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Cursed as a Mermaid by zodiak023

chapter one


Ok so I am trying this again and if its not right then I give up on trying to post anything on here. Btw I am new to this site, I have a account so I figured I would try putting some work up here. and i do not own Inuyasha just my awesome story plot if i can ever get it up here in the right format!

Again they were fighting a demon but none of them knew that this demon wasn’t alone, he was just the decoy, a powerful witch was hiding amongst the tree line while the group fought the demon. As the group was preoccupied fighting the demon the witch was casting a spell on the one who held the most power, Kagome.

The witch was in league with Naraku, and she could see that in the near future the young miko would be his downfall, after the demon was killed and the shards were gathered thunder rolled and there was a flash of light, it blinded the group for a few minutes but when they were able to see again they saw Kagome lying to the side, unconscious.

Everyone thought she had been struck by lightning because they all had taught her well and trained her hard since they had formed their little group, but as they approached her they found that she hadn’t been struck by lightning but somehow had been turned into a mermaid.

“She will never be human again, no full demon could ever love something like she!” the old hag cackled, Inuyasha heard the cackle and sped off to find whatever was nearby, but she was already gone. Sango slowly turned Kagome over and held her in her arms,

“We have to find a stream or some kind of pond for her,” Sango feeling of Kagome’s forehead, she was running a fever. Inuyasha came back from his failed hunt,

“We are close to the ocean, here, I can get there faster, just follow me on Kirara,” Inuyasha gently getting Kagome in his arms, Kirara heard the plan and transformed waiting for Sango, Miroku, and Shippo to hop on her back. Once they were situated on Kirara’s back she took off after Inuyasha,

“Does he know that he is running straight for Sesshomaru’s lands?” Miroku asked Sango.

“It doesn’t matter Miroku, its Kagome, I only know of what Kagome told me of mermaids but with her having a fever and being dry and clammy I am thinking its not a good thing that she is out of water, besides, he doesn’t own the ocean,” Sango explained.



At Sesshomaru’s Castle

Inuyasha ran right through the gates of Sesshomaru’s palace, straight past the guards who were stunned by the strange thing in his arms to even put up a fight with the half breed, and made it to Sesshomaru’s private beach, he didn’t even stop once he hit the beach, just ran straight into the ocean, having a firm hold on Kagome. Once they were submerged into the salty water he stopped.

“Kagome, wake up, come on, snap out of it,” Inuyasha brushing her black locks of hair from her face, she still had her uniform on, skirt and shirt along with the bra underneath her shirt but her underwear had been destroyed when her legs turned into a tail.

“Inuyasha,” Kagome grumbled,

“I’m here Kagome,” Inuyasha still holding her, slowly she opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times, she went to rub her face but Inuyasha caught her wrist,

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, you will get salt water in your eyes,” Inuyasha explained, she was confused,

“What are you…oh god, oh my kami! I have a tail, Inuyasha, why do I have a tail?” Kagome starting to freak out and flip her tail around until she squirmed out of his arms and dropped under the surface of the water. Inuyasha pulled her back up and took her to the shallow part, Sango, Kirara, Miroku with Shippo still under his arm and even Rin came running, along with the guards. Once Inuyasha was standing waist deep in the water,

“Inuyasha!!! Sit boy!” Kagome coughed out, nothing happened, Kagome stared up at him,

“Inuyasha, damn it, you had better fix this!” Kagome shouted at him.

“Me, I didn’t do anything to ya! Stupid wench!” Inuyasha dropping her and walking out of the ocean to the beach.

“What is the meaning of this, do you realize you are trespassing on my lands?” Sesshomaru’s deep baritone voice low and too calm for even him which freaked them all out except Kagome and Rin.

“I give you permission to kill that bastard!” Kagome pointing to Inuyasha while she tried to flop over on her belly,

“Oh look Lord Sesshomaru, Kagome’s a mermaid, just like in her stories!” Rin running over to Kagome and checking out her tail before the lord could stop her.

“I want all of you to remove yourselves from these lands now,” Sesshomaru ordered.

“Lord Sesshomaru, we cant just leave Kagome like this, please, don’t you know of anyone who can turn her back into herself?” Sango asked,

“It is none of my concern, you will remove yourselves and that from my lands now,” Sesshomaru ordered again.

