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A Game of Gods by Knight of Disorder

A Game of Gods

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The small boat rolled on the large waves, each one tipping the heartily built yet aged fishing boat sharply. Wind and sea washed across the barely covered deck, soaking through the once sun baked boards. The thin covering that was meant to keep the worst of the rain from their heads did nothing as the rain that poured from the sky ran with in the wind and wash soaking through the travelers seeking shelter.

"Kagome," the barely there shout drowned out by the wind. A firm female arm wound tight with the little priestess'. Leaning closer, her brown hair clinging to her forehead and neck. "Hold on," the yell once more barely heard over the roaring winds. Only the tightening of the younger's arm gave any notice that what had been shouted was heard.

Blue eyes glanced quickly before turning away from the hard salty air, already red and swollen from the harsh and stinging spray. The storm had come from nowhere, they were simply to cross the sea of Japan. A short trip for this small boat, from their port. No more than half a day, and the demon ferryman would wait for them on the other side. Clinging tighter to Sango's warmth, trying to chase away the cold chill which clung to her very bones.

The wind roared one final time before it became quiet, the boat twisting high on the wall of a cresting wave. Everything, the wind, the rain, even the stinging spray of the sea halted as the boat rose higher, tipped more. Then water, salt, and torrents tore at the small vessel. Stripping the boat of it planks as it was drawn deeper into the depths. The only light in the water, from the lightning strikes high in the sky above.

As quick as there was meager warmth next to her she was swallowed whole by the water, cold and dark. Lit by flashes that forced a thread a fear to lace her soul, as the world spun and the waves seem to crash upon her beneath the surface of the roiling sea. Lungs burning, and sinking she reached, hard, fast for the surface and then nothing. Black greeted her before she closed her eyes.

Hacking and wheezing, her eyes opened into the black empty nothing. Heaving air into her abused lungs, every muscle ached as the cold seemed to leach away any strength she gained from her new found knowledge of life. Trembling fingers wandered farther from her, feeling for anyone, anything that could prove she was truly alive and not wading deeper into the depths of her own death.

"Oh, how good it is to see you little one," the deep rich voice carried a warmth in the empty cold. "I see my storm has finally brought you to me, I had believe that your vessel might escape my masterpiece."

Squeezing her eyes shut when a single bright light lit before her, "you're storm," the words coming out jumbled and questioning. "Wha-," she coughed roughly when her voice cracked. A few drops of water that had still been clinging to her throat.

"Do not worry my dear," the sharp snap of the but of his staff connecting with hard stone rang out. The light coming from a single point at the other end of the long staff, it's shape quickly confirming it as a trident. The smooth male face that next appeared in the light was aged, the man looked as though he were in his early forties. "Come with me and I will show you a place to warm yourself," reaching down a single large hand, "and perhaps a change of clothes."

Kagome couldn't bring herself to deny the man who offered her dry clothes and a place of warmth, her mind providing images of just what would happen to her should he leave her there to her own devices in the dark, wet cold. More images, those of the many times she had been kidnapped, flashed before her mind's eye. She was being kidnapped, her mind supplied in quick order. Giving up on that, someone would come rescue her in short order, they always did. Quicker than she thought she could, she took hold of his hand and soaked in the warmth of the light touch.

Finally glancing up to his face her eyes widened slightly, taking in the waving blue hued white locks which spilled from his head and the curly hair which formed his beard. Sure she'd heard of such a being before, this moment however she was too shaken and cold to put a name to it. Curling close to him when he drew her up and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Good girl," he hummed. Cracking his trident against the hard stone she had been deposited on, the light growing bright enough to reveal the ceiling of moving water over their heads. A smirk curling his lips before he cracked his trident a final time, with a flash both vanished before the water crashed upon the black stone.


