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Essence of the Seasons by Knight of Disorder

Flowers of the Summer

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She hummed as she leaned down and plucked the flower from it's place at the base of the three. This tree was one that she'd not been able to get close to, for all the times they came near it and she really wanted one of these really pretty blue and gold flowers. They were just so beautiful. Staring at the flower as it wilted away, her brows twisted slightly in confusion. Jumping when she heard the booming voice from over her.

"Good afternoon young one," the voice boomed in the air. Carrying through the grotto with impressive ease. Tired lines and weathered wrinkles formed on the trunk of the tree, shifting slowly and steadily until gray bark covered lids cracked open to reveal the bottomless black depths.

Rin jumped and back pedaled. Squeaking slightly when she fell back after her foot caught on a root. Fear lacing in her scent and aura as she stared up at the tree, a sharp tingle at the back of her neck screaming at her. Warning her of the power that was now all around her, her lips didn't move but her mind screamed out for Sesshoumaru.

"Fear not pup, I am an ally of the one you love so much. I am Bokuseno," the massive limbs rattled gently sending a rain of leaves upon the moist earth. "You seem to like the flowers that grow in my roots, would you like one that would last you more then the few moments it takes to pick?"

A thoughtful expression came over her face, her eyes darting to the side as though she were thinking deep thoughts. The tingle at the back of her neck had dulled and was now a warm pressure that she was sure meant no harm. It was the same feeling she got when Lord Sesshoumaru was near so this demon must mean no harm. Then the thought of the flower came to mind, they never lasted long. A day, two at the most. However those flowers died right away.

She did so want one of those, she wanted to take it and show it to Lord Sesshoumaru. He would be proud, but Master Jaken had warned against making deals with demons. Any demon even those who were nice often wanted repayment for any kindness given. Some didn't even know they took repayment until the soul of the one they offered to help came to them. Tipping her head from side to side as she looked back up at the face.

Bokenseno raised a single sharp brow, she was not a foolish child at least. There was always the chance she was stalling in hopes of Sesshoumaru appearing which, well he would admit, was still extremely intelligent. Even now he could sense the approach of the dog demon, his pace in no way slowed. Sighing as his long branches rattled again, hoping to steal the child's attention.

"Your lord comes this way, if it was your wish to wait until his arrival you had but to speak," his voice was deep and rough but kind. The air seeming to gain in light as his long limbs opened to the sky above, flooding the dim hollow with the rays of sun. The flowers about his roots shimmering beneath the noonday orb.

She heard him, nodding slightly. So he would wait for Lord Sesshoumaru, that was good. Once he was here she could ask him if she could have the flower and it not die. He had the power to bring her back, how could he not have the power to keep her most beloved flower alive as well. Nodding to herself as she turned, feeling the slightly charged presence of the great demon slip through the trees.

"Rin," he spoke without pause. His pace measured as he approached her, the speed in which he attempted to reach her was something he had hoped was missed by the two before him. He, however, knew better. Bokuseno was no fool, and he held rein over this forest they were taking rest in. "Are you unharmed?"

"Yes, Lord Sesshoumaru," her lips pursing together as she contemplated her question. Thinking about how to go about asking him, it wasn't a hard task she assumed. He was Lord Sesshoumaru, if it could be done then he could do it. Glancing at the tree demon then down to the shimmering flowers, finally letting her eyes rise back her guardian. "Lord Sesshoumaru?"

"Hn," his tone even as he eyed the tree before him. How Rin had found her way into the grotto was one thing he wished to ask the great tree, however asking a demon of his wisdom would only lead to riddles and pointless conversations that he held no curiosity over.

"Rin would like one of the flowers," pointing towards the two-colored creations at the base of the tree. Catching him before he could simply tell her to pick one, "but they die once she picks them." She was going to use his curiosity against him, she knew him better then anyone and he always liked to know things. Even the smallest of things.

Twitching his nose, the girl didn't smell of slander. So the flower died? "Bokuseno, what are these that grow at your roots?"

The great tree chuckled, "but tulips given life by fate."

"Why can this one's ward not take the flower before it wilts?" Setting his glare at the deep black orbs of his families greatest secret.

