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State of Grace by InumeT_FlyGirl


Disclaimer: I do not own or earn a profit from the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi.

He never saw her coming.


Kyoto, Japan 1502

Light shown through the crevices of the dark blue curtains and landed perfectly on a naked lithe form surrounded by an equally dark blue quilt; the figure tried it's best to cover the remains of her nudity and glare at the person in front of her at the same time. Such a futile thing because the glare had softened and turned into a look of confusion and hurt, before her bottom lip quivered uncontrollably. Her hand that was snaked around the top of the quilt went up to wipe the tears that were beginning to fall madly from her brown eyes and a sob escaped her lips before she could catch it.

Her eyes then moved back up to the figure who caused all of the pain she was feeling at the moment and her heart clenched painfully in her chest. How could someone be so cruel? She thought that he had changed; she thought that he had loved her. Was she truly that naïve into thinking he would want more than just her body from her? No. She shook her head and turned her eyes downcast she couldn't look at him. She wouldn't look at him. He didn't deserve her time, attention, or the love that she had given him. He didn't deserve her.

Finding that thought as a strange sense of confidence she looked at him once more her heart beat stronger than ever. His silver hair shining even brighter with the sun's rays on it and his perfect sculpted body flexed as he watched her steadily unlike her however he was dressed from the waist down with his shirt in his hand. His golden eyes looked at her chocolate ones with a gaze of a man with heavy pride, guilt, and anguish. He looked as if it was hurting him to see her like this, but she knew better. He didn't care about her at all.

"Why?" Her voice was husky and it cracked from the sob that threatened to come out but she held it back. He didn't deserve her tears, "Was this all a game to you? Did you think that this-"us"-I was funny?"

He didn't speak for a while and she took that as an affirmative. That's all everything was to him a game. He had all the time in the world to play games with people's minds and repent for them all within his mortality but she didn't. She was only human her mortality was, of course, limited and her days would become shorter and her age will increase immensely but he would continue to look as perfect as the day he was born and have no regrets. No feeling of remorse as he continued on with his perfect life. She stopped herself.

She didn't like to be the negative one and maybe one day he would regret the things he has done in his past. Maybe.

"It was never my intention to have you aware of my motives onna. However, given the circumstances I shall enlighten you before I get back to more important affairs. Your body is only good for my pleasure and I used it as I see fit; plain and simple. Now if you would be so kind as to remove yourself from this Sesshoumaru's presence it would be greatly appreciated"

Or maybe not.

Her teeth clenched together and she stood up from her position on the bed and walked up to him, "You are truly an asshole Sesshoumaru and I hope you rot in hell"

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her, "I see that you are foolish enough to wish such a gastly outcome of your king and ruler of the Western Lands. You are aware the penalty for that are you not?"

If possible the woman's eyes narrowed even more and lip was pulled back in a snarl as she looked at him, how she hated him, "There is no worse of a penalty than a broken heart and you "mi lord" have already perfected that act." She took a step back not caring for her nudity once again, and chuckled dryly as she gazed upon him, "I don't know what anyone really sees in you. You are a heartless demon, with no compassion or love for all who are willing to do you bidings and I actually feel sorry for you; because one day while everyone is happy and carefree you'll be all alone; surrounded by nothing but yourself and you'll realize how much of a bastard you really are" She laughed cockily as his narrowed at her, "But by then it'll be too late; no one would even spare you a glance and all the power you have obtained would be for not"

She stepped around him and began to walk out of the room, "Have a wonderful life Sesshoumaru….for now"

Before she could open the door to exit however, Sesshoumaru lashed out at her with his poison whip, silently cursing her for her impudence, and smirking in satisfaction when it hit her naked back. The woman screamed in agony as the poison began to deteriorate her body and in her pain she looked at Sesshoumaru with a smile,

"Ibo tot, kto imeyet vse, vlast', den'gi i zemlya pust' tomitsya ot boli, krichat' o poshchade i pust' ne budet prekrashchat' sya yego agoniya, kogda, nakonets, on idet na svoyu poslednyuyu nakazaniye, pust' plamya ada potreblyayut yego nikogda"

Sesshoumaru's eyebrows knitted in confusion, "What gibberish do you speak?"

