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Tashio Salon by SlowSookie

She's A Keeper

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“Okay, I can come in at 3?! That’s great. Thank you very much! You won’t be disappointed!”  Kagome said into her phone.

“Good” and the call ended. She smiled and turned to her long time best friend Sango.

“Guess who that was?” she asked. Sango looked up from her textbook.

“Who?” Kagome smile got bigger and fell next to Sango dramatically.

The Tashio Salon” she said. Sango gasped and threw her arms around her best friend’s neck. Shikon Salon is Japan’s number one salon.

“Oh Kagome! That’s good!” she shook her and smiled. Kagome pushed her away and coughed.

“Thank you Sango” she said.

“When are you supposed to be there?” Sango asked getting up, walking to her room in the shared apartment. Kagome got up and followed her.

“3” she said and sat down on the bed.

“That’s in a 2 hours Kagome!” Sango yelled throwing a blue shirt at her. Kagome dodged it and chuckled.

“I know” she said. Sango came out of her closet and narrowed her eyes.

“Then why are you just sitting there. Go get ready!” she said. Kagome rolled her eyes and walked off towards her room.

“Fine, fine!”


“Who was that?” Kikyo asked standing at the doorway of her boss’s office.

“Maybe a new employee” he said.

“Oi! Sesshomaru this woman is complaining about her ‘services’” Inuyasha said coming to the office. Sesshomaru sighed and stood up. He walked out to the front desk where the woman was yelling about her highlights being the wrong color. While he handled the woman Kikyo and Inuyasha stayed in his office watching.

“I think your father is going to hire someone” Kikyo whispered. Inuyasha looked down at her.

“No way” he said. Kikyo nodded.  His father has said plenty of times in the past that he didn’t want to hire anybody else; Inuyasha wondered what changed his mind.

“I heard a female voice” she said. Inuyasha looked at his brother and titled his head. The bell to salon jingled and he sighed.

“I’ll take it” he said. He walked out to the front counter and smiled.

“Welcome to Tashio Salon how may I help you?” he asked. The girl looked up at him and smiled back. He was taken aback by her eyes.

“Hi I’m Kagome” she said. Sesshomaru stopped talking to the woman he was helping and walked over to them.

“Kagome, come with me” he said. Inuyasha looked at the girl. She was beautiful; she had long black hair pulled into a ponytail, and the most captivating eyes ever. He watched as Sesshomaru lead her over to the make-up artist’s station and called a customer over.


Sesshomaru lead Kagome over to the empty make-up stand and called a costumer over.

“Tell her what you want Kimi” he said. Kimi was a regular customer and if this girl could do her make-up and Kimi likes it, she may have a job. Kimi skipped over to the chair and smiled at Sesshomaru. He looked down at her then back at Kagome.

“Okay” she smiled. She sat down in the chair and looked at Kagome. Pretty girl she thought.

“I would like….hm…let me think” she giggle. Kagome giggled and started putting her things out. It took her awhile to fine everything but she found it and managed to get to the salon early. She waited while Kimi decided on what she wanted.

“Oh, I want something to bring out my eyes. It’s hard to do at home and I’m going out so make it dramatic” Kimi said. Kagome nodded and looked at Sesshomaru. He nodded for her to start and step back. Kagome first looked at her Kimi’s eye color and hair shade. She remembered her mother’s hair and eye shade was just like Kimi’s.

“You’re eyes are a light green and you’re hair is brown so what you can do is choose makeup from the opposite side of the color wheel. Green's opposite is red, but as red eyes can make you look tired, purple is the next best option.” Kagome said then went about putting the eye shadow on; when she was done she reached over and pulled out to different mascara’s.

“Top off with two coats of plum or black mascara.” She said holding up the two mascaras.  Sesshomaru watched as she did Kimi’s makeup and had to agree, what she was doing made Kimi’s eyes look intense. Kagome reached over and sat the plum mascara down and applied the black. She stepped back and smiled.

“There” she smiled. She turned Kimi around to face the mirror and stood behind her. Kimi gasped and leaned closer to the mirror. She turned her head side to side and smiled. She spun back around to Kagome and squealed. She threw her arms around her neck and hugged her. Kagome giggled and hugged her back.

“Thank you! I Love it!” Kimi said. She stepped back and held Kagome at arm’s length.

“If you don’t get this job, you’ll just have to see me every day at your house” she said. She turned towards Sesshomaru and smiled.

“Tell your dad she’s a keeper” she giggled and skipped off to the front counter to pay. Sesshomaru looked at Kagome; the first thing he noticed was she didn’t have any make-up on. She wouldn’t need it anyways; her eyes were already an icy bright blue color. Sesshomaru turned and walked towards his office. If she mad Kimi that happy then she was good enough for the job. What people didn’t know that Kimi has her own beauty supply line and her own salon, many around the world. But she stopped doing make up herself long ago.

“Come Kagome” he said. Kagome nodded and followed after him, smiling at all the other worker. They all were dressed in black and had serious faces on while they did the customers hair, nails whatever. It was nothing like her old salon that jokes and talked while they worked. When they got to his office Kikyo and Inuyasha were still standing at the door.

“Hi I’m Inuyasha” Inuyasha held his hand out and Kagome shook it. He smiled at her and moved so she could get in.

“Kagome” she said as Sesshomaru shut the door. He sat behind his desk and motioned for her to sit down on the opposite side. Once she sat down she let herself really look at her future boss. He had long silver hair pulled into a low ponytail, golden eyes. She could see his muscles under his black shirt; he looked to be around 6’3. The markings on his face let her know he was demon, a high ranking one at that. But for the life of her she couldn’t tell which one he was.

“Kagome, you did well today” Sesshomaru said bringing her out of her thoughts. She smiled and nodded.

“Thank you” she said. Sesshomaru nodded and sat back in his chair.

“You got the job” he said. He watched in amusement as Kagome’s eyes got bigger and smiled big.

“Really?” she asked. He nodded again smiling small. Kagome jumped up and smiled.

“Oh thank you!” she smiled. The first thought that came to her was how to get this place livened up.


A/N: I thought I put Kagome in a position that I knew.

I got the make-up ideas from: they have great ideas (:


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