"The flowers can be picked, however, they must be delivered to the one they are fated to. By the one they are fated to."

Sesshoumaru suppressed a growl, he hated the old tree's riddles. "Who are they fated to?"

The limbs high overhead seemed to lift and then fall, a shrug of sorts for the tree. "Perhaps, if she were to promise to find the one the flower was fated to, it would live in her hands until she found that one?" The question offered by Bokuseno answered no questions but offered an option. "Tell me pup, can you promise to give the flower to the one who it's meant for?"

Rin looked between Sesshoumaru and Bokuseno for a moment before settling her eyes on Sesshoumaru. She knew she wouldn't have to ask, he would know her question simply by looking, smiling when he nodded his head slightly. Clapping her hands together as she turned. "Rin promises!"

That was what brought them here, Rin had picked two of the flowers. Why she didn't know, but she did. Now it had been two weeks, and she had been asked several times by many people to see her flowers but she always hid them away. A sharp warning lacing up her spine whenever anyone asked to see them, she didn't like it. So she held onto them, telling one after the other that she couldn't.

Words like 'please,' and offerings of food were the most common things. Clothing, fine silks, and one woman even offered her jewelry. It was easy to say no to them, because they just wanted something. Rin knew, they all wanted something. Master Jaken had told her that humans were greedy, and then he said that demons were just the same.

So she held onto the flowers, each time she met someone who wanted them she would wait for the feeling. Then when the sharp warning ran up her back she would shake her head and hide herself, fear of them taking her treasure always riding high in her mind even if she knew that she was supposed to give them away.

"Rin, stay here." Turning and walking near the edge of the field only stopping to kick Jaken, "Jaken, watch Rin." Then as smoothly as he would often appear he vanished.

Rin had grown used to his absences, and even now she reached into her sleeve and pulled out the two flowers. Watching them sparkle in the sun, after several moments and when she was sure they'd gotten enough she slid them ever so carefully back into her sleeve. Running out across the field. Racing through the flower strewn path towards the aged oak at the high of a small hill. Stopping only when she reached the top.

Kagome sat with her back to the tree, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the quiet wind. This was one of the few times she was able to relax, to get away from gruff half-demons and screaming foxes. To get away from wandering hands and loud shouts. Letting a sigh escape her as she let the gentle air keep her cool in the shade.

She felt so connected, to everything. From the smallest of insect to the largest of animal, the tree at her back and the dirt around it's roots. Like it was all connected to her, except there was a soft tickle at the base of her neck. Something so small she wanted to ignore it, but it was persistent. Slowly opening her drowsy eyes.

Rin squeaked slightly when the woman moved, eyeing her long dark hair and strange clothing. Rin wanted to sit with her, wanted to look closer. This person was a stranger though, she should have already called Master Jaken but she didn't. She just stared, feeling the warm tingle in the back of her neck. Jumping slightly when the woman spoke.

"Hello," yawning as she pressed her hand over her mouth and stretched her free arm. "I'm sorry, is this your spot." Pushing herself up and brushing bits of grass from her green skirt. Kagome smiled, crouching down. "You're not out here all alone are you?"

"No, Rin is with Master Jaken and Ah-un," Rin spoke calmly. She was trying to imitate Sesshoumaru even though she knew she was failing. Her cheeks a light shade of red, her voice caught in her throat when the blue eyes of the older woman settled on her. They were so pretty.

Kagome looked at her, slightly puzzled. "You mean a little green demon," holding her hand out to about the height she assumed the toad to be. At the nod she got from the girl she was slightly shocked even if she didn't show it. "Sesshoumaru, huh?" Not really meaning to say those words out loud but turning her eyes when she heard the gasp.

"You know Lord Sesshoumaru?" She had moved closer and was nearly leaning on the bent knees that came up to her own hips, "Rin did not know Lord Sesshoumaru knew such a pretty lady."

Kagome blushed slightly but smiled, "my name is Kagome." Going to hold her hand out but stopped before she got that far, letting it fall to her knees. "I don't think I know Sesshoumaru as well as you do though. Why don't you tell me about him?"

