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Sinfully Delicious by Walter205

Watermelon Challenge

Sesshomaru stood there, at the edge of the treeline, watching as the girl sat on her knees, eating the red piece of fruit. Having finished one piece, she spit several black seeds out onto the grass, before starting to pick up another piece.

The girl noticed that she was being watched however, and her eyes traveled around before finding and settling on him.

"Sesshomaru, come join me. I'm just enjoying some watermelon," the girl, Kagome was her name he just remembered, waved to him.

Having nothing better to do, he decided to accept her invitation, and watched as the girl's eyes grew wide with happiness that he actually would join her.

Sesshomaru looked down at the water...melon, that was offered to him by the miko. He grabbed it, and before taking a tenative sniff, plopped it into his mouth. It tasted very sweet, and although he admitted the seeds weren't desirable, he wasn't uncouth enough to spit them out in front of the miko.

"It's good on it's own, but normally it's better with salt. Unfortuantly, I don't seem to have any with me," said Kagome, beginning to reach into her bowl for another piece. While she was leaning over, Sesshomaru flicked his claws, neatly slicing open her throat, the spray of blood soaking her blouse.

Kagome's eyes opened wide as she quickly began choking on her own blood, her hands flying up to wrap around her throat as she looked at him with confused eyes.

Picking up the piece of watermelon that she had dropped, he pressed it against her upper chest, letting her blood trickle over it until the watermelon was suitably covered.

As the gurling girl collapsed onto her side, choking on her last few breaths of air, he plopped the watermelon into his mouth, and savoured the salty taste her blood added to the fruit.

It was sinfully delicious, he thought, as he stood and left the dying miko with an empty bowl of watermelon.


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