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Days of Madness by Knight of Disorder

Tales of Madness

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

MUST READ: I really like this idea but have nothing else for it. I've been thinking on it for several months and nothing else is coming to me. I would really appreciate it if someone would adopt this fiction and continue it because I think it has a lot of potential. If you want to adopt it, just send me a message to let me know so I can take this down and send you a copy of the original. Anyway, onto the story.


“Father,” standing no taller than a young teen, “Uncle Shippou is here. He wishes to see mother.” Hair trailing to the small of his back, it’s shock white color contrasting sharply against the dark robes he wore. “Would you like him to wait in your study?”

Turning his solemn golden eyes on his son, “yes, I will speak with him first. Go find your mother, she should be wandering about the southern garden this time of the evening.” Watching the boy turn on his heel and walk slowly away, “and Maromu, do not let her pass through the entrance hall. Inuyasha is here and it would be best if she didn’t see him just yet.”

“Yes father,” the words echoed back as the boy turned the corner.

What was he to do, Inuyasha hadn’t truly aged since Maromu was born so it would be simple for her to meet him once he understood the circumstances. Shippou however was a different story. Shaking his head slightly and fighting off the sigh that threatened to break to break his mask. It would be better to deal with it now. Turning sharply, his booted heel leaving a small scuff on the hard polished floor.

The halls of the palace he had built for her were decorated with many things. Tapestries of rich color from all over the world, vases, and other expensive statues. None of these things were things she asked for, but they were things he found for her. She had always had an interest in history, so he had taken it upon himself to surround her with it. The sound of his footfalls changed as he drew closer to his study, the hardwood floor turning quickly to waxed granite surfaces.

The door hung loosely open, this was a concession for her. She had asked to have a door like it on her room, and he’d had them all replaced. She deserved nothing less than her every wish fulfilled. Pushing it open with his foot as he stepped in. “How have you been foxling?”

Turning quickly, the tall auburn haired demon arched an eyebrow. Eyes meeting evenly with the tired gold which seemed so much older than the last time he’d seen them. “I’m not a foxling anymore,” his tone warm even considering who he was speaking to.

“No,” pausing and pursing his lips, “you’re not.”

“What’s that about?” Leaning back, half sitting, on the ink stained desk behind him. “You look so much older with those eyes, what happened between now and when I was last here?”

“You haven’t been here for nearly twenty years,” there was exasperation in his tone. A slightly wistful glint in his eyes.

“I’ve been busy, Soten was, is, busy up north and has the kits with her. It’s not easy taking up the reins of central Japan when that man Tokugawa has already united the humans. We’re barely holding on as it is, and then I hear about this massive palace built near the human village of Kyoto. What the hell are you thinking?”

Waving off the admonishing words, “things change,” was all he said. Slowly sliding into his chair behind the desk, “Kagome will be here shortly.”

It was there, just barely, but he heard it. “What happened?”

“She lost our second, while travelling with me.” His grip tightening on the armrest of his chair.

“So that’s what happened,” his tone, and the irritation dying quickly. “How long ago?”

Taking a breath, his eyes hardening once more, “a year after we last saw you.” Opening his mouth to speak again, he held his tongue for just a moment, it was hard to speak about. Even knowing the kit would understand didn’t make it any easier. “She won’t recognize you.”

As Shippou opened his mouth to speak again there was a knock.

“Enter,” the warm tone sliding back over his voice.

The door swung open revealing a wide eyed and shining Kagome, her kimono long and trailing as she walked into the room quickly. The pale hand of Maromu clasped firmly in her own, the ears on top of his head turning this way and that. “Sesshoumaru,” Kagome called quickly. Pulling the boy along behind her as she moved around the desk. Ignoring the other presence in the room as though he weren’t there.

“How are you Kagome?” Sesshoumaru rose, opening his arms to the woman who was his mate as she drew close. Drawing her into his embrace, “we have a guest and he wishes to see you.”

“Oh,” her voice slightly distant and airy. “Who,” turning her head quickly, settling her vacant gaze on the grown fox. Her brows drawn down in slight confusion, there was a part of her screaming that she knew this demon but for the life of her she couldn’t place him.

“This is Soten’s mate,” turning her slowly, “his name is Shippou.”

Kagome’s face lit up, “oh, just like my little foxling. I do miss him so, when can he come and visit with Miroku and Sango again? I hope it’s soon.” Pulling away from Sesshoumaru she moved around the desk quickly, “did you know I have a little fox that’s the same color as you. I haven’t seen him in so long though, Sesshoumaru said he’s helping Sango and Miroku so he can’t visit right now though.”

Shippou tensed when he felt her reach out and touch the side of his face as though it were something that she did with everyone she met. His mind however was running a mile a minute, his sharp green eyes never leaving the vacant blue that seemed torn between memories and... if he thought too hard on it, madness. “Is that so,” the inherit trickster rising to the surface, “well I do hope to meet him. I’m sure I can teach him a thing or two.”