It was hard to keep a straight face, to be honest she was scared beyond all rational thought at the moment. Not only had she happened upon a little human girl in the middle of a demon infested forest, she happened upon Sesshoumaru's little human girl. Which, while strange, wasn't even the worst of the things she'd seen since she first came back in time. Settling herself back against the tree, and laughing slightly when Rin dropped down next to her.

"Becareful, you don't want you rip your kimono," Kagome spoke softly.

Rin blushed turning her head away with a slightly affronted expression. "Rin would not tear her kimono."

"I'm sorry," Kagome reached out and rested her hand on top of Rin's head. Brushing back some of her bangs with her thumb. "Now, onto the questions," that was the day. Question after question, one after the other. Asked by both, mostly answered. Rin for being a little girl who liked to talk, Kagome was sure, was rather tight lipped about Sesshoumaru. Never saying more then she needed to get her point across.

Those points were, Sesshoumaru was honorable. Sesshoumaru was loyal. Sesshoumaru was amazing. Sesshoumaru could do anything. There was nothing that Sesshoumaru, given the want, couldn't do. Giggling with her, as they both quieted Kagome looked out across the field. "They're beautiful."


"The flowers," waving her arm out. Every bud was bloomed under the afternoon sun, it would be an hour or so before the sun fell and the sky would start to darken.

"Lady Kagome," no matter how much the older woman had begged and pleaded Rin would call her that. She knew Sesshoumaru and that made her just as important, "Rin wants to show you something." Reaching into her sleeve and grasping the two flowers, pulling them out and holding them in the sun with reverence one would give to a sacred object.

"They're beautiful," Kagome eyed with with a bit of envy but shook the emotion away. "You should always keep them close," turning her eyes from the sparkling petals and towards Rin. "They're your treasure aren't they, you should keep them in water so they don't die."

"They won't die, Rin is supposed to deliver them to who they are fated to be with." Nodding her head with determination.

"Oh, well then all the more. You have to protect them," smiling as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the hard plastic pencil case. Emptying it into her hand and holding it out, "here. If you put them in this before you hide them, then they won't be damaged."

There was a sharp look in Rin's eyes when she glanced at the strange container, then back up into those blue eyes. Pulling one of the small bloomed flowers away, she was hoping she was right. Rin held it out, "this is for you."

"Are you sure?" Kagome asked with a surprised glint. When the child nodded she reached out and pulled the flower from between those small fingers. Watching the petals glow and shimmer, not only on the one she was handed but the one resting in Rin's other hand as well. She didn't have a moment longer before she felt the hard rake of power against her. It was thick and massive as it crashed against her, looking down just in time to see the flower glow one more time.

Turning to see if Rin was still there she noticed the child was gone, the pencil case still sitting there on the ground.

Rin ran when she felt the power, it was Lord Sesshoumaru. She was used to it, she burst into the clearing just as he stepped back in. Rin was sure now, she didn't know before but it had to be. Lord Sesshoumaru had golden eyes like the flower's color, and Lady Kagome had blue eyes like the flower's color.

"Rin," he nodded slightly noticing that one of the two flowers was missing from her grip. "You have found the one to take the flowers?"

Rin nodded her head and walked over slowly, reaching up with the flower in her hand. "Rin wants you to have this Lord Sesshoumaru."

Raising a brow before reaching down, taking the flower in between his fingers. Watching the small petals glow brightly before the flower turned to a shimmering dust which faded against his skin. Both brows raised high but he paid little more attention to it. "Come Rin."

"Yes Lord Sesshoumaru."

Kagome stared down at the glittering dust and then glanced off in the direction she felt a slight tug, the harsh power a moment before was now a warm soothing touch. Smiling as she pushed herself up, shaking her head. She was imaging things, her heart beat a little faster when she felt the power pull away. No, even if she was imaging things, she liked the feeling.

Giggling slightly, turning and walking back in the direction of her own camp. There was no reason to keep them waiting. It was almost time for dinner after all.


AN: It actually felt good to wite something so simple and just nice. It's still not my favorite but it is very nice. This is a oneshot and nothing more. As of this moment and for the foreseeable future there will be nothing more to this. It's just warm and fluffy goodness to lighten my mood.


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