“We are not leaving Kagome here alone!” Sango ignoring the fact that she was ordered to remove Kagome from the ocean, Kagome mumbled something about being called a ‘that’ in the background,

“I will not repeat my words Slayer, you heard my words the first time, Remove. Yourselves. And. That. Now. Or these guards will remove you with force,” Sesshomaru speaking slow and clearly.

“You guys should go, after all you are on his lands,” Kagome sighed, playing along with Sango’s plan.

“We will find who did this Kagome, we will get your legs back,” Miroku explaining it in a perverse tone, Sango slapped him hard across the face,

“Wow, that was a really big mosquito, we should check Kagome’s bag for some medicine for that one, Kagome do you have any medicine for mosquito bites?” Sango asked,

“None for that, sorry,” Kagome giggled,

“Bye Kags,” Sango waved,

“Bye guys, be careful out there,” Kagome shouted. Sesshomaru stared down his nose at Kagome.

“Inyasha, you fool, remove this from my lands!” Sesshomaru beyond the point of anger though the only indication that he was raging was his eyes, they had a pink hue to them,

“You do not own the ocean, bastard,” Inuyasha walking away.

“This is so cool Kagome!” Rin giggled, Sesshomaru was trailing after the group,

“I see you are using some words I taught you, very good Rin, but this is far from cool,” Kagome sighed as she ran her hand through her long locks. She watched to see what Sesshomaru would do to her friends, he was pretty pissed off. After a while he started back down to the beach, Kagome made like she was trying to figure out her new appendage,

“Miko, can you not keep yourself out of trouble?” Sesshomaru standing inches from the water and not moving any closer to her,

“I can fight and protect myself just fine thank you, I just don’t see how a snake demon even with jewel shards could have done this,” Kagome thinking out loud,

“A witch only has such powers, perhaps one has joined Naraku’s side, seen as Naraku wants you out of the way, now he can go after your pack,” Sesshomaru stoically, Kagome’s eyes widened,

“Oh shit! You’re right, they are vulnerable now, I mean, obviously one person cant make a difference in a battle…” Kagome being interrupted,

“Kagome, what does oh shit mean?” Rin asked,

“Rin, no, don’t say that, it’s a really dirty word, only dirty and rude people say things like that, Inuyasha must be rubbing off on me,” Kagome explained.

“Come Rin, and miko, remove yourself from this Sesshomaru’s beach,” Sesshomaru turning and walking away,

“Lord Sesshomaru, wait,” Kagome almost frantically,

“What is it you want?” Sesshomaru annoyed though his voice nor facial features showed it.

“Please, I will do anything, give you anything, if you will protect my friends until I am back to me again,” Kagome desperately.

“There is nothing you have that I want,” Sesshomaru coolly,

“I’ll give you the jewel once it is completed,” Kagome seriously.

“I do not desire such thing,” Sesshomaru monotonously,

“I’ll be your maid or your servant for a year,” Kagome seriously,

“Doing anything this Sesshomaru orders you to do?” Sesshomaru raising a brow.

“Anything you want done I’ll do it, no complaining or questions asked,” Kagome strongly and seriously, knowing Sesshomaru was more honorable than Miroku,

“I have no use for a human miko in my home,” Sesshomaru calmly.

“I could teach Rin,” Kagome threw out. Sesshomaru glared at her for a few minutes, tired and annoyed by her offers, but was intrigued by what may fly out of her mouth next just for protection for her friends.

“You teach Rin for a whole year and you help in the fields in my lands and tend to the sick and wounded for a year,” Sesshomaru explained,

“You have a deal, I wish to give you your arm back as apart of our deal to show that I do stand by my word,” Kagome explained strongly. Sesshomaru stared at the ocean water, he never desired to go into the salty water and smell his castle up for months just as Rin had done on occasions, so he hesitated before agreeing,

“Very well,” Sesshomaru taking his outer attire off and his black boots along with his undershirt and his sock like cloth over his feet and slowly came out to meet her. When he sat down he kept enough space between them so she wouldn’t splash him with the salty water and enough space so he wouldn’t brush up against her.