Kagome’s face lit with joy, her fingers pressing together but her palms never touching. “Would you really? I’ll have to write him a letter to let him know,” rising quickly and turning towards Sesshoumaru. “It’s okay right, I can send him a letter and it won’t bother them too much.”

She was like a grown child, Sesshoumaru nodded his head quickly.

“Maromu, do you want to help?” Almost bouncing on her toes at the prospects.

“Of course I will mother,” smiling as he reached out for her hand again.


“What the hell was that,” Shippou roared. Rising up out the seat quickly, his long claw tipped fingers digging gouges in the desk that separated him and Sesshoumaru.

“When Reiko was killed she couldn’t take it, she sobbed for weeks. Than when the tears stopped, she barely remembered Maromu. At first she didn’t even accept that he was Maromu. After a while, she seemed to adjust, but no matter how much time actually passes. It doesn’t for her. She doesn’t age because she’s my mate, her mind doesn’t age because if it did, she’d remember it.”

Taking a breath, “Kagome once had a book that she read from. It was a book for that place she called school. She told me one time, that when something happens that the mind just can’t accept it buries it. It runs and hides from everything.” Slumping back into the chair.

“How long has it been kit, since they died?”

Looking up, “it’s been almost fifty years now. Since Miroku died, Sango a few years later. If they were still alive she might have been able to get through it,” at the growl he quickly turned his head to the side. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Tamping down his own growl, “I know.” It was true, he knew that the reason Kagome lost herself, or what was left of her because she no longer had the family she fought with. Yes, she loved her children, him, and those she spoke to daily. It was different however, once she’d heard of their passing. “She seemed different when she found out they had died.”

“Eternity is something I don’t think she was ever meant for. Their death’s might have been the start of it,” Shippou knew that Kagome had changed. When he’d told her, her gaze grew a little more guarded.

“She began talking to herself in the weeks after their deaths, I don’t think she thought she was talking to herself however.”

“What do you mean?”

“When she bathed alone, she would talk as though there was someone else with her. I believe she thought Sango was with her, she no longer speaks with herself.” Finally letting the sigh, within him, out, “I trust you’ll speak with Inuyasha. He must act as though things are no different, that they are the same as when they were still hunting shards.”

Shippou nodded, his expression grim. “What are you going to do about Rin? I’m sure she’s asked.”

“Rin is staying with Kaede,” the words spoken with absolute confidence.

“I see, so you don’t want me to bring Soten around again?”

“It would be for the best, I think for awhile at least.”

“The book, the one she read all the time, said it was best if she confronted the trauma. When surrounded by friends and family. There are still a lot of us you know,” gazing evenly at the weary lines which cut across the formidable face.

Sesshoumaru’s shoulders tensed, on the verge of grinding his teeth. “Not now,” glancing away from the fox, “bring as many as you can. Everyone that’s left,” he hated this idea. Kagome’s pained screams still burned into his mind. At night when the palace became quite, he was sure he could hear them again.

“You seem to be against it,” Shippou spoke low. He didn’t have a chance to move before the thin pale fingers wrapped around his throat and lifted him from his chair.

“Of course I’m against it,” the deep growl that carried with the words grew sharper as he continued, “it was my fault! I wasn’t with her!” To vent his frustration he threw the younger demon away from him. “It wasn’t her fault, but she blamed herself. She didn’t even want to hear my voice.”

Pushing himself up, curling his own fingers over. “I’m sorry, I didn’t...”

“I know,” clenching his teeth.


Nearly skipping with several pieces of rolled parchment held against her chest, humming a tune she’d long since forgotten in the hundred years she’d been with Sesshoumaru. Closing her eyes as she seemed to weave about the halls, never hitting anything or anyone. This was her palace after all. Sesshoumaru had built it for her, so she reasoned she should be able to. “La la la,” halting her slow spin. Dropping down on the flats of her bare feet.

“Inuyasha,” her tone flighty as she lazily leaned closer towards the man in dressed all in red. Her steps much like that of a dizzy child.

Turning slowly on his part, the silver triangles on top of his head twitching. He saw it all, everything that Shippou had told him. She was here in body but her soul and mind were somewhere else. “How have you been? It’s been awhile hasn’t it?”

“Oh, it has,” nearly laying herself across his shoulder as she reached up and began to rub his ears. “Maromu loves when I rub his ears, he told me it feels good,” a distant chuckle escaping her throat. Quicker than he’d ever seen her move she was away from him, her hands holding his shoulders firmly. “How are Rin and Kaede?”

Reaching up and gently patting his ears, her grip was a little too tight. His mouth began to move before he could think, “what are you talking about? Rin passed away almost thirty years ago, Kaede nearly ninety.” Face going slack the moment he realized what had spewed from his mouth.

Kagome went tense, the scroll in her hand being squeezed to the point of small tears forming in the stiff parchment. “No,” the word punctuated with wide fearful eyes. “He said they’re fine, he doesn’t lie. They’re not dead,” the scroll to Shippou dropped when her hands shot up to take hold of her head. Shaking her head furiously, “No!”

