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The Contract by Knight of Disorder

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or Darker than Black

AN: This is crossover and not a crossover, for those of you who have watched Darker than Black this takes place following season one. There will be no story points that involve Hei or Yin.

AN 2: This is the first chapter of a six chapter story for Alpine, hope you like it.


The legs of her hakuma billowed out as she ran, her cloth wrapped feet beating against the long deserted streets. Ankle length deep black hair bound in purple cloth for all but the last few inches of it's length waving chaotically in the air. A luminescent blue glow lighting around her body, a shimmering red shining through the black eyes of her mask. "Kill your allies," as the words were spoken the world rippled. To her eyes everything changed.

Turning quickly, her sleeves catching the bullets which rushed towards her. The light from the wall which rose so high it nearly touched the sky illuminating the mask which hung on her face. White with a single red line for lips, two standing ears rising through her bangs. "Kill your allies," once more, like a ripple invisible to all but her, the world changed.

The gunfire which rang out didn't even graze her, the few rounds which came close to her did nothing but crack off the worn and broken asphalt that they all stood on. "Kill yourselves," the red glimmer in her eyes flashed brighter. Watching as the few remaining turned their guns on themselves.


"This is Misaki, what's the situation," the siren blaring on the outside of the car made it hard to hear even when muffled.

"Messier code SHI-566 is currently fully active in the non-inhabited zone at the edge of Hell's Gate," there was a short pause, "estimated safe range is fifteen-hundred meters. Orders are to locate and follow."

"What power does SHI-566 have?" The rear tires of her car squealing as she turned hard, cutting off several other cars.

"SHI-566, code name Miko. Classification, Unknown. Power, God's Will. Final orders, do not engage."

"Don't you have a real name," nearly shouting into the receiver.

"Identity unknown."


Even beyond the reach of the gates, well on her way to escaping those who chased her she stood out. Her whole body shimmering, eyes lit from within with an otherworldly glow. Grunting she leaned back against a solid wall, the hand which wrapped over her stained top pulling away slowly. A fresh flow of blood gushing from the wound. She'd been careless, she should have used her power earlier.

Biting into her lip as she pulled the mask from her face, letting it hang around her neck. Glancing around, hissing at the edge of pain which began to cut across her mind. Shaking her head before pushing off the wall.

"Are you okay," the deep voice came from behind her.

Turning sharply, pulling at the torn flesh of her side. Setting her eyes on the man behind her, "help me, protect me," the glow around her fading as the world began to darken. The light in her eyes vanishing completely.


"Misaki, why are you asking about SHI-566?"

"SHI-566 was involved in a major incident, what aren't you telling me Kanami?" Leaning back on the bench, "there are a lot of things you're hiding. I can tell, we've been friends for a long time."

"SHI-566," taking a breath. "Miko, is part of an incident from before the first confirmed contractor. UB-001 was the first one to be recognized, but right after the gates appeared there were a number of strange incidents that were either left unsolved or passed off as more strange occurrences. You know don't you, once UB-001 was confirmed a lot of those cases were transferred to Special Investigations. You're predecessors."

"Of course I know, I've been over most of them. All but a few have been identified and of those that haven't, only two are still alive." Ignoring her buzzing phone, "I'm assuming that you're telling me that SHI-566 is one of those two then?"

"Something like that, do you remember the incident at the Higurashi shrine? It's been buried now, the only people who really know about it are us here and maybe a couple of the older members of the Special Investigations team. It was written off because of how chaotic things were at the time, but," glancing up towards the sky, "there was a file. One of the observation stations at the time recorded large movement and a few of the sensors they'd placed along the Tone River lit up."

"So, even though UB-001 was the first confirmed, if they had looked at the paperwork earlier," letting off when Kanami didn't make a move to correct her.

"That's right, they would have known months ahead of time and things would more than likely be amazingly different. God's Will, her recorded ability." Pushing herself up, "come on," pulling a cigarette out and placing it between her lips. "I can take some time, but you need to see this."

Reaching out and taking the unlit cigarette from between her lips, "no smoking around me."

"Yeah, yeah," pushing open the door to let Misaki in before her. "There was some file footage from one of the old cameras, it should be enough." Stepping off to the side, digging around in a box before pulling out a disc. "Here it is," dropping the disc in the player, "it's old and the sound was damaged but it should get the point across."

The screen lit up, the picture was distorted for a moment before clearing. "It's just over five years old, the first known appearance of Miko." Standing in a hallway in red traditional hakuma with a white haori and an Inari mask covering her face was what appeared to be a young woman. Her hair twisted tight into three tails, wrapped with purple cloth until the last few inches.

"So what is this?"

"Keep watching."

The young woman on the video took a single step before the space was engulfed in black, for an instant it was strange and then the black faded. Leaving behind holes gouged in the walls and that woman, still standing as though nothing happened. A moment later the black returned, fading. Then another. Each time more of the space was gouged and missing, yet she remained.

