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Temper Tantrums of an Inuyoukai by UnknownRandomness


A/N: Chapters for this story will be short snippets of varying lengths. I hope you enjoy this opening and please leave a review :)

Anger Management Challenge

Word Count: 270

"I worry about Sesshoumaru-sama sometimes, Kagome-sama."

The miko looked at her sweet companion, curious as to why she would ever have reason to be worried for the stoic demon lord. 

"Why do you say that, Rin?" 

Large brown eyes held her own in a sincere gaze as she announced seriously, 

"I think Lord Sesshoumaru has an anger management problem." 

Kagome blinked stupidly. She would have never imagined those words coming from the young girl's lips. Why, Rin practically worshipped the dirt the inuyoukai stepped on! Something must have happened to make her doubt him. Had he struck her? 

As if reading her mind, the child piped up. 

"Don't worry- he has never hurt Rin-chan; I know he never would. But whenever Jaken-san makes a mistake, Sesshoumaru-sama will hit him, or kick him, or throw him very far- and when he is only a little annoyed with Jaken-san, he steps on him."

The young woman could practically feel her eyes bulging out of her head and her jaw slowly falling open as Rin recounted everything her minder experienced on a day-to-day basis. What kind of sick, self-indulgent abuse was that toad suffering at the hands of the Western Lord and why on earth was Rin so calm about it?!

She understood that this was a time in which others treated those around them very differently to the expectations she had, but still- Jaken sounded like he was the equivalent of a walking talking puching-bag! 

Seeing the small girl's downcast expression, Kagome quickly made a very unwise decision to help her. Or rather, to help the full-demon master his (disturbingly) violent tendencies. 


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