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Demonic Destiny by Walter205

The Power to wield Power

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3.5 Years after Kagome fell down the Well

6 Months Ago...

 "Hate her, despise her, and loathe her. She killed you so she could be with Inuyasha, even though he swore on his life to protect you. His weakness for that woman is the reason you are dead. She is your rival in every fashion. Her arrow pierced your heart and after casting you into a invisible state, she seduced and made love to Inuyasha before your very eyes, even as you lay there dying."

The voice, coming into her head was hauntingly familiar, yet at the same time unrecognizable. She had been in this dark place for what seemed like forever, mourning her own demise, and what Inuyasha fell for even as she wanted to do so much, oh so much to that blasted Kikyo.

"That's the way. Come, feed off of my aura and you will be reborn. You will be able to save Inuyasha from being dragged to hell by Kikyo. You will be able to take your revenge upon that blasted woman, who was wronged so many for her own selfish reasons."

A pale hand reached out to her, startling her. She hesitated a moment, but no matter what happened; she didn't want to remain in this dreadful place for a moment longer than what she had to. She clutched the hand, and then bit into it as the strange voice soon instructed her to. A bright flash of light enveloped her world, and then she knew nothing once again.

When she opened her eyes a short time later, she found herself looking up at a ceiling. Blinking a couple of times as the world came into focus, she ran a check over how she felt. A strange current of energy ran through her, empowering her. Her hearing felt a lot more sensitive than before, she could hear things that seemed to be far away. She sat up and looked around.

There, sitting in a corner, was the one who had been speaking to her. Naraku.

3 Months Ago...

"Good, good, you're getting better at this, Kagome," complimented Naraku as he watched her take down a group of bear demons that had been encroaching on the territory near his hidden castle. Even with his tempting and enticing of her, he had still been a little surprised when she had willing joined with him after realizing who he was. He was expecting to have to either have forced her into submission or use one or more jewel shards to corrupt her.

Having been reborn a demon out of the hatred and pain of betrayal had amplified her negative emotions though and subsequently weakened her conscience and principles, although her anger will be lessened and the others likely restored when she killed Kikyo. At that time, Naraku might have to act to preserve her loyalty to him, although his need of her would greatly be reduced with Kikyo gone. He would probably mainly use her to toy with the emotions of her friends before he killed them, with him absorbing Kagome in the end to strengthen his own powers.

Unknown to Naraku however, Kagome had been practicing when he hasn't been looking, and not only has demonic powers to rival Sesshomaru, but has also retained her miko powers, which in death had been unlocked to their full potential. She can only call upon one type of power at a time, leaving the other locked up tight to prevent a conflict from raging within her body, but it will still be useful to her when the time comes. What time it was that was coming was up for Kagome to decide alone.



Inuyasha stood gaping at whom stood before him. She had Kagome's scent and overall shape, but this being standing before him was clearly a demon, of the Inu clan at that. She had two purple stripes arcing down her face, just like Sesshomaru's, but she bore no mark of the crescent moon.

"Who are you?" growled Inuyasha in question as he raised his sword.

"It's me, you dunderhead. Kagome, in case you forgot what my name is," replied Kagome with exasperation and anger.

"Kagome, wha? It can't be you, you're dead! I buried you myself!" yelled Inuyasha in denial.

"Haven't been by too often to visit the grave, have you? I've been reborn, thanks to the assistance of Naraku," Kagome chuckled in response to his stammering.

"Naraku. I knew it, only he or Sesshomaru could have brought you back. And you have come back human if Sesshomaru had done it. But I don't get it, why would you assist Naraku?" Inuyasha questioned in sudden outrage.

"Because he's given me the chance to take revenge on those who have wronged me, Inuyasha. Kikyo killed me, and then proceeded to seduce you while I watched, dying from the arrow, and invisible for all to see even though nothing was invisible for me to see. Now I will rid the world of her forever. Don't you see it Inuyasha, the world will be better off without her!" declared Kagome.

