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~The Mating Of the Diamond Inu~ by amy

~The wedding~

I don’t own Inuyasha or any of the other characters, they are by Rumiko Takashi.

Chapter 1: The wedding

This fanfic was inspired by Cher’s “Welcome to Burlesque” and David Bowie’s “Diamond dogs”

The Diamond Inus were a corporation that owned several strip clubs, In Las Vegas except for Ashori’s Men’s Club that catered to rich men, with dancers (Burlesque strip) that was unique. The Diamond Inus had been trying to buy them out but were never able to until the owner’s wife became pregnant, and he was needed at home. 

The Daimond Inus went into negotiations with Miroku- finally agreeing to only take half his club, so he could support his wife and coming child.

Once they owned half of the club, the staff was told of the change, all dancers-Ayame, the wolf demoness, Kanna the void, Shiori, the bat-demon, Kikyo, the former priestess, And Kagome, a beautiful Indian kitsune with 5 tails.

Now Kagome was beautiful, but she was the cashier only, she never danced. Once the new owners saw her they almost drooled only to be told that she dog not dance by choice, despite being able. Now his club had great atmosphere, with pictures of naked women all over, a long bar with evey kind of alchol demon and human with his cousin Shippou running the bar. The bar had half- moon chairs running all the way around the bat. The bar itself was a huge hal-moon beautifully appointed with white marble and blue design. The stage was a huge hal- moon that extended the length of the club  , each girl had her own section of the stage, and sets of tables. Now he had tables as far as the eye could see, some near the stage, some towards the back, and others to the middle. Each had a rose in the middle of the table, with cloth table covers.

After they were told, they were given the choice of leaving or staying, all stayed. One night the leader of the diamond inus and hai second came into the bar, to see what it was like on an average night. They could smell alcohol, seat, and arousal for as far as the eye or ear could see. Then the cashier, who was at the front of the club, and very much detached from it all.

They both noticed her, a rare beauty even among the women who did dance, and were both going to throw a pitch to her until the owner calmly told them “she is not part of the deal, her tribe will not allow anyone a patron or owner to touch her in any way but honorable”. This did not stop the eldest from slipping behind the bar and asking her, ”Hey beautiful, why are you not dancing up there?” to which she said “It is dishonorable for woman show their bodies to anyone but their intended, and him only when he marries them”.

To say the least he was taken aback, deciding then and there he was to become her intended, so he alone could see her voluptuous curves. Did I tell you, this girl was stacked with a rack most models would kill for, a tiny waist that flred out into widwe hips, and legs for miles. And did I mention she was a virgin at 23 years old. This fact really made him drool like the dog he was.

The elder then went to Miroku to ask what he knew about her and her tribe. When he spoke to him, je asked “What do you know about the kitsune cashier? Spill”.

 He told him she was of the royal Kitsune tribe, whose chief was Neomoto, the brave and true, and was greatly loved by his people for his honesty, care, and above all his ability to care for their needs, and she is his daughter the princess.

Upon hearing this he and his second left the club to speak to his alpha about arranging a marriage between him and the royal kitsune. When he spoke to his father , he was surprised to find that it could be easily arranged but his half of the club would become his father- in-laws as a wedding gift to her, and to prove he is worthy of her.

Now his sire was of the royal Diamond Inu- better known as Diamond Dogs for their diamond collars that adorned their necks, the diamond shaped stripes on their faces,necks,thighs and feet. Now his father was laughing inwardly, “His son, the lecher had met his match, he could not wait to see the fur fly when he married her”.

As a consequence, His Sire, Touga of The Diamond Inu met with Neomoto of the Royal Kitsunetribe and he was given his half of the club as his dowry, as for hers he gave him a very valuable prayer cloth of pure silk. This prayer cloth was embroidered with the symbols of the tribe, as well as the magic that accompanied many happy marriages.  To say he was touched would be an understatement, He was beyond joy.

 After the meeting of the fathers, their offspring were called into the office of the club.  Kagome could not possibly imagine why she needed to go to the office, but sesshomaru had an idea and would not tell her.

After she left her post, and he arrived the fathers spoke “ Children, we are glad to say, that as of this week you will be married to one another, “  again was flabbergasted, “Father, you would not marry me off to this lecherous dog, would you?”, he sikmply said “yes”. Sesshomaru was thrilled, in a week, this beautiful kitsune would be his to marry and mate. He simply said “Thank you, father for such a beautiful and virtuous bride”.

Little does he know that she is the meanest woman in the club, not to be crossed at any time? She never needed a bouncer; she was the bouncer and cashier, why you ask? Sheis a miko – kitsune  with great strength.  She only looked soft; she trained everyday with her miko and demonic powers.

True to their word, they were married in the traditional indian custom, she wore a snow white buckskin dress that was beaded with Royal blue turquoise, her veil was made of pure silk and also beaded with royal blue turquoise.    Sesshomaru was dressed in matching white buckskin with top and pants. 

The whole tribe was there with the additions of the Inu clan, they both were lined up on each sideso they could walk between them. First came the bride accompanied by bher father th chief, sesshomaru and his father were already at the head of the line. , as he put her hand in his, he was very gentle, and told him.

 “If you hurt her in any way, I will personally beat you senseless”, and then walked into the line.

Then the medicine woman , his wife married them these words, “do you sesshomaru , of the Diamond Inu Clan take Kagome , of the Royal Kitsune Tribe to be your wife according to tribal law , to have and to hold, care for her needs above your own, putting her above all others no matter what the circumstance? “, he simply said ,”yes. I do” and slid the wedding band on her finger. Then she turned to Kagome, “Do you, Kagome ,of the Royal Kitsune tribe, take Sesshomaru of the Diamond Inu Clan as your Husband, to have and to hold, putting his needs above all others and your own, no matter the circumstance?”, she simply said , “I Do”.

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