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Perceptible by forthright


Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim any rights or responsibilities for the characters in this drabble... especially for the laconic taiyoukai who never threatens to push up my word count with useless drivel.

This drabble was originally posted back in 2006.



When the cloud had begun to form beneath them, Kagome had shifted skittishly from foot to foot, unsure what to make of it. Sesshoumaru pushed her into position in front of him, and the ground fell away. As her stomach dropped, Kagome burrowed back against the immovable form behind her. The steadying hand on her shoulder did little to quell her palpable fear. Eyes screwed tightly shut, she tried to keep her voice even. "I don't like heights very much." Trembling transmitted her fear even more effectively than her words. When the taiyoukai's had released her shoulder, Kagome clutched blindly backwards, tangling fingers in fur and silk. Sesshoumaru hadn't abandoned her, though. He'd merely moved to wrap his single arm firmly about her waist, anchoring her more firmly. He pulled Kagome back into his broad chest, where she could feel the rumble of his voice. "Relax."

Wanting to obey, the miko made a concerted effort to release the tension in her taut muscles. Warm breezes buffeted her face, tugging her hair teasing it in all directions. We can't be moving very fast. Again, a low voice urged her. "Open your eyes."

Cautiously, she peeped between her lashes. Silver hair fell about her shoulders brushing past her cheeks. She placed both hands on the arm securing her midriff, allowing one finger to brush against the magenta slashes it found there. Gathering courage, she tested her footing, pressing one toe down into the mysterious billow. There was some give, but it held. Reassured, Kagome allowed her eyes to stray beyond the immediate. "Ooooh!"

Sesshoumaru eased them into a more rapid pace, following the lazy bends of a river. Tree-topped hills mounded like mossy stones far below. As the young woman admired the view, the taiyoukai continued to accelerate. Gusts now buffeting Kagome's face, and she found the speed rather exhilarating. They were soaring now. Unable to resist the impulse, Kagome stretched her arms out to either side like wings. She leaned forward, braced against Sesshoumaru's arm, pushing her face into the oncoming wind. I'm flying!

Kagome felt a chuckle vibrate through her whole body and glanced up over her shoulder into Sesshoumaru's amused eyes. Her delighted smile seemed to please him. "I did not know you could do this!" she effused. "I've seen that glowing ball thing," she went on, pantomiming wildly with both hands. "And the really big dog thing. But this is something else entirely! How do you do it?"

Sesshoumaru leaned down close to the young woman, placing his face beside hers so he could whisper the secret in Kagome's ear. Warm and teasing, he murmured, "It's magic."


End note: This shameless bit of fluff was written in response to the Live Journal iyfic_contest community's drabble challenge for Week 75-Magic.


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