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Sesshoumaru's Torture by amy

Sesshoumaru's Torture

Sesshoumaru’s Torture

I Do not own Inuyasha

Today was the twenty-first birthday of Kagome Higarashi and Sesshoumaru Tashio and were they in for a surprise!

Both newly minted adults were called into the office of Touga , Inu No Taishio as well as Sakura her mother and of course Kagome.

As they were seated, Papa Inu cleared his throat, saying

“Both of you are now adults, and you should be told about the contract that was sealed in blood at both your births, Ken Higarashi and I decided that when you both turned 21 you would become engaged to marry one another…..”

Both of them were stunned, asking


“both of you represent the very best our families have to offer each other and that combination will be like TNT in the future, making both our families and businesses stronger in the long run”

So Touga set up their pre-engagement dinner at the Ritz the very next day- a Friday, in the middle of the room, so his son could ask her to marry him, and she could accept his suit.

Sesshoumaru went to work as usual, but the next day he decided to visit the local bar called , The Hanyou’s Rest, it was run by Shippo, a kitsune Inu that was his best friend.

It didn’t look flashy from the outside, a Boring brownstone building , with one window showing a Budweiser neon sign, but once you get inside, it shone with a crescent moon bar, a matching stage with drop dead gorgeous women dancing for the patrons, a dance floor, and plenty of bar stools for the bar…

It was here he decided to spend his evening instead of keeping his appointment with Kagome, getting himself drunk for all to see including his two secretaries Kagura and Rin(both inu’s).

They approached him, when he was drunk as a skunk, and would accept as pick up line from a pretty girl…..

They both had dark hair, although Kagura’s eyes were red as opposed to Rin’s chocolate brown one, they both wore long ponytails down their backs, they were also dressed in short skirts and blouses that showed off all their assets if you know what I mean, and they shared a desire to bed their boss, drunk or not…

So they approached him, saying

“If you are lonely, we could warm your bed for tonight!”

He accepted their offer, leaving the bar with both girls on his arm, drunkenly saying,

“Hey Shippo wish me luck on scoring these ladies in my bed!”

“Sure, sure , whatever! Goodnight”

As they went to his limo, he was enjoying his buzz as they were feeling his muscles paying special attention to his cock that was extremely excited….

Once they arrived at his father’s mansion, he stumbled with his two ladies to his first floor bedroom, which was decorated in dark wood drawers a dark mahogany frame with a futon that could seat 8 people comfortably, and his PC sitting on his heavy mahogany desk.

He stumbled to the bed, and collapsed on his futon, as they undressed him and then themselves as they continued to touch his cock and make him desire their company as they passionately kissed one another making him want to be between them sharing their desire….

 So they met him on his futon, one sucking his cock the other had her pussy in his face so he could eat her out, this went on for 2 days straight….

Kagome was stood up on Friday, looking the fool, so she left after 3 hours of waiting, she went  home to her mother and poured her heart out to her, saying

“He stood me up, I waited for 3 hours, being talked about behind my back , getting sympathetic looks from other women….”

Mom , I am finished with Sesshoumsru Taishio, in fact , I will call Papa Inu right  now to tell him that the engagement is off as well as the wedding, and why>

So she called his father and told him,

“Papa Inu , The engagement is off, as is the wedding, your son stood me up probably to drink at the local bar and sleep with multiple women, check for yourself, they can have him, he would be a lousy husband”

So he did, and what he saw disgusted him, as he cleared his throat to get his son’s attention…..

When he did, his son was coming down from cumming for the 5th time and his eyes were hazy from being drunk….

Then His father spoke,

“You stood up Kagome of Higarashi Electronics, whose company makes the computer housings and electronic parts , who will surpass you in business for your secretaries? She has already broken the contract based on your actions, so both of your secretaries are fired as of now; they should look for more work NOW, as in leave!

As for you son, if you can’t get her back in your good graces, you will still be my son but you will be demoted from your current position to errand boy for the mail office , never to rise again……

That statement sobered him up quickly, as his dad said,

“You should shower , shave, and pick out your best suit to impress her, if she will let you near her….”

So he did as his father told him and went to apologize for his indiscretion, but she met him at her door, saying

“No, I don’t accept your apology, go home and accept your demotion like a man, dog”

Then she slid the lock, went to bed and cried her eyes out….

Fast forward 5 years, Kagome is now the vice president of her mother’s company, as well as the head of security, and she has a question for her mother.

