the books closer to her chest and blushed, feeling silly. How could she just ogle him like that? What was she a school girl?

 “Ano, I apologize for bumping into you” She murmured quickly feeling her face heat up as he continued to look down at her. Why was he staring at her so intently?

 Sesshoumaru waited, curious to know if she would start rambling about how he looked or a way to pay him back for hitting him, but soon found that she did nothing. He wondered if this girl even knew who he was.

 “Do you know who I am?”

Slightly taken aback by his baritone voice and cold tone, Kagome shook her head, watching as his frown deepened. Was he a teacher or something?

Sesshoumaru barely concealed his shock and almost wanted to question her further but his class was starting in five minutes and he did not want to be late.

“Hn. Be careful where you tread girl” He spoke slowly, giving her one last look before walking out of the library and towards his next class, not even sparing a backwards glance.

Kagome watched him go in mild confusion before shrugging and sitting back down to read for her next class; ignoring the way her heart had sped up in his presence.


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