“I know you don’t like me but you are going to have to get closer to me so I can reach your shoulder,” Kagome seriously. Sesshomaru got up and moved over until he was inches away from her. She let him get situated,

“Do I have permission to touch you?” Kagome asked, Sesshomaru glanced at her,

“You may,” Sesshomaru calmly, she gently and carefully tucked his hair behind his pointed ear and moved his silky hair over to his other shoulder. He took notice of how she was careful with his hair and around his ears,

“Your hair is so soft, what kind of soap do you use for it?” Kagome asked,

“It is none of your concern,” Sesshomaru deeply in a monotone voice,

“I was just trying to make conversation, you don’t have to be so cold you know,” Kagome sighed. She started feeling around on his stub of what was left of his arm,

“What are you doing miko?” Sesshomaru asked,

“I’m trying to get a feel of your muscle mass, can you turn your other shoulder toward me,” Kagome asked. Sesshomaru turned toward her, she felt of his whole arm,

“Alright, you’re going to have to completely relax, I am not going to hurt you in any way, you may feel a little tingly, and you may want to sleep afterwards, it will take a lot of your energy away, alright, are you relaxed?” Kagome asked.

“Yes,” Sesshomaru having his eyes closed and listening to the sounds of the waves. Kagome worked her miko healing ability through her hands and started weaving the inside structure of his arm. Halfway into the process Sesshomaru slowly opened his eyes due to the reiki making his processed new arm tingle and the warm gentle sunshiny feeling and comfort feeling he was feeling due to the miko’s healing powers and watched her remake his arm from scratch, all the blood veins, muscle mass to match his other muscle of his other arm, everything she remade from scratch. He started feeling dizzy, he had only once remembered feeling so comforted and safe and it was with his mother, the last time she held him in her arms as a pup.

“You may want to take it easy with your new arm, just until you get the strength built back in that muscle, your youki slowly flowing through it will help stabilize that arm muscle,” Kagome concentrating on his arm. When she got to his wrist she slowed down a lot, making sure his royal stripes on his wrist were perfectly matching the other wrist, he could see her sweating, it was taking a lot out of her as well.

Very carefully she did his fingers and claws, making sure each finger and claw were perfectly matched up with the opposite hand. As she finished the last finger and claw, and made the palm similar to the other palm but not with the same lines on it and then finished attaching it to the fully developed arm, she gave him a tiredly smile and passed out.

Rin had stayed close by in case she actually exhausted herself to the point of passing out so her head could be caught and saved from hitting anything or submerging her in the water, she made sure that Kagome was as comfortable as she could make her. Sesshomaru was drained of too much energy that he didn’t bother testing his muscles on the new arm,

“Come Rin, it is dinner time,” Sesshomaru slowly standing.

“What about Kagome, wont she drown?” Rin asked,

“Mermaids have their ways of breathing underwater, the miko is no different,” Sesshomaru calmly.

“Rin, its alright, I’ve got her now,” Sango coming up to her, the guard had chased the pack down after he heard that the deal was made and went to get them, Sesshomaru looked in the direction she came in and found the whole group coming to Kagome’s aid,

“Milord, do you acquire assistance to your chambers?” one of Sesshomaru’s best guards coming to him,

“I do not, Rin come, Slayer, if your pack wishes to eat you must come now, Rin will lead the way to the dinning hall,” Sesshomaru walking away.

Rin changed places with Sango,

“I will bring you some food out,” Rin smiling.

“Thank you Rin but me and Miroku are going to change places after he eats,” Sango eying Miroku, he nodded as he and Inuyasha followed Rin inside the castle. While the guys were inside eating Sango took the time to pull off Kagome’s shirt, bra, and skirt. Kagome wouldn’t need any of them since she was a mermaid,

“Kagome, wake up,” Sango shaking her a little. Kagome groaned,

“Sango,” Kagome mumbled,

“I’m right here, are you hungry?” Sango asked,

“Starving,” Kagome slowly opening her eyes, Sango gasped, Kagome’s brown eyes had changed to blue, icy blue eyes.

“What is it Sango?” Kagome asked,

“Your eyes, they are an icy blue color,” Sango seriously.

“Probably to see better underwater, oh god, where’s my bra and shirt?” Kagome flipping out and trying to flip her tail but her energy was gone,

“Kagome, you aren’t going to need your clothes, as for your top, I think you are covered, look for yourself,” Sango pointing to her chest. Kagome looked down at her breast, she had scales covering up the under half of her breast up to her nipples.