“Mother would you give the money to start my own business, I have already chosen the building in the business district between 8th and 15th street, I have the business plan and name already picked out….”

“Pf course, how much do you need?”

“15,ooo yen “

Then she presented her business plan to her mother, and put it into action the very next day, she hired Sango Attachi, her best friend and an accountant at Tashio Industries, as well as Kikyo Attachi also an accountant in the same department.

She also hired Ayame Attachi, her mother’s secretary, and finally Shiori Attachi her  secretary to work for her in her new salon for women.

Kagome worked until 3:00 each day for her mother, after that time she set up her new business, Kagome’s Torture Chamber- a salon to release a woman’s stress.

She had already installed all the office equipment, desks, chairs, and even a few tasteful paintings to go with her tan walls.

Now all she had to do was to train her girls in how to relieve their stress, with a little help from the hentai shop….

She decided that all her girls would be taught how to use a cat pf nine tails, wear a series of strap ons varying in size from medium to xx large, she also taught them how to use them to give the ultimate pleasure for both parties, she also included only being whipped until a client released as well as many other methods of release….

Now men could be done privately at their offices or homes for double the price, speaking of which, she decided to charge $50.00 an hour, she was hedging her bets that only business women could afford her services…..

So she sent out flyers to all the main business women, in both Tashio corp and Higarashi Inc, offering half price on their first visit….

They came in droves especially those associated with Tashio corp, their first customer was ms. Yamaguchi who worked in negotiations with Papa Inu, she came in his limo stressed to th max, her driver was wanting to relieve her stress but she couldn’t see him for dirt….

When she arrived Kagome took care of her personally, having her come into her office.

Once she came into the office she explained the rules:

1.       You must disrobe before each session, so your suit isn’t ruined.

2.       You must relax so the therapist can release your stress.

3.       Finally, all treatments come with anal penetration to bring full release.


Then she gave a paper that said the same for her to sign, and began her treatment…

As she disrobed , Ms. Yamaguchi didn’t know what to expect,but she soon found out as Kagome also disrobed and strapped on a dildo that was 5 times the size of Her Ex, and slowly entered her ass inch by inch letting her get used to the size….

As she got used to it, she began to move faster, rougher, and with demon speed causing her to release so hard she blacked out, letting her rest before she left and got dressed…..

She left completely relaxed, cheerful, smiling and smelling of female arousal …..

Now Ms. Yamaguchi told all her friends about this new establishment and the fact that the normal price was cheap, $50.00 an hour for a complete removal of your stress and you get pleasured to boot….

Now we need to step away from Kagome’s success to Sesshoumaru’s shame, after being demoted to errand boy for the mail room supervisor, his pay was cut in half, he needed to move in with Miroku in accounting, he split the rent with him to sleep in a cramped room not half the size of his original room on his penthouse……

That was when he remembered how Ms. Yamaguchi had looked after leaving “Kagome’s Torture Chamber”, she looked relaxed, and ready to tackle any client no matter how difficult…..

Were this Kagome’s new business, giving pleasure and release to women only?

She had certainly found her niche and would be successful , he should have gone to the pre-engagement dinner instead of fooling around!

As he thought about his dilemma, he remembered he was now his father’s chauffer taking the ladies back and forth to their favorite business….

Then one day , as he chauffeured Ms. Yamaguchi she wasn’t alone in getting in, Kagome was passionately kissing her, touching her body in a suggestive manner, making her moan ,

“Kagome, I Love You and your huge dildo, take me home driver fast for I can’t wait to continue our session in private”

As the two ladies made out in the back seat with Kagome being the aggressive in their lovemaking, he was wishing it was him she was so crazy about, so he hatched a plan…..

When he dropped them off, they barely got out considering they had their hands all over each other, as he watched his own cock got hard as nails so he had to relieve himself with his hand once he got in the car again….

It took 6 months to a year for him to put his plan in action, first he had to persuade   his sire to use her services in his office at lunchtime, saying

“Father , you look stressed, why don’t you use “Kagome’s Torture Chamber “ to relieve it as your female clients do?”

“I would but she charges double her normal rate for men that would be $100 dollars an hour!”

“Why don’t you ask her first while she is at work and find out, we are allies, working together< correct?”


“As Papa Inu listened he was curious, how do you know about her new business, son?”

“I am your chauffeur, taking them back and forth, Ms. Yamaguchi Loves Kagome, and can’t wait for their sessions to begin and to take her home with her, they make out like horny teenagers on steroids”

“And how do you know this?”

