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The Truth by Knight of Disorder

The Truth

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or the song The Truth

Her head leaned back against the concrete wall, Kagome gave into the urge to slowly thread her fingers through the silky black hair which topped the head of the child in her lap. Said child could be no older than four. One arm holding the girl close to her stomach, the other blissfully enjoying the way the hair curled about her fingers just before she would have to start again. She was content to continue this action, ignoring the sounds of the others which milled about around her.

The line in which her silver-haired husband was still standing hadn’t moved for nearly three hours and the small girl now napping in her lap was the reason she left it. Ignoring the first buzz of her phone, than grabbing the thin device when the buzz gave way to the loud ringer which she could have sworn she’d turned off. Only glancing at the screen before freezing, then quickly answering to stop the sound when the child in her lap stirred once more. Her frozen figures returning to their slow petting.

“Hey, is this Kagome?”

Drawing her brows down, “yes.”

“You know who this is,” the voice sounded deeper than it should have.

“Of course I do,” smiling secretly. The hand which was still petting the small child’s hair continuing it’s constant motion without the need of actual thought. “It’s been a long time.”

“It has.”

“How have you been? They’ve been asking questions, wondering what happened.” Her voice becoming almost too soft to hear.

“I thought they might,” was all that came back.

“You know, I have something to tell you.” Her voice rising again slightly, gaining strength.

“No,” the deep voice came back, “tell them I’ve gone to visit some friends or that I’m on vacation.”

There was a quiet, mirthless, chuckle that escaped her than. “I’ve given them all your excuses.”


“Uh-huh,” a slightly more generous giggle passed her lips at the way the man on the other end of the phone spoke.

“What about Vegas, you know how I was with that stuff. Blew every dollar you ever made, every one I made too.”

“They’ve heard that one a few times,” a small smile turning up her lips. He could always do that, “I don’t think they’d believe it this time. It’s been too long for that.” Shifting slightly so the child asleep against her was supported on her thighs.

“I know,” there was a long pause, “I’ve lost a lot of weight, so tell them I’m out here following a rock n’ roll band. Better, that I’m living like a gypsy king,” his answering laugh slightly brighter. “I miss you, you know?”

Kagome’s lips thinned, “listen, I need to tell you something really important.” Swallowing hard, trying not to choke herself. The lump in her throat wouldn’t seem to go away though.

“The truth,” he spoke softly, “the truth is that I’m asking you to lie.”

Her words came up short, “then you know?” She had wanted to tell him but what more could she do.

“I know it’s not right of me to ask, and you know I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to.”


“Just listen,” his gruff tone coming back in force, “just don’t tell ‘em that I’m still strung out over you.”

A shadow fell over her, and she quickly turned her eyes up. Losing focus on the conversation as those deep shimmering golden eyes looked down at her. A smooth smile on his lips, “we can go.” His words were short but they carried warmth.

“It’s okay Kagome, I’ve got to go. I’ll call you again soon.” The line going dead a moment later.

Glancing at the phone before setting it down. She looked back up at her silver haired husband, “he’s gone out west, where it never rains.” Her voice soft, as it was whenever she tried to lie.

“Do you want to chase after him again,” the words were unsure. Almost fearful as he reached out his left hand. A single blued silver band hanging on his ring finger.

Shaking her head curling her right arm around the child who clung closer, “no,” reaching out her own hand. A green tinted silver band around her finger. “I’ve got everything I need right here.” A soft smile, something between happy and content curved her features. A single pointed ear escaping from beneath the black hair of the child she held close. Her fingers wrapping around his.

“Everything I will never need, as long as I’m with you.”


AN: If someone wants to continue this or write a prequel let me know. Other then that, I just had to get this out. Since I got my license back the other day and heard that song in the car I've not been able to get this idea out of my head. Now I have and I think I like how it turned out.


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