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Can the cold hearted lord change? by zodiak023


He had his daily routine, get up at 5 am., shower, brush teeth, and put on an expensive suit, and shoes to match. This morning was different, he woke up alone as always, but it didn’t feel right, like he was missing someone that should be there. He was a cold hearted and ruthless businessman, but he couldn’t figure out how he became one, it was as if he had appeared that way ever since he could remember. He walked into his bathroom and stared at his reflection.

Light brown eyes, black long hair, tall, he seemed not to fit in with the crowd in Tokyo, everyone shorter than he and more slanted eyes than his. His name as far as he could remember was Drake McCall. But the thing about Drake is, he cant remember anything about his past or how he became a businessman, or the fact that he was the wealthiest and wanted businessman in Tokyo, Japan. Today he needed answers, he needed them now.

Drake went through his regular routine, shower, brushing teeth, and dressing. He went to the same old newspaper bend and put his 50 cents in for the same paper he bought everyday but he tried to notice his surroundings and the everyday people more today than ever. Nothing, he huffed, he shoved the newspaper under his armpit as he waited to cross the street.

He then walked into his same old coffee place hoping the everyday people would spark something in his mind about his past that he may recognize. He ordered his usual black coffee, hold the sugar and the cream.

“Would you care for a muffin today Mr. McCall?” the black haired and blue eyed young woman asked. Drake’s eyes quickly scanned her name tag,

“No thank you Ms. Higurashi.” Drake narrowing his eyes at her.

“Is something wrong?” Ms. Higurashi asked,

“You seem familiar, have we met before I started coming to this café?” Drake asked.

“I don’t think so.” Ms. Higurashi staring into his light brown eyes. Drake stared into her beautiful blue eyes, as if trying to see the truth to them. Those blue eyes though held so much more; like she had lived a thousand lifetimes before.

“Here’s your coffee Mr. McCall.” Ms. Higurashi trying to give him back his change.

“Keep the change, Kagome.” Drake calling her by her first name, wondering how he felt about her name rolling off his tongue. He picked up his coffee mug and walking over to a window seat. Her name sounded familiar, those eyes…he thought about those eyes, it was as if they would haunt him until he figured it out.

He glanced back at Kagome, he never said her name before, it seemed as if he had called her by another name but he couldn’t remember. Those blue eyes had seen a lot, it seemed as if those blue eyes seemed a little dull compared to the brightness they could have held at one time. Such sadness was held in those blue orbs and he was finding himself curious as to what had happened to this young woman to cause such sadness.

Drake continued to stare at Kagome, as if she held all the clues to his past. It was as if she intrigued him, he sat in a trance like stage for Kami only knows how long. Suddenly a car horn blew bringing him out of his trance, he hadn’t bothered looking at his newspaper and barely had touched his black coffee. He was about to get up and ask for a to go cup,

“Would you like a to go cup for your coffee Mr. McCall?” Kagome asked.

“Please, and call me Drake.” Drake feeling as if they were more than acquaintances.

“Alright, Drake, I’ll be right back with your cup.” Kagome giving him a small smile. He raised his brow, his respect for her just grew, apparently she was always anticipating. That’s what made people valuable to big time businesses. Kagome came back to the table,

“Here you are Mr. Drake.” Kagome giving him a cup with a lid.

“Just Drake.” Drake insisted.

“Have a good day then Drake.” Kagome giving him a simple nod and a small smile and getting back to work. He poured his coffee into the to go cup and took one last look at Kagome and left the café to start his day. Drake was an successful businessman, having back to back meetings, and working late nights and usually resulting in Drake being the cold hearted bastard that he was known for.

He never done anything unless it benefited him somehow. Such life he took from the poor when they had nothing else to give. Once his day was over he took the elevator down to the parking deck. He had been thinking about the business deals he had made lately. Like this new one he was about to make, acquiring a small business firm which no doubt he was going to layoff, a nice term for firing, all the employees at this small firm.

He was beginning to think he should at least give them enough money to get by on or at least see if some of the workers were worth keeping around. The elevator dinged to announce he had arrived on the floor he wanted to be on. Sure he had made enemies but none had actually came up to him to confront him about it. He walked out of the elevator and toward his jag. Suddenly something swooshed through the air, he stopped dead in his tracks.

He looked down at his chest, an arrow was stuck in his chest, he couldn’t believe the arrow was there. He lost his grip on his briefcase and it fell with a thud on the cement parking lot. Next his knees gave out and he fell to his knees, the loss of breathe came next, it felt like his skin and veins were boiling. Slowly a hooded figure came out of hiding. The figure hovered over him,

“Mr. Drake McCall. Do you know what you have done to the poor people of the city of Tokyo?” the figure asked harshly. Drake clinched his eyes shut, trying to speak but he couldn’t.

“Do you know?!?” the figure shouted.

“No.” Drake grunted out, his head was pounding. The figure touched the arrow and it disintegrated. However the pain he felt only grew,

“You are given one chance, one chance only. You will go to the Higurashi shrine, examine the shrine in details. If you do not change you will die this day. Learn well…Lord Sesshomaru.” the figured standing and walking away.   


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