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Project Shikon

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AN: This is my first ever AU fic. Really, I've never written one before but I've had the idea stuck in my head for a while so this is just a tester. If you like it please oh please let me know. Because I'm not sure if I really like the premise for a fic or not. If you have any questions or if anything seems unclear then you should drop me a message or bring it up in a review.


"I found out her name." Dropping the manila folder on the desk without looking away from the computer screen.

"Hn," reaching out and lifting the folder up. Not wasting a moment in flipping it open, it was a fairly thick folder considering. There was no picture, not at first. However the name caught his attention. "So she's the missing daughter of those two?"

"It seems so," brushing her ponytail over her shoulder. "The other one doesn't have a file, though I'm pretty sure I know where she came from." Holding out a sheet of paper.

Pulling the paper from the woman's hand, looking at the chart. "I thought they did away with this program when the girl went missing."

Letting out a sigh, "they stopped the production. Kagome was the first and last made that we know of. You know better then most that demons don't stop aging until they reach full maturity. Even if she isn't a demon she has the genes for eternal life. Another nine years or so and the project would have been decided on."

"So you mean to tell me that both are a product of that demented project?"

"Yes, I am Sesshoumaru. The younger one, she's seven. Genetically, she's Kagome's daughter. Even though that's physically impossible. Kagome is to young to have given birth, not to mention that all our tests show she's still a virgin." Turning in her chair, looking up at the demon that was still flipping though the pages of the file in his hands. "Project Shikon, the primary goal was to make humans with the power of demons."

"Artificial beings made by genetically modifying children before implanting them. I know all about it. Kagome Higurashi, test subject zero. The only one ever produced. Her parents, are both AA rank reiki users. She however showed none even after four years of constant conditioning." Flipping the last few pages before setting the file down.

"That's right, but there's more. We took x-rays. Her bones look like jigsaw puzzles, they've been broken hundreds of times. Legs, arms, ribs, ever her back. From the looks of it, her skull has also seen it's own special treatment. She has no outward scars but several of her internal organs show sharp force trauma. Not to mention that with the readings we're getting she would be a SS rank reiki user." Reaching out and tapping a few keys before hitting enter on the keyboard.

The screen flashed and then several charts appeared. A few more buttons and the charts appeared on the glass that divided the rooms. Sesshoumaru stepped away from the desk, looking at the wild lines on the graphs. "She has no control but she has exceptional levels of power."

"She's been given extremely high doses of the drug Purity."

His head snapped back, "what do you mean Sango?"

"Fifteen percent. That's how much is in her system. Fifteen percent of her blood is condensed reiki." Her lips set in a grim line, "I've set up a slow drip. We're going to have to wean her off, if she just stops taking it... her power will go wild." Pressing a few more buttons the keyboard, the charts disappearing.

Both watched the two females in the room on the other side of the one-way glass. "She's on a heavy dose of sedatives, and we're giving her drugs to suppress her powers for now. When she wakes up she's not going to be happy."

"Have you informed anyone of her presence here?"

"No, they'd just take her back to that damned institute. She'd kill them all, she might be small but she's had intense physical conditioning. She will heal as fast, if not faster then you." Pushing herself up as the chair slid across the room.

"So there are two now, two Shikon Miko." Letting out a quiet sigh, "what else is there? You're not telling me everything."

"No, I'm not." Walking slowly across the room, her white coat slipping over her shoulders. Flipping a switch, listening as the exhaust fan turned on. Tugging a cigarette from her shirt pocket and a lighter from a shelf. "There are reports of seeing a woman matching her description, they start about four years ago. Each time there was extensive damage and a lot of people were killed."

"So she's been turned into a soldier?"

"No, she's feral. She has no control, more then likely they were testing. They had a priestess with her power under their thumb, even if they couldn't control her easily. More then likely they left her to wonder under the drugs started to wear off and then lured her back with them." Taking a long drag off the freshly lit tobacco stick between her lips.

"So, she's no better then a wild demon. Is that what you're telling me?"

"No, the girl says she talked to her. Said that they talked to each other. There's a good chance that even though she never gave birth that she recognizes the girl as her daughter. By the way she calls herself Rin. The little one I mean." Letting out a sigh of her own, "we can't keep them here forever."

"Keep the older one on steady sedatives, have Rin keep Kagome calm. Prepare paperwork for them, keep their given names but give them new family names."

"How old do you want her to be? She's sixteen now, but she looks almost thirty. A side effect of that damn drug." Tossing the last off the of the still lit cigarette into the sink. Flipping the switch to turn off the fan. "You want them registered as mother and daughter right?"

"Twenty-two, and yes."

"Fine, fine. Who do you want me to put in as the father?" Turning and smiling at the tall silver haired demon.

"Do what you want."


The door clicked open, wide chocolate brown eyes turned up to see the man that had saved them both from that place. She didn't smile, she had nothing to smile about. The woman who had protected her, and the woman who took care of her was still asleep. That's what that woman had told her. That woman who looked like a friend but reminded her so much of the people who had sold her off.

"She will be fine. No harm will come to either of you."

"You're a demon, why should I trust you?" Rin snapped back.

"You are both the creations of human technology. I have no reason to harm either of you," he hadn't moved from his spot near the door. The girl was young but if he remembered the chart and he knew he did, she was still a AAA ranked user. Barely seven and ranked higher then most of the trained soldiers he'd seen.


"You are the daughter of the woman you are taking vigil over. You were made in the same manner as her. She did not give birth to you but she contributed greatly to your birth, whether it be natural or artificial. She was made the same way, in a lab."

Rin didn't know what to say to that, she didn't understand it all. Of course she knew every word he said but that was part of what they taught her in the facility. "What are you going to do with her?"

"You will both be given new names, new lives. For now however, she will have to remain asleep until the last of the drugs can be removed from her system. You will remain with her, as any attempt to separate you will most likely lead to the death of anyone who tries to keep her from searching for you."

"Why would she do that?"

"She see's you as her child. At the moment, she's feral. Like a wild demon protecting her offspring. Given time she might calm, she might even become normal enough to go back to living life as she should have." Finally stepping across the room, stopping near the edge of the bed. "How long were you with her?"

"A few months." Reaching out and taking the limp hand of the woman who it now seemed to be her mother. "I was in a facility since I was born. They said my parents gave me up."

Turning his golden eyes towards the young woman, "well you have been returned to her side. So long as you remain close she won't fight what needs to be done."



I have a few ideas for where this one will go. Just well, I want to see the reactions first. So please even if you don't normally give reviews I ask that you let me know what you think. If you want to see more or not.


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