The woman smirked for a second before her heart stopped beating and the poison took over and consumed her body before all that was left was ashes that blew away with the wind.

Sesshoumaru's nostril's flared and he growled slightly before calling on his retainer, Jaken, to assist him.

"I need for you to translate that woman's gibberish and inform me of what she said immediately"

"But mi lord what she spoke is not known in the Western Lands, it doesn't even sound Japanese"

Sesshoumaru stopped and looked at his retainer, "I don't care where you have to go or how long it takes, you will find out what she said, understood?"

"Yes sire"

Present Time 2012 Tokyo, Japan

"Hey watch it buddy!"

A loud voice rang in his ears as he walked down the streets of Tokyo and he bit back a growl of annoyance. 500 years ago that human wouldn't have dared to even speak to him in that matter, let alone walk next to him; unfortunately this is a new era and a new place. Japan was nothing like it was when he ruled. It disappointed him how so many humans had populated the area and soon became the dominant species. It was sickening.

He continued to walk until he reached his-albeit undesirable- destination and without knocking entered the house and looked around for his half-brother. By the Gods if it weren't tormenting enough his sire had even taken a human mate in place of his mother and created the ignoramus he had come to visit. It wasn't as if he wanted to either, before his death his father made sure that in order to keep his inheritance and title he must pay his half-brother a visit three times a month and "check" on him.

He scoffed at the mere thought of checking on anyone, he was the lord of the Western Lands and current owner of Tashio Corporation one of the biggest corporate offices in the world he shouldn't have to deal with such trivial things like this. But alas, his dead sire asked of him for this small favor and he shall carry out his last request even if it was beneath him.

Looking around the room tried to pinpoint just exactly where his half-brother would be and almost immediately his nose scrunched up in disgust. Indeed his brother often smelt horrible on a normal day but whoever he was currently engaged in activities with along with his own scent made Sesshoumaru fight the urge to vomit. How could any be attracted to his putrid scent is beyond him. Sitting down on the sofa he pushed his youki towards his brothers bedroom and smirked inwardly when he heard him curse him. He was pretty sure that by now the half-breed would be getting dressed and storming out to 'give him a piece of his mind'.

The fool was so predictable.

In less than a minute InuYasha came out glaring at him for all he was worth, "Well hello to you to bastard. Would it kill you to call before you bring your fluffy ass over?"

Sesshoumaru merely rolled his eyes at him, "This Sesshoumaru's name is not Fluffy and you would do well to remember that half-breed. As for calling, I believe that coming over without calling is my right as an older brother"


"Nevertheless, be done with your whore and come with me, I wish to hurry along and get back to my work"

InuYasha growled loudly, "Kikyo is not a whore you fuck tard!"

Sesshoumaru raised a perfectly arched brow at his brother, before nodded slowly, "Seems that you have finally awakened the beast inside you. Hopefully, if she is to be your mate, she looks better than she smells."

At that comment, InuYasha lunged at his brother, ready to tear him to shreds when a voice stopped him, "InuYasha what do you think you are doing?"

InuYasha immediately stopped and ran over to Kikyo's side, "Keh, the usual. Kikyo, this is the Ice King and unfortunately my half-brother Sesshoumaru. Fluffy this is Kikyo, my fiancé and soon to be mate"

Kikyo stared at Sesshoumaru for what seemed like hours before she nodded her head to him, "It is a pleasure to meet you Sesshoumaru-sama"

Sesshoumaru smirked when InuYasha's jaw dropped at the title, "Likewise" He then turned to InuYasha whose mouth was still on the floor and said, "Fix yourself half-breed and let's get this "bonding" out of the way. I have reservations at this restaurant tonight and Jaken is preparing my gym for our spar and I do not wish to spend an extra moment in your presence."

