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A/N: This is my first lemon fic, so it may be a little boring, but I wanted to try a lemon after looking at r0o's marvelous smutty artwork! Sorry if the characters are OOC. Kags is still a miko and Sessh is still a youkai- it's just set in modern times :)

It had started out innocently. The whole thing had been started by one simple comment. 

Kagome had been walking through the lush park, Sesshoumaru sedately walking a little way behind her, admiring the view of his mate's firm backside swaying in front of him. The beautiful woman had insisted on visiting the park due to the warm and sunny weather, and Sesshoumaru had readily agreed.

So here they were now, meandering down the concrete path, ostensibly avoiding looking at the sun-bathers sprawled on the green grass. He quickened his pace to match Kagome's and entwined his fingers in hers, his breath catching in his throat when she flashed him a brilliant smile, blue eyes sparkling.

Sesshoumaru was just about to lean in and kiss her when she broke away from him and kneeled down to pet a small, noisy dog.

"Awww! He's such a cute little dog! Sessh, look at his little paws!"

Sesshoumaru surveyed the creature. It was fat and squat, with a face like a punching bag and a bark that was growing very irritating, very quickly. Before he could tell Kagome this, the dog's owner engaged her in conversation, nattering on about her "precious poochie". He could feel his patience slipping away, and couldn't help but frown at the unwelcome interruption in his precious time with his mate.

Endless minutes droned on and on before one phrase from Kagome caught his attention. "He's so obedient! Much better at begging than my dog.

Sesshoumaru's head whipped around to look at Kagome. Was she really referring to...

Seeing the devilish smirk aimed in his direction, he narrowed his eyes at her. If that's the way she wanted to play, so be it, but there would be no mercy...



Kagome plopped down onto her sofa, wriggling until she found the perfect position. Just as she was about to reach for the television remote, a large, pale hand with elegant fingers snatched it from the coffee table.

"Hey! I was just about to use that!"

Sitting up from the cushions, Kagome turned to shout at him but suddenly found she couldn't speak. Her mate had shed his human guise and his ethereal beauty robbed her of her breath. It happened every time she looked at his muscled chest, remembering all the nights she had licked the sweat from those alabaster plains.

The young woman tore her greedy gaze from his torso only to make the mistake of glancing at his eyes; twin whirlpools of amber that sucked her into their honeyed depths and caused her to lose her train of thought. Sesshoumaru regained her focus by waving the object clutched in his clawed hand.

"If you want this back, you'll have to earn it."

Kagome sucked in a deep breath at the husky timbre of his sinfully decadent voice, and tried not to drool at the images that popped into her head. "How?"

The inyoukai smirked.


Kagome rose from the sofa and slowly stalked her way over to her mate, his sharp eyes watching her every move. Stopping scant inches away from his tempting chest, the miko placed her small hands on his broad shoulders to pull herself up onto her tip-toes, and whispered into his pointed ear, " please... give me what I want." 

Abruptly, his lips were engaging hers in a fiery kiss, his tongue already asking for entrance to her mouth. Kagome quickly obliged, tangling her fingers in his silvery locks, pulling herself closer to him and kissing him with such passion that he moaned into her.

She had purposefully lavished her attention on the dog in the park earlier because she knew Sesshoumaru would react like this.

His talented tongue had moved from her mouth to her neck, laving the delicate flesh there before biting down, determined to bruise it. Kagome started to beg in earnest then, immeasurably turned on by his sharp fangs on her skin. Her lover's movements became frenzied then; he stripped her of her dress and himself of his trousers in seconds, before pushing her back to the wall and placing his engorged member at her weeping entrance.

Sesshoumaru paused then, determined to make her plead a little more.

Kagome almost cried. Her body was thrumming, nerves almost electric, and her mate was denying her her pleasure!

"Please, please, Sesshoumaru! I need you, I want you to fuck me!" 

Eyes bleeding crimson, he entered her in one powerful thrust. Kagome choked on her scream. No matter how many times they had sex, that first entrance always caught her by surprise, his thick cock invading her body so thoroughly she could barely think.

Sesshoumaru immediately set a strong and fast pace, hitting her cervix with every thrust, dragging against her g-spot with every withdrawal. He worked out the sexual frustration of the day on her breasts, kneading and pinching them until his small mate was sobbing in pleasure. 

Unable to withstand the brutal assault on her nerves any longer, Kagome came, her sheath clenching as she shrieked her orgasm to the world. Sesshoumaru tried to continue on through, but her tight walls forced him into his own release. 

"Kag-ome, I'm gonna cum, please, let me, let me cum!" He roared as his sperm left his body and entered hers, before sinking down to the floor taking Kagome with him.

As they lay there, covered in sweat and panting, the young woman grinned. It had started out innocently, and- as always- it ended with him begging.   

Word Count: 915


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