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Never Growing Up by InumeT_FlyGirl


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Sunset Miko's Once a Week Challenge

Prompt: Kingdom



She was so excited! No she was more than excited! She was ecstatic!

“I can’t believe you got This Sesshoumaru to agree to this”

Kagome laughed at her mate who, while holding up a mask of indifference, seemed uncomfortable with his surroundings. She honestly didn’t believe he would actually take her up on a silly offer she had. At first it had honestly starting off as a joke with her simply pleading to let her go before she became fat and couldn’t see her toes. However, as time went by she pressed the issue harder, giving him the best puppy dog eyes known to mankind, before he finally caved in.

“Come on Sesshou-kun it’ll be fun I promise.”

Sesshoumaru eyed the overgrown rat with pants and goofy looking dog warily. Such monstrosities. Did kids really enjoy these 'characters'? “This Sesshoumaru finds it hard to believe that one of his stature would have fun at something as ridiculous as the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World”

Kagome giggled and pulled his closer, “No I don’t expect you to have fun. But I know for a fact that because you’re here it’ll be the best day ever!” She knew she had him there. Hook, Line, and sinker.

Looking down at her smiling face he could only murmur a“Hn”  before his pregnant mate dragged him aimlessly through the park.

He hoped that this 'vacation' ended soon.


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