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The Pirate Priestess by Knight of Disorder


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Five Years After Her Return

The boat shifted and rocked over the scream of the motor, Kagome set all her weight down on the side. Twisting her fingers in the rope, reaching up and adjusting the black patch that covered her left eye. Glancing down to stare at the pistol that hung in the front of her jacket, shaking the thoughts away. There was no point in thinking on it now, her eye hardened as she focused on what was to come.

How she'd ended up here was story in an of itself, if she thought to bring it up. That however was something she never shared with anyone, not even the group that she rode with now. They all took it in stride, they all had their reasons for being here and most of the time those reasons were not even close to the ones they gave. Kagome Higurashi waved her hand out, watching Zala pull the RPG up onto his shoulder.

"Ready when you are," his accent was thick. It didn't fit his nationality in the least, he sounded Irish for someone with the dark skin of a South Pacific Islander.

"Hold off, I don't wanna waste the shot if we don't have to." Shouting over the scream of the motor as she pulled up the shortened assault rifle. "Tatsu, get us up close!" Waving her hand quickly in a round pattern. At the nod of the older man near the engine she turned her attention back towards the large boat.

As soon as the small raft drifted close enough a torrent of water exploded from the side of the ship, crashing into them. Sending two of their already small crew over the side of the dingy. Kagome turned her gun into the water, squeezing the trigger without any hesitation. The kick of the gun and sharp crack of the rounds leaving the barrel resonated in her mind, echoing into the depths. She'd hated firing her weapon, yet this time. She felt nothing when the water died, when she was sure the one manning the cannon was dead as well.

"Now!" The hooks arched high into the air catching on the railings before pulling taught under weight. Rifles hanging from their shoulders as they scaled the side of the vessel, they chose this one for one reason. They hadn't hired any guards, that's what the information said anyway. If the water cannon was any indication it was true.

"Zala, get ready! Marco, head to the comm room. I don't want them getting out any messages," grabbing hold of the railing and hauling herself up. Tugging at the tight vest and adjusting it before taking her weapon in hand once more. "Everyone else spread out, gather everyone together. Take 'em to the front of the ship. Check everything, I don't want anyone sneaking up on us." Waving her hand out and watching as they all scattered, disappearing into hatches and below deck.

She was only looking for one thing, they were here to collect an item. It was unguarded and they would simply have to pick it up and leave. That didn't mean they couldn't take the chance to find something else for the their efforts, not like the job paid nearly as much as she would have liked. Twisting the rifle till it was tight against her back, pulling the pistol from it's place. Listening to the hard click as she pulled the slide back to chamber the first round.

There was no hurry, it would be at least an hour before anyone could come out this far to help them. Scratching her chin with her thumb as she walked between the containers, no, what she was looking for wasn't up here but maybe there was something good. This ship was right out of Japan of all places. Scowling at the thought of her home, "tsk."

The radio on her hip screamed for a moment, "Kame, we have something here you need to see."

Reaching down and pulling the old piece of equipment closer to her face. "What is it?" Sighing as she turned and headed back towards the open deck.

"We're not sure, jus' get down here." The radio buzzed for a moment before she tried to reply.

"I'm on my way," this was going to be a bother if it wasn't what she was looking for. Though from the sound of it, it wasn't. The walk brought a tingle to the base of her neck, one she hadn't felt in years. Ignoring the feeling, she already knew demons lived in this time. It wasn't strange to find one at sea. Stopping just before the door, rubbing the bridge of her nose. It seemed they found a demon.

When she stepped into the room, raising a brow at the man who stood before her. His short black hair and deep brown eyes, it was a glamour. It was a demon but he was to powerful for her to see beyond his mask. "What don't you know about this? Take him top side with the others," she bit out ready to turn and head back up.

"He's not it," Zala spoke up quickly. Once he had her attention he waved towards the chest in the corner, "that's it. We can't lift it, it's to heavy." Stepping closer to the chest and leaning down against it, "we could blow it open but I don't know if what's inside would make it through the blast."

Kagome turned towards the demon, brushing her low pony tail over her shoulder. "What's in the chest?" A tightness in her chest formed when he raised a single brow but didn't say anything. "Answer me," lifting the pistol and pointing the barrel into one of his eyes.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, he paused when he saw the faint glow in the barrel. This woman was a priestess, a powerful one to imbue slugs with her power. Lifting his hand slowly and reaching into his pocket he pulled out a key.