“Still this is too much skin!” Kagome seriously,

“Come on Kagome, who is going to see you besides Miroku?” Sango mumbled,

“Sango, no, you cant let him see me like this, you of all people know how he is! Besides, I made a deal with Sesshomaru to teach Rin, so I am sure he will see as well and probably his guards!” Kagome seriously.

“Lord Sesshomaru isn’t interested in humans, he doesn’t care and he has so much honor that he probably wont even take the first glance, if you are so worried about it your hair is long enough to hide them, here,” Sango pulling her black hair around to cover her breast.

“Your hair is changing color as well, it has blue streaks in it, didn’t you say that mermaids are cold hearted creatures?” Sango asked.

“Its just rumored,” Kagome looking at her icy blue streaks in her hair,

“I don’t think they were there before,” Kagome making sure her breast were covered.

“Alright, I am going to go stop Miroku before he comes out here, I’ll have Inuyasha bring you out some food,” Sango explained,

“Thanks Sango,” Kagome sighed, while Sango was gone Kagome felt herself calming down.

“Maybe this isn’t so bad,” Kagome mumbled out loud, she dove under the water, she found that she could move incredibly fast, faster then Lord Sesshomaru with his demonic speed. Suddenly newfound burst of energy left her feeling so light and so good in the water that she rushed through the surface of the water and did a back flip in the air. When she heard her name being screamed out over the surface and felt a strong semi-powerful aura in the water she remembered Inuyasha was bringing her food. She popped her head out and noticed she was miles from the beach,

“Kagome, get back here!” Inuyasha screamed out, she dove under the water with her shiny icy blue tail giving a flip, in a minute flat she surfaced the water,

“Damn it Kagome! Don’t do that!” Inuyasha barked.

“Mama, you look really pretty,” Shippo giving her a smile,

“Thank you Shippo, is that my food?” Kagome pointing to the plate in Inuyasha’s hands,

“Yeah, but what’s up with the blue streaks in your hair?” Inuyasha asked,

“I think they look cool, my eyes match my tail scales, see,” Kagome letting him see her tail while she made herself comfortable so she could eat.

“Well Sesshomaru agreed to help us find this witch who did this to you so she can turn you back,” Inuyasha giving her the plate of food.

“Did I complete his arm?” Kagome asked,

“Yeah, he is resting in his room, bastard is too good to eat with us as well,” Inuyasha growled,

“I think I have a better idea, I still have my miko powers and I am faster than a full blooded demon while I am like this, maybe we can lure Naraku to another body of water and you guys can force him to the water or I can practice with spears or something that I could throw and we can get him that way,” Kagome throwing out a suggestion.

“I don’t know Kagome, maybe we can run it by everyone else and see what they think, but there are still jewel shards to be found, and I cant sense them,” Inuyasha explained.

“Well, I am not the only one who can sense the jewel shards, take Kikyou, she will help find the rest, and I will start looking for other bodies of water,” Kagome explained as she ate as if she hadn’t had food in days.

“Kikyou? Are you sure?” Inuyasha confused,

“Yeah, but you need to be careful with her Inuyasha, don’t trust her to hold any of the jewels, she may be in league with Naraku. I know you have been seeing her behind my back and its okay, she was your first love and Naraku destroyed that between you guys, I could never compete with her for your love, so I am going to stop trying,” Kagome shrugged. Inuyasha stared at her, Shippo’s mouth fell open,

“Really, its okay, if you can rectify what you both had, you should, all I want is for you to be happy,” Kagome seriously as she stared at his eyes.

“If you are sure,” Inuyasha still a little freaked out by her speech.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Kagome giving him the plate back,

“Thanks for dinner Yasha, I’m going to go find a nice bed for the night, bye guys,” Kagome swimming off.

“I love you mama!” Shippo shouted,

“You too Shippo,” Kagome’s voice far off. Shippo noticed she didn’t say that she loved him back,

“Inuyasha, we need to tell the others about this, I am worried about mama,” Shippo scampering back inside, Inuyasha looked out into the ocean seeing her tail flip,

“Me too Shippo,” Inuyasha mumbled.


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