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Distance by Maria-Salvatore29

Being Special

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The odd group stopped walking for a while to watch the sunset in the horizon. It casts a carroty hue on the entire meadow they are currently standing at and to say that the view is striking is an understatement.

Kagome looks around her in glee as she takes in the beauty of nature around them. They are all silent because they do not want to break the dream-like land they found their selves in; even Inuyasha kept his mouth close.

“If anyone would pass by, they will tell us that we look like those people in a vintage photograph right now,” Kagome whispers, breathless.

Miroku smiled at Kagome’s observation and together they all watch the sun disappear and without question, they set up their camp in this beautiful meadow. Kagome expressed how she could never leave this meadow and appallingly, Inuyasha indulge her. He did not argue for the first time. Perhaps, the beauty of this place takes him.

Kagome prepared their food as she always does. She hums a song while doing so, a cheerful smile always present on her face.

They heard Rin squeal with glee when Shippo lends his ‘’crayons’’ to her which Kagome gave him from her time. They smiled at cute little girl. They are still wondering how anyone managed to create those kinds of inventions.

“Okay, dinner is served!” Kagome said. All of them now always sit in a circle every dinner except for one person- Sesshomaru.

It had been three months and a week since Sesshomaru’s little pack joined the inutachi. Inuyasha does not want his older brother with them but they decided that unity is best needed right now to beat Naraku.


It was a rainy morning; Sesshomaru came to them, his hands soaked with Rin’s blood that was very ill with poison. Kagome tended to the little girl, Sesshomaru just watching them and Inuyasha was sending him glares until she said ‘sit’.

Jakken said that they were attacked while Sesshomaru was gone and someone shot a poisoned arrow at Rin.

Inuyasha said, “So? What do we have to do with you?”

“Inuyasha,” Kagome said, warning in her voice.

“Keh!” He huffed, jumping on a tree branch.

“I want us to join your pack,” Sesshomaru stated her in his usual monotone voice.

Everyone looked at him, gaping.

It was so silent for a while when Inuyasha screeched, “WHAT?!”

They talked the whole day but at night, they came to a decision that it is best if they have the demon lord on their side when the time comes to face Naraku.

End flashback

Inuyasha was so angry but he let it go when Sesshomaru saved Kagome from a demon one time. He is still cold towards his half-brother but Sesshomaru is not really making attention to him.

Yet, until now, no one is entirely comfortable with the demon lord - apart from Rin and Jakken of course- but Kagome being who she is takes it upon herself to bring Sesshomaru his share of food. Every dinner, she would break away from the happy circle to find the demon lord who is always keeping his distance not only to them but also to the entire world.

Tonight, she took bread for herself and a ramen for Sesshomaru. She is smiling while walking towards the demon lord who sat far away from them. She wonders if he is actually eating the food or just throwing it away after she leaves him alone…She sighed. Every night, whenever she would give him his food, they would talk. He would always ask her questions that she would answer as best as she could.

He is very intelligent and Kagome find their conversations interesting.

“Sesshomaru,” she said, sitting opposite of him.

He did not acknowledge her instead, he continued gazing at the stars with blank eyes.

“What do you think of the stars, miko?” He asked in his deep, baritone voice.

“What?” She asked, staring at the sky too.

“Every night, as you gaze at them, what comes into your mind?” He inquired, glancing at her only through his golden eyes.

Kagome smiled. “Sometimes, when I feel like giving up, I would look at the dark sky and see those stars then I would feel very ashamed for even thinking of the word, ‘give up,’” she said.

Sesshomaru tipped his head to the side while looking at her with curiosity.

“Explain,” he said in a commanding voice.

She looked at him for a second but her heart skipped a beat so she averts her eyes away. “The stars continue to shine very brightly, despite all the darkness that surrounds them. Therefore, I think I should be like the stars, I should continue to fight away the gloom by standing out and I shall continue to light the way of the others every time darkness is there to consume them,” she said.

She could feel Sesshomaru’s gaze on her face and she felt her face flush.

“Uh, so, uh-,” she stuttered. “I shou-should go now,” she said, standing up.

“You are a very perceptive woman, miko,” Sesshomaru said. She stared at him, stunned. “Do not waste this cleverness you have for my foolish brother who keeps chasing after that dead clay.”

They stared at each other’s eyes. Blue against gold. She is blushing, that she knows for sure.

Then, she bowed her head slightly in thanks and walks away towards the others.

When she is already at a distance from him, she glances back. She smiled broadly, and says, “It feels as if time stands still for a while when he looked at me like that.”

She laughed a little and went back to Inuyasha’s side in the circle.

Sesshomaru stares at the girl seating next to his half-brother, his golden eyes smiling for his lips.

He looked down at the ramen in his hands feeling his heart jumped with joy. That special girl named Kagome prepared this food I am about to eat, he thought.



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