"I see it, all right. Naraku has corrupted your soul and is now using you to get at Kikyo. With her gone, Naraku will have all of the weaknesses removed; he'll be free to do whatever he wants. I'm sorry Kagome, but I can't let you kill Kikyo. The best thing for me to do is to kill you, so you may rest in peace," apologized Inuyasha as he brought his sword back up into a guard position.

"You still don't get it, do you? Oh well, sit boy," commanded Kagome. Inuyasha crashed into the dirt, the force behind her command enhanced with her newfound powers driving him into fifteen feet wide by twenty feet deep crater. As Kagome descended into the crater, Inuyasha slowly managed to turn over.

Just as the spell was about to wear off, Kagome formed a bow and arrows with her power, then proceeded to shoot Inuyasha ten times, with two arrows each going to his arms and legs, and the final two arrows being imbedded in his stomach and neck. He lay there, gasping as Kagome bent down over him.

"I loved you Inuyasha, I loved you with all my heart, for all that time. Your mind may have been confused, but in truth your heart had made the decision for yourself a long time ago. What I didn't have the strength to take before, I shall now take," declared Kagome. With that being said, she formed her clawed hands into a shovel and dug into his chest cavity, drawing a pained cry from him.

When she brought her hand out, she was holding his beating heart. Inuyasha stared fixated at it and her as blood poured out of his lips and the hole in his chest, subsiding after a minute though because of the lack of the organ needed to continue pumping it. She raised it high over her head, letting the blood remaining within it to pump out and splatter over her head and chest, with a few drops landing on Inuyasha.

She then brought the still beating heart to her mouth and began chewing on it. Inuyasha let out a pained cry and began thrashing about, still able to feel his detached organ through the demonic bond of being a hanyou. She took bigger and bigger bites of it, relishing the taste and texture of it, until she had finished every last bite. When she was done, she looked down, noting with satisfaction that Inuyasha was dead.

A whirlwind of miasma came down through the clouds and trees to dissipate near her, revealing Naraku to be standing there with a satisfied smile on his face.

"How did it feel Kagome, to finally take his heart as your own?" asked Naraku while he chuckled.

"Exquisite, my dear Naraku," said Kagome as she shut down and locked away her demonic powers. She walked back up out of the crater and over to stand next to Naraku, enveloping him within a hug.

"Now then, are you prepared to kill Kikyo as well?" he questioned with anticipation.

"Yes, although let's not be in too much of a rush. We can take our time and enjoy ourselves a little bit," purred Kagome as she cupped him with her right hand.

"Ohhh, you’re certainly a feisty one, my little pet. What do you have in mind?" he questioned with even more anticipation.

To answer him, Kagome unleashed a torrent of purification energy through her right hand into his private areas. She released him as he staggered back, screaming in pain as he began dissolving from the crotch outwards.

"" Naraku gasped out in between screams from the increasing pain as he continued to dissolve away.

"Come now Naraku, did you forget that ultimately, you were the cause of everyone's troubles, including my own? If you had never sought after Kikyo, tried to drive her and Inuyasha apart, and everything in between, none of this would ever have happened. Kikyo and Inuyasha would be living a happy life together, I could be...home, possibly courting Hojo and advancing myself contentedly, and the others would be living their lives happily as well," explained Kagome as Naraku teetered on his own two dissolving legs.

"But, you hate Kikyo. She should be the one you're going after...not me..." stammered Naraku, more in confusion then at her.

"Correction, I hated Kikyo. But, I hated Inuyasha even more, for what he had done to me and my poor heart over that intervening time, for the fact that he could never make up his mind on whom he wanted to be with, and that he never was tactful and always tried to make it up to me, even knowing that he would just hurt me again. I HATED HIM!" Kagome shrieked at Naraku as her powers grew dangerously and nearly out of control.

"Then, why did you stay with him....?" questioned Naraku as his chest began to dissolve.