Beneath the mask it could be seen, the glow of her eyes before her very body lit as well. The image stuttered and fragmented. Clearing a moment later, the black didn't return yet flashes could be seen from off camera. Then the video ended.

"No one is aware this video even exists, it's part of my private collection." Winking quickly before plucking the disc from it's place. "So what do you think of what I myself think is the most powerful contractor?"

"What was that? She was fighting contractors, but their power didn't affect her," staring at the now dark screen.

"That's right, it appears she's unaffected by the powers of other contractors. That could be the reason that she appears to run around almost without reason. We know about her powers, but her payment... we're not sure."

"What about her star?"

"You're as quick as ever," shaking her head. "Miko's star, it's different. Most contractor stars are either active or dormant. There is a large difference between the two and it's easily noticed. SHI-566 is different, over the past five years we've watched it closely. It has stages of activity. They vary, and I'm sure it's connected to her power but there are times when we're not even sure if she's using her power."

"To put it simply, she's special. She can make any living thing do her will. Which is why her power is called God's Will. She can't affect inanimate objects, not with her power at least. Why are you so interested in her now, weren't you all caught up on BK-201 before."

"Well, after the gate incident..." laughing nervously, "he just sorta' vanished. Gone without a trace."

"Oh, and you mean to tell me you're giving up on it," smirking as she leaned closer, "come on. I've told you right, getting involved with him just isn't good."


Above her was a plain ceiling, she was covered with blankets but her arms and legs were free. Turning her head towards the sound of footsteps. The instant the door opened her eyes lit, "tell me, where am I?"

Freezing in place, his muscles tensing. "My home."

"Did you tell anyone?"


Her voice had remained flat, "good, then," halting her words and letting the light die. Feeling her own muscles tense in preparation for what was coming. Her eyes widening, her body writhing beneath the blankets. No sound escaped her lips, no tears in her eyes yet the pain was clear.

Shaking his head when the power released him, staring down at her. His silver hair held into a tight tail at the base of his skull. "So this is your payment," a frown on his lips when he knelt down next to her. He'd seen a number of them before the Heaven's Gate incident, then he'd left Special Investigations. When she settled he waited, watching her. "You used your power to force me to save you," producing a water bottle from behind his back. "Drink something, you'll feel better."

"I closed your wound for you," when she didn't respond he glanced at her. "Why did you ask me for help?"

"Because it was the rational thing to do. If I hadn't, I most likely would have been captured or killed," this moment was irrational however. She should have just done as she with those that were chasing her, "how do you know what I am?"

"When the gates first appeared, before PANDORA was formed, the government created the Special Investigations division. I was thrown into it right out of the academy." Smiling when she finally turned to look at him, "you don't have to worry. I've worked with enough contractors to know that you're not going to do anything without a decent reason." Chuckling when she turned her eyes back towards the ceiling, "for instance, letting me live."

"I'm still injured, I need you to look after me until I'm better or until the others come to get me."

"Others?" He had already half risen, halting to look at her more closely. "My name is Sesshoumaru."

"Kagome," she said nothing else.

Shaking his head with a light chuckle, "good to meet you Kagome. How about saying thank you?"

"Thank you Sesshoumaru."

"Good, now what would you like for dinner? You've been asleep for about four days now," he stood waiting without looking back. "Well?"

"Anything is fine."

Sighing loudly, "even contractors have preferences in food. It's not emotional, it's rational. What do you want?"

"Cheese filled ravioli," pausing waiting to see what he would say, "and roast beef."

"Now was that so hard, stay here. I'll be back in about twenty minutes. I have to run to the store." Turning his head to look down at her, "you're safe here. No one is going to come after you, and I'm not going to tell anyone."

Nodding slowly before turning her eyes back towards the ceiling.


"Shiro, where is Miko?" Long red pants trailed behind her as she walked. "She didn't want us along this time. It's already been three days, she should have been back by now," worry lacing her voice.

"You're a contractor Kisa, why are you being emotional," a slight tick formed on the edge of his lip. His leg bouncing rapidly on the balls of his foot, his eyes never leaving the large steel door which separated them from the outside world.

"Calm down both of you," his voice was like oil. It seeped into everything and clung to it. "Miko is the most rational of us all. She wouldn't do anything that would endanger us. You have to remember, she is also the most powerful. There is no one that could stop her, and nothing that would prevent her from returning."

"You are right Kuro," Kisa fretted over the hem of her haori.

"Yeah, you are." Straightening the collar of his top, "we'll go out tomorrow and look for her if we have to. Hopefully she'll return before it comes to that."

"Of course she will," eyeing the two. Finally settling on Kisa, "you're a rather strange one, aren't you Kisa?"


AN: I have two challenges for you readers. One, to tell me what SHI-566 stands for. Since it's easy to figure out, I'd like it if you could give me a reason for why it means what it means. The second one, is to guess the real names of Shiro, Kisa, and Kuro. I think it's pretty easy but there are a few options. Well anyway, hope you enjoy it. I actually liked writing this, a lot. Please R&R, thank you.


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