Kagome sat with a sour expression on her face, glancing around the clearly foreign hall. Her mind racing now that she was clothed evenly and warmly in thin robes. His hidden little temple beneath the sea, it appeared at least, was full of all sorts of beings. Many ignored her completely, others doing nothing more then glancing at her from time to time. However she was troubled, at why the great Poseidon of Greek lore had kidnapped her and brought here here.

She had not been completely awake when they had passed into the small hidden crevice, though enough to see the creatures swimming over her head and enough to feel the power of the veil draw back. "Will you explain to me once more," taking a breath, "oh, great and powerful," the sarcasm oozing from her pores, "Poseidon, why you brought me here?"

Glancing down at the small woman who glared at him, settling his face. "You great daughter of Hachiman, are going to become my newest consort. A child born of you and myself will have great power."

"Consort," her tone was bitter, "no."

"You do not have a choice in the matter little human," looking down his nose at her with a smile on his lips. "You seem to know me well considering I have never seen you myself. You should know well my nature, there is nothing that will keep my from you."

"Like Caeneus," the words sharp and cutting. She knew she had struck a nerve when he scowled. "I won't be so forgiving if you rape me. I will not forgive you for such a small favor. I don't want to be a man, I'm already a warrior and have power. Know this," rising up from her sitting position, "I will see you dead if you try." Snapping her teeth closed, "I have a champion."

"Is that so," he mused. A smirk coming back to his lips, "then call upon him and I will fight for your favor. Before my brothers and sisters in this very temple, I will destroy your champion and claim you as is my right as a god and your fate as the child of one."

Sneering at him, "when you lose don't cry."

In an instant he was hovering over her, furious eyes boring into her. "I will not lose," he all but roared.


"What is this brother? Why have you called us here," the deep tone crackled with energy. "There are more important things for us to busy ourselves with then you taking a new consort."

"I have been challenged, it appears she has a champion," turning slowly back towards the woman who was glaring at him. "She has yet to give me his name so I might bring him here. Perhaps she will gift us as a group with his name."

"There is no need," the rhythmic jingle of brass rings between the crack of a wooden staff against the hard marble floor. "I have brought a champion I believe suitable for my daughter." Holding a string of beads before his chest, his eyes narrow as he took in the lavish room. "She deserves nothing but the best, I ask you, champion, step forward."

The room was greeted with silence, not a sound to even the most trained ear as the man who accompanied the Japanese god dressed in the robes of a Buddhist monk stepped slowly towards the lights. Black boots, white leggings, a purple and gold sash. "What is it that you request of me?"

Kagome's breath halted in her throat, "S-Sesshoumaru," the name slipped from her lips.

"Ah, so be it. Sesshoumaru was it?" Turning quickly, his trident meeting the floor once more, "her champion has been named." Raising his arms high, "what are your terms?"

Sesshoumaru raised a single brow, he had not been told why, but when one of the great gods of Japan came to you asking for your aide you did not turn them away. Gazing smoothly at young priestess, so it appeared she was more than any had first thought. "Your daughter? Hachiman?"

"Yes, my daughter, does it bother you? Protecting the child of your patron?"

"Hn," stepped forward quickly. His empty sleeve billowing out, "I am Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Champion of Kagome, daughter of Hachiman." His mind taking in the sudden change that had seem to come about, the room was silent and waiting. Their eyes all on him. "I fight for the woman," pointing a single elegant claw towards the young priestess.

"So be it," Zeus' voice rang out above.

There wasn't a moment before the golden tipped trident shot forward, it's points biting into and tearing his fluttering sleeve. "Do not think I will go easy on your inhuman flesh demon," twisting the long pole and driving forward once more. "She is nothing but a tool for the gods, her children will be given the strength of their grandfather and father."

Each motion took effort, far more than he would have liked. Both blades which hung on his hip were silent in the presence of these beings. Scowling, he gripped the hilt of Tokijin and slipped it quickly from his sash. Feeling the scrap of metal on metal more than hearing it as he parried the massive weapon being driven at him.