"Because, my dear Naraku, that's what a teenager's infatuation will do to a person. Death has a nice way of curing that particular weakness. Anyways, time for you to die. Don't worry, I'll take care of the jewel in your absence," smiled Kagome as she finished purifying him. When the last of Naraku was gone, she took the jewel into her hand, studying it with an absent curiosity. She couldn't purify it, as her heart was still tainted, but at the same time she didn't feel tempted by its lure of power, being content with the considerable power that she wielded on her own. So she tucked it away within the folds of her fighting robe and went looking for her friends.

As she turned to depart the area, she felt Inuyasha, in his purely demonic form, leaping out of the crater to come and attack her. Not even turning around, she raised a hand and snapped her fingers. The purification power within the ten arrows she had embedded within him earlier came to life, purifying him in an instant. As ashes mixed with silver and red strands of hair and clothing alike rained down into the crater, she again started walking off towards her friends.

She came upon her friends a short distance later, but stopped at the edge of the clearing. All of them were asleep, Sango enfolded within Miroku's arms, with Shippou and Kirara cuddled up within Sango's embrace. It seemed that in her absence, Shippou had found another to call mother, while Miroku and Sango had perhaps grown closer in the wake of her demise. Kagome realized that coming back into their lives so soon would perhaps upset the good things that had come out of the tragedy of her death, so she crept back into the forest.

Kikyo would surely abandon her life to go to hell to be with Inuyasha, Naraku was dead as well, for the time being her friends were better off without her, so where did that leave her? She knew Kouga had settled with Ayami, so there was no use going to be with him, apart from visiting perhaps. However, she recalled the friction between Kouga and Inuyasha over him being a dog hanyou. Perhaps that wasn't the best of ideas.

Lost in her thoughts, she looked up with she caught a scent of fear, along with a familiar human scent to go along with it. Then came the scents of four demons, three of them unknown, the fourth again familiar. When she came to a clearing, the human she knew as Rin came crashing out of the forest, followed by three large ogre demons, followed by a squawking Jaken that was singeing the ogre's behinds with his staff of two heads. Naraku had had her learn their scents in case of future plans, even though she hadn't met either one since she had been dead.

With a dash forward and a single swipe of her claws, she beheaded all three of the ogre demons, leaving them to crash to the forest floor, dead. Rin came to a stop and turned about to come up to her, eyes full of wonder. Seeing the expression on her face caused something to stir within Kagome, with whatever it was being amplified a moment later by her toothy smile. Kagome oddly felt a little more at peace and gasped as she took out the Shikon jewel from her robes and noticed that it was becoming purified.

"Rin-Chan, are you okay?" questioned Kagome in a slightly caring voice.

"Do I know you, pretty lady?" asked Rin.

"Rin, stay away from her!" commanded Jaken, whom everyone present promptly ignored.

"Yes Rin, I'm Kagome. I probably look a little different then what I used to," said Kagome. Oddly enough, she blushed slightly when Jaken and Rin both looked taken aback.

"Im...Impossible, you're dead," shouted Jaken.

"Wow, you mean it!?!" questioned Rin in excitement.

"Yes Rin, she's quite sincere," came another voice. All three of them looked up as Lord Sesshomaru entered into the clearing. His eyes narrowed as he took in Kagome's new form, letting his aura senses and his nose tell the story of whom and how she was. He drank it all in, Inuyasha's demise, Naraku's demise, her rebirth, the settled anger, and the Shikon no tama that she now carried with her. He wanted details, answers. He also wanted her, for she was a desirable Inu bitch. But no one need know that last detail but him himself. Now or ever.

"You will accompany us," he stated, turning around and walking back the way he had come. Jaken squawked and ran after him. Rin started to follow him, but then turned back and grabbed Kagome's arm, dragging her along with them. Kagome wasn't entirely sure she wanted to go with them, but then decided that it beat wandering around on her own. She shrugged her shoulders and walked to join Lord Sesshomaru, holding hands with Rin as she did so.

The End




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