“I picked them up over a week ago, they couldn’t keep their hands and lips off of each other, and she never even acknowledged me!”

“Did you expect her to after the way you treated her? You went and slept with your secretaries on a drunken binge, which she knew you were on and left her to be ridiculed by all and sundry…..”

Then he realized what he had to do!

“Dad, I’ll see you later, don’t forget to call her and accept her services no matter the price, it will be well worth it!”

As his father’s face was in shock,

“How did him…..”

So he called her as she told him,

“Of course Papa , I will come to your office for half- price, have your check ready when I arrive so that is out of the way, all my customers do the same”

She was there just as 12:00 hit and his secretary was leaving for lunch , leaving a smell of arousal in her wake……

She knocked politely, asking
“May I enter?”

“Of course, come in”

Kagome was dressed in a skin tight women’s suit, her skirt was short and clung to her hips, her blouse was the same, and her jacket barely covered her front and hips, she had him salivating already….

As she sat down in the seat in front of his desk, she explained the rules to him as she had to ms. Yamaguchi….

“Papa, I don’t know if Ms. Yamaguchi explained the rules to you, but if she didn’t , listen carefully, There are only 3 rules to be observed,1. Most treatments for men and women include anal penetration by a fake cock, 2. You must disrobe before each treatment so your suit isn’t ruined, 3.You must relax so you therapist can help you. I have a legal document that says the same for you to sign before we begin……”

As he signed the paper he wondered what he was getting into, but his son suggested it….

Then Kagome told him,

“Close all your shades, disrobe and we’ll begin”, as she did the same preparing a new method more suited to a man at least for starters…..

She had him sit in his chair as she went down on him hard, fast and with inu speed without any build up, making him roar out his release so all could hear….

Then she used her cat of nine tails to torture his nipples, by making a strike on the nipple itself then glossing over it in comfort, she did the same to both of his nipples, jis torso, abdomenand the legs came last…..

As he was thinking

‘Damn she is good, if she doesn’t stop soon I will blow all my seed on the rug, I hope she takes me again in her mouth’

But he was about to find out how Ms. Yamaguchi got her release….

Kagome could tell he was about to blow and stopped the whipping torture, as she said”Turn around Papa, I have a surprise for you”

So he did, not knowing she had chosen a dildo that was 10 times his normal size for his release.

When she approached his ass, she was salivating, deciding not to warn him she slammed the dildo all the way in, without widening his hole, giving him a brand new experience……

Then she began to move in and out with 3 times the Inu speed she used on her female partner, as he was screaming,

“Oh Kami, That feels so good, harder, rougher, and don’t stop I am about to …….cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

She rode out her orgasm and his then she withdrew so he could relax in her arms before he got dressed…

Now Sesshoumaru had spent his entire lunch break listening to his father being pleasured by Kagome, as he had his own cock out yet again, as he sat in the secretaries chair and jacked off leaving his cum all over her chair feeling wonderful just like his father, but he did replace her chair with a dry one and took hers home to remember his experience in the apartment…..

When she came out she could smell male arousal but passed it off as a male employee hearing them like Miroku…..

After he had his father using her services every day, he was there every day outside the office, until she noticed his arousal beyond Papa’s office, opened the door and saw him jacking off….

So she said,

“Please come in and join us Sesshy, no one should be alone a shared release is the best release”

So he came in as she said “Disrobe first then we will continue….”

Then she continued having him take her ass as she took his father’s cock making all three come at once, all completely relaxed…..

It was then that he decided to send her the trick message about Ken Taishio wanting to marry her mother , making his true intent in the extremely small small print……

He wrote it on his computer, put in all the legalese, and signed it in Inuyasha’s name, the current vice president, typed up a business envelope ,sealed and stamped it and sent it with all the business mail going to Higarashi Inc, knowing she wouldn’t read it until it was too late!

Truth be told , with all the business mail, she only skimmed it since what it said it was from Inuyasha, and she thought,


‘My mother has been alone for too long, this could be great!’

So she signed it with her name, but something said

“I will take it for mother to read first, before I send it back”

So she asked to see Sakura on a personal matter.

 When she said “come in”

She entered not knowing what to expect, she certainly didn’t expect her to pull out a magnifying glass as she looked at the fine print…….

AS she looked at her daughter, she began to laugh; it is not I who is getting married but you daughter….