Inuyasha couldn’t reach her before she bolted from the hallway, leaving behind nothing but wildly changing scent and a battered scroll. Shaking himself for a moment before scooping up the discarded parchment and chasing after her down the hall.


He was startled when the door was flung open, an hysterical Kagome slamming into his chest the next moment, “what’s wrong?” Both arms moving quickly to enclose around the woman.

“He said,” the hands holding the sides of her head shaking. The nails biting into her scalp, “he said,” she gave up her grip and latched onto him, “he said they were dead!” Eyes wide, fearful, yet no tears spilled. Her own vacant gaze searching his, looking for him to tell her what she wanted to hear.

A slow smile spread across his lips, “they are fine, Jaken is with them.” A single hand rising to her head, petting her hair. “I received a scroll from them just the other day, when Shippou comes to visit he will bring Rin.”

Laying her head against his side, her fists still held tight in the silk of his robes. “Really?”

“Yes,” hiding himself behind a mask made just for her, “are you tired?”

“Hmm,” she affirmed as she laid her head over on his thigh.

“I’ll carry you back to our room,” reaching down only to still when she shook her head.

“This is better,” she spoke loosely. Her eyes already closed and on her way to the world of her own dreams.

“Okay,” pulling his fingers slowly through her hair. Only turning his head up when he heard the running steps of his brother coming down the hall. His free hand holding a finger to his lips before the half-demon could get a word out. “She’s resting, keep your voice down.”

Inuyasha huffed, crossing his arms quickly over his chest. “She doesn’t even know about Rin?”

“She can’t know about them,” his hand pausing for a moment. “Knows the few years after the well closed, that’s it. She still thinks Shippou is a little foxling staying with the slayer and monk. As you found out, she believes that Rin is with the elder priestess.” Turning his head away from his younger brother, “don’t bring it up again.”

Opening his mouth, preparing to speak, snapping it shut a moment later when a flurry of dark hair shot up next to Sesshoumaru. Her brows drawn down.

Turning her head slowly to look around, her lips tugging to one side as she thought. Nodding slowly, “Sesshoumaru, let’s go take a bath.”

Chuckling at the drawn expression of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru just nodded. Standing and holding his hand out. “Shall we?”


“Maromu,” one red haired kit on her hip, the other hanging on her shoulder. “How have you been?” Resting a hand on top of his head and ruffling his hair and ears.

Shaking his head from under her hand, “I’ve been fine Aunt Soten, would you kindly stop mussing my hair. Mother will fuss and insist that she fix it,” pursing his lips before jumping back from the hand that seemed to follow his pure straight hair.

Humming to herself as she slowly made her way towards the east garden, it was nearly lunch and today was a particularly beautiful day and it wouldn’t be bad to have it outside. That she ate lunch in the east garden everyday that it wasn’t raining, snowing, or otherwise inclement was lost on her.

She halted her steps instantly when she came upon the sight of her son on the reaching end of an outstretched hand. Her dormant powers sending a shock to alert her to the fact that the being reaching for him was, indeed, a demon. A flash of recognition spilled across her eyes, causing them widen in fear before fury replaced it.

Faster than she should have been able, the folds of her elaborate kimono pillowing out and flowing behind her, her own hand snapping out to take hold of the wrist as soon as she was close enough. Her free hand curling in an iron grip around the females throat. The fury fading under fear and flashes of the past that would vanish once she was sure Maromu wasn’t in danger.

“Mother,” the soft tone, smooth and calm, “Soten wasn’t trying to hurt me.”

Her arm trembling from holding the woman off the ground, her attention breaking when a small hand curled in the side of her robe. With uncharacteristic strength she half tossed the woman back, watching her slide a couple feet on the hard polished floor. Turning sharply and letting her hands flit and flutter over her own child. Checking his forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, neck. Everything from top to bottom, light touches as she watched his face intently.

The wildness of her eyes faded back into her distant gaze. Taking a breath, she rose and swirled to see the woman once more. “You must forgive me, I took the wrong impression,” a wide smile on her face gave away the whimsical woman. Kagome felt no remorse for what she did, because to her it didn’t happen.

“It’s fine, you must forgive me as well. I did not mean to give the intention that I would harm him,” rubbing her throat. It didn’t hurt her physically as much as it did her pride but it did still hurt. Kagome was never a large woman, never that strong, but she was definitely stronger than she appeared.

“Oh, no, no. It’s entirely my fault, I have been practicing with my bow and sometimes I forget my own strength.” Her hands coming together behind her back as she rose up and bounced slightly on her toes. “Shall we go see Sesshoumaru? You’re... the older Shippou’s mate, correct?”

“That would be good, and yes,” eyeing Kagome warily. She fell into step behind the Lady her son, her own children once more clinging to her.

“He said he would teach my Shippou some of his tricks when they come to visit, I can’t wait.”


AN: I just can't think of anything else. Figured I would offer it to someone else. It's all there... just no idea what to do with it.


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