Kikyo frowned and looked to InuYasha as he said this, "Yash you said you would come with me to pick up my cousin from the airport"

"Shit that is today. Look Fluffy we'll just have to reschedule or something we have to pick her cousin in a few hours"

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, "Hn. This trip will be for not and I do not wish to spend any more time with you than I already have to so I will accompany you to the airport and we can all go to the restaurant afterwards."

InuYasha glared at his brother, "Why can't we just call everything off. No one wants to see you either ya bastard"

"If I recall it is not I who didn't know our father. Alas, father wished for me to spend time with you and I will honor his request even if it is the last thing I want to do. Therefore, I shall be accompanying you and your" He looked at Kikyo, "fiancé to retrieve her cousin"

Kikyo smiled, "Great! I'll go get dressed" With that she walked out of the living room and towards that bathroom, but not before giving InuYasha a peck on the cheek and whispering, "Play nice" in his ear.

InuYasha grumbled something under his breath and went to sit down on the red sofa, looking intently at his brother, "So how's business going?"

"Do you really wish for an answer for that half-breed or do you intend or making this Sesshoumaru waste his breath?"

InuYasha shrugged, "Just tryna start up a conversation, all you ever do is work so I thought you would at least budge on that. I guess that icicle is shoved to far up your ass for you to be civil"

Sesshoumaru growled, "If not for father I would have killed you centuries ago for your impudence"

"Geez Fluffy calm down. I swear you need a woman in your life you are way too arrogant for your own good."

Sesshoumaru scoffed and took a seat of the white love seat, "This Sesshoumaru does not need a woman for anything other than to pleasure me and even then they aren't worth my time"

InuYasha shook his head, "I never thought it was possible. I feel sorry for whoever your beast chooses to be your mate they are gonna have a hell of a time trying to correct your fucked up brain"

"Half-breed you best hold your tongue before I rip it out"

"Blah blah blah"

"I'm ready!" Kikyo came back out wearing a red long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans, red flip flops, her hair pulled into a low ponytail and eye liner. InuYasha smirked as he approached her, "You are beautiful baby"

Kikyo blushed and kissed him lightly before smiling at Sesshoumaru, "Are we ready?"

He nodded and stood up to follow them to their car. The airport was only a few minutes away and Kikyo informed them that her cousin called and had taken an earlier flight so she was ready to be picked up now. 'Joy' Sesshoumaru thought. He barely wanted to spend time with his brother let alone his mate and her cousin; who he found out was only 20 years old. He pretty much drowned out the rest of their insignificant chatter about her cousin and focused on Tokyo and how much it changed over the past 500 years.

Buildings that were as tall as mountains stood tall on almost every corner, humans walked casually listening to music devices, driving in their fancy cars or on the phone. It was amazing how much technology can change a once great land. Although he embraced the change he still felt much comfortable before the technology era boomed and became the "big thing" in Japan. That era alone pretty much signaled the fall of the West and the start of Tashio Corporations, which he was more or less, ok with.

He was a traditional demon and he liked things that were familiar to him; however he learned to embrace the new Japan over time and adapted fairly well with the change.

"She said that she is by Scandinavian Airlines do you see her?" Kikyo asked excitedly. It was clear to Sesshoumaru that she was happy her cousin would be coming today, although he didn't know why her excitement made her scent a little salty he scrunched his nose.

InuYasha squinted his eyes and smirked before saying, "There she is!"

Sesshoumaru played as if he was uninterested in seeing the girl and looked out of the window opposite of her; however when the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle hit his senses he turned around to the source and his breath caught in his throat.

Her long raven hair was wavy and cascading down her toned body, her lips were full, her breast were heavy and her legs seemed to go on forever. The sky blue sundress she wore brought out her sapphire eyes and he growled low as his eyes flashed red,


Hello All I'm back and well this is my first Sess/Kag story and it's kind of weird to write, honestly. Alas I shall try my hardest to make this story one of my best ones yet. Also if anyone would like to translate what the woman said feel free :)

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