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A Day at the Fair by Knight of Disorder

A Day at the Fair

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

AN: It's late in coming but this is the fic I was supposed to write for CarmMeldoll for the donation raffle thing.


Leaning back in her chair, adjusting the year and half old child on her thigh. “Does anyone have any questions,” a soft smile on her face when she felt her youngest tug on the large blue cuff that capped her long sleeve. Smiling down before pulling the the fabric from her grip. “Stop that Michiko,” her voice carrying thanks to the microphone hanging from her outer jacket.

“Yes, you,” Inuyasha waved at one of the members of the audience.

Without standing the woman voiced her question quickly, “how long have you and Inuyasha been together?”

Brow pulling down for a moment before her expression cleared, “we’re not together.” Tapping her chin, giving up on keeping her daughter from tugging at the borrowed jacket. “We were together for a while, a dozen years or so. Though we’re not together anymore.” Waving to the next hand that was raised in the massive room.

“Then who’s child is that?”

“This little one,” cooing as she lifted Michiko up, “who’s your daddy,” rubbing noses with her child.

“Daddy!” Her voice coming out as a high squeal as she reached out behind Kagome towards the door that led out of the room. “DADDY,” her voice rising higher.

The door slowly opened and leather shod feet carried him into the room. Standing as tall and regal as he had five-hundred years in the past. Halting behind the infuriating priestess long enough to scoop their child from her arms. “It is perhaps for the best that they did not have the chance to meet Inuyasha’s or Kouga’s children.”

“Don’t give me that,” waving him off, “you said we were through so I looked elsewhere.” Crossing her arms over her chest, “it didn’t stop you from knocking me up again anyway. Besides, I only had one by Inuyasha and two with Kouga. I’ve had twenty-four, TWENTY-FOUR, of yours. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to keep me from others.”

“It is possible,” another voice broke in. A young woman with a bushy tail dropped down next to Kagome, “how’s the showing going mother?” Taking out her phone and tapping on the screen.

“Sanai, I told you that you weren’t supposed to bring that,” shaking her head and turning back towards the crowd. A low roar of quite whispers at the new additions to the panel before them. “Well, where’s your father?”

“Somewhere off with Ayame,” quickly tucking the phone in her shirt before her mother could snatch it from her hands. Huffing as she clipped the little wireless microphone to her shirt collar, “you sure do like to dress up like Nanoha don’t you?”

“Well, we decided we’d dress as each other. Fate already mistook me for her once.” Chuckling, “now,” clapping her hands together, “anymore questions?”

“Yeah,” a young blonde with heterochromatic eyes stood up. One red and one green eye stared intently knowing that she would be recognized. “How long were you with Kouga and Inuyasha.” Vivio had become a fan of the show, and she wasn’t really a fan of either the half-demon or the wolf.

“Hmm,” tapping her chin. Opening her mouth to respond, she was cut off.

“You were with Inuyasha fifteen years, roughly 150 years after the well closed, and Kouga for twenty years after that.” His quiet voice silencing the roar.

“You just have to ruin my fun,” sighing before checking the clock, “I suppose I should make my announcement before we run out of time.” Glancing at Sesshoumaru, “Sesshoumaru and I are getting remarried, again.”

“Again?” The question rose upon from the murmurs.

“For the fourth time,” she managed to get out before the buzzer went of signaling the end of the panel. “We’ll be going around the convention so feel free say hello if you see any of us!” Waving as she accepted her youngest from the Sesshoumaru, seating the child on her hip as she turned and walked towards the door.


“Sanai, why aren’t you dressed up?” Poking at her eldest daughter, “you could have dressed as Miho or Saori. You would make an amazing Shiho.”

Whining in her throat, “I didn’t want to dress up.” Scowling when her sister was passed to her, “I don’t want to babysit either.

“Sissy,” the child howled, “let’s PLAY!!!!” Squirming in the elder girls arm until she wiggled free, Michiko bolted into the crowd with a frantic half-wolf on her heels.