“How can that be mother?”

“Sesshoumaru wrote the real intent in the fine fine print knowing you wouldn’t read it!”

“And what was that?”

“It reads, if you read this and sign it , Kagome, you will be marrying me, Sesshoumaru in a weeks’ time, that is when our mating and marrying ceremony will take place at Taishou manor, see you in a week!”

“Why, that sneaky bastard, how dare he!”

“Take it as a sign of desperation, now he will gladly marry you and fight to keep you from your lady clients…..”

“So should I take him up on his offer, is it truly genuine?”

“Send it back and see”

“Okay if you are sure” said Kagome.

Then she sent it back to Papa Inu highlighting the fine fine print, saying
“I will agree if he means it!”

So his father called him to his office, and tested him, he had his gorgeous secretary bring in the paper to gauge his reaction, none! he kept his eyes on the document in his father’s hand.

After she left, He asked his son,

“Do you truly mean what you say?”

“Yes, I do, I am now truly sorry I didn’t go to the original dinner, and caused her so much pain, seeing her as she makes love to women like I wish she would me is heartbreaking and I wish to change this situation between us besides, there is a possibility of both of us mating her on our wedding day, so she can two husbands that love and care about her as well as getting her pupped with our heirs, what do you say sire?”

“I agree, her mouth on my cock was most addicting , just as your cock in her anus was for you, I saw the thrill you received when all 3 of us came at one time…….”

So the wedding was arranged for 2 bridegrooms and one bride but only her mother knew and she wasn’t telling!

It took a week of fittings for Kagome, her bridesmaids (all her girls from her business originally), amd the two bridegrooms and their best man Inuyasha.

Once the week was up the mansion had been decorated in red and white flowers (teal and tea roses)the mating bed was prepared as was the Inu priest to perform the ceremony, the guests had been invited and all that was left was the ceremony……

So the bride was taken to her mother’s salon Higarashi’s to get the works along with her matron of honor , they received hairstyles fit for a queen, elegant and shiny,along with lipstick to complememt their complexion(Kagome’s was Chinese red with nothing else), as well as having their legs ,underarms and eyebrows waxed.

In the back of the salon their dresses were waiting for them, so ythey left the salon and went straight to the ceremony……

Meanwhile , the grooms were getting themselves spiffed up, hair shining and flowing with smiles like a Cheshire cats….

So all parties made it to the mansion on time with the men arriving first, waiting for their bride.

She arrived in her limo, being helped out by her best friend Sango, and her train being held by Ayame and Shiori….

As she entered the backyard, Sango put here veil in place as she led her up the aisle, as her mother was waiting at the top of the aisle as the pastor asked
“Who gives this woman to be wedded in holy matrimony?”


“I do, her mother”

So she gave her hand to Sesshy and stepped back.

The rest of the ceremony was kept simple, she agreed to marry both men not noticing she was saying “I Do “twice .Until her veil was lifted and she was kissed by both father and son as her husbands…….

Then they were at their mating ceremony, all 3 of them, as they took their sleeping yukatas and walked to the stage as the Inu said his piece
“Is there anyone who would not these three people mated?”
No one spoke, and they both mated her with much naughtiness and her with them creating a stir when she wore her fake cock! (10 times their size) and mated them with her own naughtiness making them both moan,

“Harder, rougher fuck we like the men we are wanting your phallus”

So she was married to both men and they spent their honeymoon on their private island in Aruba and both men had her pupped   in no time and without her knowledge…….

While they were gone, Inuyasha and Miroku were having a chat….

“You know Inu, Shiori and Sango looked mighty tempting at the wedding, all those gorgeous curves and large breast, it’s truly a shame they for only women…..”

So Inuyasha suggested,

“Why don’t we call Ayame, her second and ask her to send them to relieve our tension after 3:00 when they open…”

“That sounds wonderful; I need to get back to work.”

So he called Ayame and set up the appointment for both of them in his office.

Now after 3:00 Ayame was at Kagome’s desk getting all of the assignements ready, when Sango and Shiori walked in asking for their assignements.

As Ayame told them,

“Both of you are going to Taisho Corp. to release the stress of Inuyasha and Miroku Tashio in Inuyasha’s office.”

“How do we do that?”