"There are no beings that cannot be killed..."

For an aged body the god never gave ground. Pushing forward, always forward. Lashing out with tip and hilt, each barely missing before finding purchase in an unguarded shoulder. "You lose boy," leaning into the trident. Pressing the points deeper.

"Spirits, immortal souls, even gods..."

An unnatural roar ripped from his throat, the once coiled and hidden power lashing out like whips. Searing the stone at his feat and tearing at the being leaning over him, another roar tore its freedom from when he tossed aside the cursed fang and took hold of the glimmering wooden handle of the weapon he fought again.

"All beings that exist here, in this place, can be killed. All things die..."

Blue lighting warped and coiled around them, warring against the ancient god. Cracking and splintering the stone that held up against the ravages of time, "Dragon," the word hissed as the Tenseiga hummed on his hip, "Strike," spoken so low it was nearly missed.

"You must simply make it so."

Torrents of energy spilled like water from a broken glass, endless in their presence and boundless in their strength. The weight which had been pushing down before vanished, leaving him to hold the gods trident. Pulling the blade free, "bow down," spinning the weapon gracefully, "bow down," bringing the tip to the chest of a startled being, "or perish at my hand. You may be a god, but you are here, in the land of mortals. Here, all things can be killed and all things die."

"Enough," staff ringing as he closed the distance. "You have won, his death will prove nothing." Lifting his head towards the eldest of the Olympian gods, "Zeus, do you accept this outcome?"

Calculating eyes glimmered with a hidden mirth, a slow smile curling his lips. "So be it. Brother, be done with this and return to Olympus. Our nations may have fallen, and our powers waned but we are still gods. Hold your honor and let the human go." With a loud clap and a flash of blinding light the God of Thunder vanished along with his brothers and sisters that had come to witness.

"Be gone from my sight, or I will kill you yet," the wounds which before had bled into the pure white of his garment closed. The edges of the bloody stain slowly fading until all that remained in their wake was pure white once more. Tossing the golden weapon at Poseidon's feet, without turning he waited for the mighty being to gather his weapon and vanish as his family had.

A scowl settled on his face, his victory, this victory had come from a god's sense of absolute power. Had he faced any other, he would have lost. The thought unsettled him, turning to look towards the young priestess.

"I am unsure of who you are," Hachiman leaned down closer, narrowing his eyes more. Yes, the girl was his daughter. "I have only sired two children by mortal women, both boys. So do tell me, where is it that you come from my child?"

Her eyes focused on his, chasing the changing colors before they finally settled. Her eyes opening slightly wider, "why didn't he tell me," the words were a jumble in her mind. "He, you knew what would happen! You knew I would fall, that I would come here, but you never said anything!" Taking heaving breaths, shaking slightly, "I was still a kid but you could have told me stories."

His eyes lit with knowledge at her words, a soft smile. "If I have told you, even stories, would it have changed anything?"

Biting her lip, nearly drawing blood as his words sunk in. "No, it wouldn't have." Turning from the man she knew as her father quickly, even if it had only been the first half a dozen years of her life. "Thank you Sesshoumaru." Bowing deeply.

"I think there is more you can do for your saviour," leaning down and whispering a few short words in her ear. "It shouldn't be a problem for you."

Nodding her head sharply, she closed the distance between herself and Sesshoumaru with surprising speed. "May I touch you," her voice shaking as horribly as her hands.

"Hn," he inclined his head slowly.

Steeling herself, her nerves, and her resolve. Lifting her hand and pressing it over his heart, the other against his damage arm. She took a breath, leaning up quickly and pressing a short, soft kiss to his jaw. "Be blessed in battle, in my name and my fathers," her words spoken quickly before she withdrew from him. Turning back towards her would-be father, "I would like you to return me to my friends."

"Of course my child," nodding towards the demon before leaving him in their wake. Some words floating back, "a single blessing is great, yet many are for those who prove themselves."


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