Kagome giggled at the sight, there was no real change in how things worked. Sanai was her oldest that was still under her thumb, so to speak. She was in her early nineties and still lived at home. Quickly turning on the growling pair behind her, “stop that Inuyasha.”

“What do you expect me to do? You sit right next to me and announce that you’re going to remarry my ice prick of a brother. Last I checked you were sleeping with me,” scowling at her. “Not to mention that your pregnant again, it’s probably-”

“Mine,” his cold voice sliced through the sentence. “She’s been pregnant for two months. You only started sleeping with a month ago. That will end now,” pushing past his half-brother and taking his spot at Kagome’s side. She was infuriating like no other, yet he enjoyed her presence. “Perhaps we should find Vivio before her mother’s do.”

“Yes, that’s probably a good idea,” coiling her arm around his bicep. “Inuyasha, don’t get into trouble. If you can find Kouga and Shouta, they should be wandering around with Ayame. When you find Shouta tell him that he needs to help his sister watch Michiko.” She did so love having enough children to let her take a break from the younger ones.

Throwing his arms in the air he turned and stomped off, “I don’t even know why I try!” His shout echoing in the massive room, even over the racket of thousands of fans talking.

“So, can you smell her out?”

“Of course,” his tone bland. Leaning her slowly through the crowd. Only halting when she pulled away and started walking in the opposite direction that he had been leading her.

“MAHO!” Nearly tackling the formally dressed teenager. Wrinkling her black top and causing the red skirt ride up the backs of her thighs. “You’re over dressed for something like this,” rubbing her cheek on the younger girls cheeks.


Kagome almost froze as the smooth female voice, “hello Shiho.” Turning to look at the woman who was clearly a more mature version of the seventeen year old in her arms. “How have you guys been,” returning to her affectionate display when Sesshoumaru appeared and stood next to the older woman.

“For being as old as she is, she acts more like a child then either of your children.”

Turning her head slightly, “so you’re getting remarried?”

“She’s pregnant again, this time I won’t allow her to divorce me. The effort is to great for something so small. Even if she decides she wants to attempt a relationship with someone else, I will simply let her. She will return to me soon enough.” Not moving from his spot, almost as still as a statue.

“As high and mighty as ever,” turning her eyes towards her flustered child. “Maho, let’s go.” Turning, knowing her oldest and heir would follow quickly.

“Aw,” whining was unbecoming. “I wanted to walk around with Maho.”

“Vivio is close, come.” Hooking her arm like an errant child and nearly dragging her behind him.


“Fate-mama,” waving her hand high in the air. Golden locks dancing behind her, “have you seen Nanoha-mama?”

Turning quickly, her jacket flaring out. Gazing at her adopted daughter, why she had transformed. Brushing it aside, “no. She’s just as busy as I am. Kagome is running around dressed as her today so don’t get them mixed up.”

“I already saw Kagome,” waving off the questions.

“There you are Vivio,” Kagome spoke softly. There was a warning in her voice as she hugged the girl from behind, “you should change back, then I can carry you.” Feeling the girl shrink in her arms. Adjusting her to sit on a hip. “Much better,” smiling at Fate. “How have things been between the two mama’s?” A lascivious smile turning her lips as the light red flush on the veteran enforcer’s cheeks.

“What are you talking about,” stuttering slightly as she looked around. “I have to get back to work,” leaning over and pressing a kiss to her adopted child’s forehead, “stay with Kagome and don’t wander off without someone with you.” Turning and quickly vanishing into the crowd to escape Kagome’s well trained eyes.

“What a waste, I thought I was going to get something good. It’s so hard to make Nanoha blush without getting into the sticky details,” shaking her head. It was easy to get to everyone else. Only Ayame could be considered as old as her, and they didn’t really get along.

“Nanoha-mama blushes all the time,” Vivio’s words were the last nail in Nanoha’s coffin.

“Do tell,” humming to herself as she listened to the small child’s babble about everything she’d seen and heard over the last couple years. Turning to glance at Sesshoumaru, “can you smell her out?”

Sighing, “yes.”


AN: Can you pick out all of the characters and their home universes. This was meant to be longer but I just don't have any thing else.


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