“Kagome went to Inu No Tashio’s office a week before she was married to both father and son, and she told me that she went down on him first, then she used her cat of nine tails  on his front starting with his nipples and ending with his legs, finally she used her biggest dildo(10times his size) to give him the anal experience, while she took his cock in her hand and fucked  him at 3 time Inu demon speed, when she was finished he had cum 5 times over and was ready to go home and sleep it off…..”

“But wasn’t all, her EX set up his father with her, as his father was being ‘relaxed’ he sat in the outer room listening to every sound, grunt, and scream his father made, he was so turned on that he masturbated on her seat and had to replace it, Kagome smelled another males arousal but didn’t suspect it was Sesshoumaru, until almost a month later she was with Papa and she smelled another males arousal outside of his door, so she asked if she could check and sure enough she caught him ready to give his seed to the rug……”
So she invited him to join them saying,

“No one should be alone; a shared release is a good release”

And the rest is history, ladies……

“Use her example with the two young men you are going to meet>”
“Do they know about the money coming first?”

“No, but I can fax the info to them along with the ground rules, also they will learn that they are half- price customers, they will pay $50.00 an hour instead of $100.00”
“Why is that!”

“They are family to Papa Inu”

 So they went to the office finding it easily on the top floor, as they walked in they wondered

‘Which on should I choose, if they are both handsome?’

Her choice was made for her as Miroku chose Sango and Inuyasha chose Shiori, completely disrobed, shutters closed, and ready for their therapists…..

Now it was their turn to disrobe as the two young men were salivating at the sight as they took off their jackets, blouses, and skirts leaving their bras and underwear and high heels, which were slowly removed one at a time…..

Both young men were stunned at the beauties stripping before them, Sango had wide hips ,skinny waist, strong   sexy legs, and a rack that would make a porn star drool at least a triple DDD, long black hair, brown eyes a man could drown in, and finally a face that could make a good man do bad things if he had a mind to……

Then there was Shiori, a drop dead gorgeous bat demoness, who could easily be a movie star with her wide hips, equally large rack that was also triple DDD, long white hair, strong  and sexy legs, and crystal blue eyes that he was swimming in…..

As they walked up to them, as they sat in two identical leather chairs, they gave them no warning, as they set their petal soft lips to swallowing them whole and sucking hard while they were at it, they did this until both  men came at the same time, screaming for the whole building to hear,



Then they had them stand up for their next surprise, as they took out their whips,As they were up against the wall, both ladies started with their nipples whipping one nipple and soothing it afterward , each man was in heaven ,thinking

‘Damn these ladies are wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, if they keep this up we we’ll come on the rug’

As they continued to whip their abs, torso and legs last stopping just before they came…..

Finally , they had them turn around with their assholes prominent and wet, as they put on their strap-ons(10 times their size) and slammed into their bodies , seating themselvesto the hilt, and using 5 times Inu speed to make them scream and moan,

“Take us like unbroken stallions in the field, rougher, faster, and don’t stop”

It took 5 relaeases on their part and one for them to achieve eternal bliss for all,

“Sango, I am about to ……………………………..cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

The same for Inuyasha,

“Shiori, I am about to………………………………….cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Afterward, they held each man in their arms until he could come down from his high as they did theirs.

This went on for 2 months, until both men proposed, on the anniversary of their first time together, both naked, and on bended knee asking in unison,

“Will you marry us, Sango and Shiori Attachi and make us the happiest men in the world?”

Both girls said in unison

“YES, we do”

Then the three newlyweds, who had just arrived back from their 2 month honeymoon in Aruba, and their faces wreathed in smiles saw the four naked people in his second son’s office and laughed…..

The first one to speak was Kagome,

“So when is the wedding and mating ceremony scheduled?” she asked with a note of mirth in her voice.

None of them could speak a single word being found in a most compromising position.

Then their father spoke,

“So , we are adding even more beauty to our family, good choice sons, but you should get dressed just in case it was a client walking in, have your sessions at home , as we are going that way why don’t all 4 of your ride with us in the limo and end your day……”

So Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Shiori got dressed and both men took their girls handsand walked out of the office with the 3 newlyweds in front, everyone was smiling like the sun…..

On the way to the mansion all three couples  cut loose with both husbands making full love to their wife one in front exciting her already wet pussy and one buried deep in her ass, pumping with 10 times demon speed…..