"All of you out!"

"Kame-," the pirate was cut off.

"Now!" When the others had left, when all of them had vacated the room and she was sure they were a fair distance away. "What are you hiding demon?" Taking the key from his fingers, never moving from her spot.

"I am hiding nothing," his voice was heavy as he watched her. There was something familiar about her but he couldn't place it, his face didn't move as she slowly began to move towards the chest. "You need not fear, I have given you the key. I won't harm you now."

"Ha," snorting at the words. "I've never met a demon that didn't try and kill me at least once, so don't give me that shit!" The glow of her power began to radiate from the end of the barrel, flaring faintly to erect a barrier. Reaching down, feeling for the lock without taking her eyes from him. "So tell me. What is it that you have in this chest? What's so important that you would use an enchanted lock?"

Again his eye brow rose, watching the woman with ease. She was well versed in old magic, it would seem that for a pirate she was educated. Tracing her from shoulder to ankle, she wasn't born here. She showed the figure of someone who ate well, far better then most of what was found in the southern seas. "It is something of personal value."

When she finally heard the click of the lock opening she tossed the lid back, glancing quickly. Her hand started to shake where she held the pistol, turning her eyes back slowly. Her eyes resting on a pool of brown hair, framing a curled up female. Images flashed through Kagome's mind, curling her lips back. Reaching down and pressing her fingers against the girls neck. The pulse weak, as she pulled her hand back the hair shifted revealing the tattered hilt of a sword.

Furious eyes turned on the demon that sealed the chest, she didn't say anything that her eyes didn't already question. Taking a step closer and pressing the end of her pistol into the male's throat. Growling impressively for a human.

His eyes lit with amusement, that was who she reminded him of. Though if her reaction was anything to be taken into account, it wasn't that she just reminded him of her. It was that she was her, "do not think to question this one Priestess."

Kagome's eyes shot wide as she stared at the male, stared into those bottomless brown eyes. It wasn't possible, he wouldn't be here, shouldn't be here. Taking a step back, her mind stuttering under the stress of the situation. She'd run away from it all, run away from Inuyasha and Shippou. She couldn't take it anymore. Even as her finger tightened around the trigger, squeezed the grip tighter.

The round didn't sound off, the slide held back by a perfectly smooth pale hand. A single unfired round tapping against the metal floor, thin fingers ripped the pistol from her grip and threw it aside. Listening to the clatter of metal before it settled in the corner. "Do not."

Why did she have to meet another one, why couldn't this one just be some evil beast? Why couldn't she just kill him and be done with it? Why? The questions whirled around in her mind, her knees giving way. Falling into a sitting pile on the floor as she looked up at him. "Why are you here," the question was dull and empty. Her tone void of emotion as she asked.

He didn't answer right away, stepping past her towards the chest. Closing the lid down on it once more, clicking the lock into place. "Does it matter?" His tone was soft, the sound of her broken voice caused a swelling rage in him. The woman was pack, she killed that vile creature five-hundred years ago and now she stood before him as a pirate. "Why are you here?"

The question registered in her mind, "you should ask him. He would be glad to tell you," each time she mentioned him her voice grew sharp and cold. A hate held at bay by distance alone, slowly regaining herself. Pushing off the floor, "that's Rin isn't it?"

"Hn," the dismissive sound was enough.

"I thought so, she's still alive. Though it doesn't look like she'll wake up," her voice carried none of the fire that it had before. It was simply there, as his own had been for most of his life. A sound made simply to command. "You have the sword, I had wondered about that. Why he didn't have it? How does he do it, you know, without the sword?"

"Is is that you truly wish to know, or are you simply trying to avoid the question?" Brushing his fingers over the chest, watching as the barrier once more spilled across it's surface. "Regardless, it is no concern of your's."

Kagome didn't say another word, turning and leaving behind the demon and his treasure. Ignoring the tugging need of her heart for some connection to the past that didn't cause her so much pain. No, Sesshoumaru wasn't her friend, but he was an honorable ally. She had a job to do though, one that didn't involve him. She had a life now, one that didn't have to do with her past, with those friends that remained that did nothing but hurt her.

"Zala," speaking quickly into her radio, "did you find it yet?"

The voice that came back was hesistant, "yes. We're moving it to the Zodiac now." There was a pause, "are you alright Kame?"

"Get everyone together, we're leaving as soon as our target is secure."

"Yes, mam." The words were formal, sharp and unerring.


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