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A Selfish Wish by Knight of Disorder


Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

AN: This work is based on artwork by Aiko, when I saw them I just couldn't pass it up and the idea was there. The pieces, "A Selfish Wish," "Corrupted 2," and "Demon Miko." The first part of this first chapter is Aiko's original text for the piece "A Selfish Wish." Thank you Aiko, love your art!


It was over.

Naraku was dead and the jewel complete.... but at what cost?

Frozen in terror the group stared at their friend, the dead daiyoukai pressed to her heart. "Kagome, don't..." Inuyasha growled hurt, still not able to believe what happend. How could Kikyo do this. How could he been so blind. His eyes turned to the broken arrow, lodged in his brother's chest.

Again the dead priestess had tried to kill Kagome, this time to get the Shikon no Tama, right after their victory. Again he had failed to save her from his dead love..., but his bastard of brother did not.

"Kagome-sama, please. I'm sure Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't approve of what you are going to do." Miroku tried to reason with the girl in vain.

"I'm sorry guys," a lonely tear rolled down her face, "just this once let me be selfish," and before any of them could act, she made her wish.

With a deep breath her love came back to life... while the jewel in her hand turned black...
and with it her once pure soul.


The world swirled and spun around her, the arm that held tight around the great lords shoulders tightening. Her blunt nails biting into his skin through the bloodied silk, the sounds of the world around her faded. The voice of the darkness that consumed the jewel in her hand, and consumed the light of her soul howled in her mind. Screamed their victory from the depths of her consciousness. The jewel slipped from her hand as she wrapped her fingers loosely across her face.

It hurt, everything hurt. It was like a cold fire that spread through her, skimming along her bones and through her veins. Eating away the innocence that made her who she was. She tensed at the first feeling of claws biting into her thigh, she knew who's they were. She didn't care, her mouth falling open in a silent scream. The pain started again, in her shoulder. More claws, these glowing a luminescent green as they raked through her flesh.

The wounds lasted no more then a second, sealing closed quickly as the skin itself seemed to take on a life of its own. Reaching out and taking hold of it's opposite side, pulling taught as the skin colored over a dull gold. A whimpered scream finally making itself known as the blood red claws opened gashes in the side of her head, her own fingers pulling them down across the left half of her face. Just as the others, they pulled closed discoloring against her darkening skin.

Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippou just stood and watched. Fear taking hold in them as they felt the darkness rise and fall like the tide, as the scent of blood filled the air. They watched wide blue eyes cloud green and then fade a shimmering gold. The once round pupils erratic as her body protested the change and taint that stained her, convulsing and trashing against the tight grip that she refused to loosen around the now feral demon lord.

Then it was still, Kagome groaned burying her face in the torn silk of Sesshoumaru's shoulder. It was bright in the late evening, it was loud in the silent clearing, and it smelled of death and blood like she'd never caught before. The whispers in her mind continued as she tried to drown them out with the rapidly pounding heart of the demon lord, tears spilled from her eyes that were hidden from all. Pain that warped the world before her, and confusion that made her tremble as she sobbed.

There were no words that she could think of to describe the pain she was in, none that could do the ache justice. It wasn't sharp, or dull. It wasn't like a thousand hot needles or being plunged into freezing water. It was pain, pure and undefinable Every cell and fiber of her being screamed in agony, the sounds that reached her ears over the quick thrumming of the demon's heart were warped and twisted into strange cries that made no sense to her. A low keening cry escaping her open mouth, a cry for help from her own throat.

A cry that she pray to whoever was listening would be answered.


AN: I like this one. The chapters won't be long, for the most part this is going to come in bits and pieces unless I hit a really interesting spot. All praise for this idea goes to Aiko, it was that person's art which spawned it in my twisted mind. So as always, please R&R. Thank you.


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