But the newly engaged were not far behind, taking a page from their father’s book, they both disrobed as did their brides tube, as they both used their extra-long inu tongues to penetrate their pussies as papa was doing to Kagome while Sesshoumaru filled her other hole……

The two newly engaged couples had their future wives begging,

“Rougher, faster,fuck us like the bitches we are”

So the very next day,Papa arranged for their wedding and mating ceremony to be in the backyard under the sakura tree, everyone was invited, the brides gowns were fitted the afternoon before the wedding, as was their appearance, Kagome’s mother took them to Higarashi’s to get the royal treatment, hair ,legs ,underarms , facial and make up……

Just like Kagome’s ceremony, both brides gowns, shoes, veils and underwear were waiting for them in the back of the salon, so when they were finished, they were both dressed in their finery, walked to the limo and were whisked off to their ceremony, going straight to the ceremony in the backyard…..

The wedding and mating ceremony took place at almost sunset, as the grooms were taken care of by Sesshy and Papa with their kimonos, obi’s, and making sure their hair shone like diamond…..

As the males waited at the top of the red and blue flowered aisle, as the whole mansion was decorated the same way, both bridegrooms waited for their brides to arrive….

Which they did arriving at the end of the aisle as their veils were put in place, Sakura led them up the aisle, waiting for the preacher to ask,

“Who gives these women in marriage?”

“I do, Sakura Higarashi, their adopted mother” as she gently placed their hands in Inuyasha and Miroku’s hands and walked away…..

They kept the ceremony simple, with both couples saying
“I Do” and exchanging rings,removing the veils and kissing their brides, then their mating ceremony wason them as they were taken to separate dressing rooms to put on their sleeping yukatas  before they went to the dais…

Once they were standing before the Inu Priest, he said ,

“Is there anyone who would not see these 2 couples mated?”

No one spoke and they did the same as Kagome, wearing their favorite strap-ons(10 times their size), creating even more fun for their future mates…….

As they were mating it was the males that moaned loudest, begging their wives,

“Fuck and mate us like wild unbroken stallions in the field, rougher, faster, and don’t stop”

So both couples  were fully mated, both females wore the Taishio mating mark with the silver lining, and the men wore the mark of the Attachi sisters , the sun at its apex shining brightly…..

Now , after their ceremonies , both couples went to the same Aruban Island for 2 months as Kagome, Sesshy, and Dad handled all business  matters, dealing with all negotiations with other lords ,  and business women who all remembered what her side business was and partook of its services, she was glad , speaking to them as friends, asking them to have lunch at the mansion on the weekend, so they could get re- acquainted(this was only to the women) so all the negotiations worked out.

When the weekend came around their guests were there with bells on, not being willing to pass up a chance to make love to Kagome, being her best friends and all….

Both husbands greeted their guests with a smile, knowing that they would be with their wife as she pleasured them for the last time , since she was 2 months pregnant almost ready to show unbeknownst to her…….

So the weekend was fun for all involved, as they enjoyed their Kagome as she enjoyed her  husband’s taking her ass both at the same time, two long hard  cocks in her, she thought,

‘I am so full, between my husband’s pumping at 3 times demon speed and the female Inu’s filling my channel with their tongues (One at a time of course) I am about to blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

As she finally said to all and sundry,

“I am about to blow are all of you ready? Oh my Kamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

As both women took turns turning her on as the one that was outside used her tongue to keep their partner filled with one of her biggest dildo’s……..

Before they knew it the weekend was over, and these two ladies learned a special secret, in the form of an announcement,

“We are proud to announce that Our Wife, Kagome is 2 months pregnant with our heirs, and will have one of us with her at all times, but she will still run her business as well as work for her mother, these activities will only stop when she is in her last month”

Now both ladies walked up to her and kissed her passionately, saying,

“We will pleasure everytime we see you at work with the help of your husbands of course…..for you are a friend much more than what you do…..”

Then they left, with Cheshire cat grins, not waiting to tell her old friends in the business world that she has two husbands and was pupped….

After two months were up , the honey mooners were back only to find kagome being happily pleasured by a business friend and both her husbands before she delivered their heirs….

When her water broke, the midwife was called into her bedroom, and told her to push her first son out into the world, as she did she screamed for one of her husbands to stand near her, as Sesshy stepped up she unzipped his pants exposed his cock and pulled hard on him when she felt pain, so as her first son was born, you could hear a man screaming in pain ……

The same thing happened when her second son was born….

After both of their children were born and several months had passed both husbands were extremely happy house s husbands with their wife doing the same, all 3 of them were running their business from the mansion and watching and caring for Kagome and their children, hoping for more children after she was healed……….


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