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Gift of the Blood by sugar0o

Part 1

Rated: M - Originally Published: 12-20-07 - Updated: 08-07-10

I've had this one hidden for a bit, i've wanted to get it going longer before putting it out there, but then i've hit a rock on part 4, i'm not sure where to go with it, maybe if you like it you could throw an idea out. thanks. - r0o

PS: i don't own IY or the char's of make money from them.

. . . Part 1

Kagome was in her last year old high school at the age of nearly eighteen, she'd been running around the feudal era for almost three years, and had some how managed to keep up with her education. She'd always wondered how she'd managed to stay at least a B- student, but her family and friends on both sides of the well, save Inuyasha, were so supportive of her that she could only attribute her abilities to retain knowledge and succeed under near impossible pressure, to them, those loving people in her life. Putting that out of her mind now as she raced to her school at top speed, she only had a few classes left to pass and she'd have a diploma for her mother to brag about.

Entering her history classroom for what would be one of the last times, she mused, she sat and waited for her teacher to begin. It was a boring class as always, but today would at least bring some shock to the young woman. As the end of the class drew near her teacher snapped the book he'd been holding up and finally said. "Okay class, your last project of the year, and worth 35 of your over all final grade in this class; You will bring in a report detailing your family history for the last five hundred years." Kagome's eyes widened into muddy blue saucers. WHAT? She inwardly bellowed. "Now some of you may not be able to go back that far, that's fine, do your best and just have a note signed by your parent or legal garden advising this is the truth. That's it, no classes the rest of this week, only study hall so you've got time to work on this. Don't slack on it!" he said as the final bell for the class rang. Kagome left the room in a daze, how could she look into her past like that, she'd lived in her past seemingly ever day for the last three years, now she was going to have to find out some answers. Answers she'd refused to know for that very reason!

Kagome finally came home from school, it was late in the afternoon, and the sun was hanging low in the sky, melting into a boiling crimson honey hue. She'd been crying, for how long? she didn't know, entering the house she heard the hanyou call out. "Oi! What the hell has you so upset?" She didn't even bother to answer, breezing right passed him for her mother, whom she knew would be in the kitchen more then likely cooking. Her mother was the only one she wanted right now. Inuyasha was just not capable of understanding what this all meant. Furthermore, she'd had better times with the boy before. Her heart had grown mature since her soul had been filled and minded by Kikyo's death, finally she understood that her love had been born from half a soul, a pure, kind soul that could not hate, or bare anger, a soul that allowed her to forgive and forget time and time again, now that soul was changed, completed. She knew she loved Inuyasha, but that love was so different now, so friendly, brotherly and not at all passionate as it had once been, mostly she knew she was no longer in love with him.

"Honey?" her mother called softly when she'd heard the young man address her daughter, and she had not answered.

"Oh Mama!" she balled anew and trapped her mother in an intensely tight hug that twanged on pain for her mother. "Mama, I don't know if I can do it."

"Do what honey?" she asked confused and worried.

"Mama, I went to school today, to finish some of my exams, and things. I got to my history class, and Mr. Fuji," she sniffled a bit trying to finish. "He said that there's going to be a project worth 35 of our final grade." she sobbed again lightly into her mothers neck. Hot tears staining her shoulder she pulled her daughter back and looked deep into her bloodshot puffy muddy blue eyes.

"Kagome, what is it?" she said a bit more seriously.

"Mama. The project." her voice pitching and bordering on unnerved.


"I have to give an account of the last five hundred years of my family history! Or I'll fail the class and I wont pass high school!" she said again her voice raising in volume as she spoke, while opening of the dam of tears that had collected. Her mother sighed heavily, her grandfather who'd heard it all, snorted as Inuyasha had at the same moment. They both looked at each other then turned away upon seeing the other. It had been no secret that Kagome's grandfather had always been wiry of Inuyasha, he was a shrine priest and the boy was some part demon, Kagome was his only granddaughter and the only one at the moment that showed signs of her powerful heritage between the two grandchildren. He'd always been protective of her, especially after the accident, and it didn't help that the hanyou often sent her home in tears.

"What's the big deal?" Inuyasha said unthinkingly. Kagome released her mother turned and advanced on Inuyasha with an odd swiftness that seemed a bit inhuman for her.

"The big deal you ass, is that I could some how negate my own life if I happen to come across an ancestor of mine! Do you get it? I bring danger to everyone around me because of my quest for the jewel! If I know who they are then I'll be tempted to save them if I think something might happen! or worse my being there near them might endanger them and again kill my whole bloodline!" She roared, stopping for a minute, seething at the rock-headed-dog boy before her. Breathing deeply as she tried hard to calm her anger, which was useless because he always made her like this. Kagome turned on her heal and went to her room, bellowing from the top of the stairs. "Just stay away Inuyasha." that last bit had been hard and cold, her voice so unlike its normal bright chipper tone.

He'd noticed that a lot though, Kagome was changing, Kikyo had died the year before, and now Kagome had her full soul. She'd grown leaps and bounds with her powers, even learning to control them with ease and perfection, she'd surpassed Keade training only a few weeks before, having left Miroku in the dust months before that. He was still looking up at where she'd stood while she yelled at him, his ears still pressed to his head, when he heard her grandfather call his name ever so softly. The hanyou turned to old man and gawked. "We need to talk." it was a command, an order, not a request, something so unlike the old codger. "Sayuri, will you make some tea?" Kagome's mother smiled sadly already knowing the topic at hand, and left the two men alone.

"Inuyasha, its about time I told you something we've been hiding from you and Kagome since this whole Shikon Jewel thing started." Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, hiding? What could they have been hiding, he wondered.

"Hn?" was the boys only answer. Taking this, the old man began his story.

"I'm sure you've noticed a bit of a change in Kagome lately. She'd becoming a woman more every time we see her." he beamed in a sad way but continued when again he heard the low grumbling of the hanyou. "Inuyasha you have to understand this has been so hard on my daughter-in-law and I, and her little brother. Every time she goes down the well, …we fear she'll never come back up." Inuyasha knew what he meant though he was somewhat hurt, didn't they know he was her protector?, he old man went one. "The reason I'm telling you this now is because she'd coming up on her eighteenth birthday soon, and a lot more will change that day."

"What are you talking about old man?" he said rather roughly.

"I met my wife years ago, when she was only fifteen, I loved her dearly and I knew we were meant to be together…soul mates. My beloved Saya's mother on the other hand hated that I was the son of a priest and that I intern wanted to become a priest as well, wanting to take care of my family's shrine." Inuyasha sighed knowing this would take some time. "We finally eloped, and were married for a few months when she turned eighteen." Inuyasha sighed again. "Inuyasha, please this is important, and I must tell you." he said rather annoyed with the dog-boy.

"Feh." he said, shoving his hands in his sleeves and sitting in one graceful motion.

"Anyway, on her eighteenth birthday, her beautiful silken onyx hair turned pure white with glossed tresses of silver weaved here and there, her eyes had been a muddy blue color, like Kagome's, were endlessly deep like an unfathomable sea, they turned into a pale sky indigo, and her once beautiful smile, was graced with small pointed fangs. Finally her cute little round ears.. Well.. they looked somewhat like yours." Inuyasha had been listening and was silent, eyes widening horribly.


"Her father," he gestured up to Kagome's room, "my son, Akira, was exactly the same. As was her great grand father, and so one for the last seven hundred and fifty years. Kagome is an inu hanyou, like yourself."

"But how? Her blood would be far too thin at this point, I would have smelled it on her by now." he'd said something smart for once, catching the old man off guard.

"You noticed I see. That to is part of our family's secret as well. Every member of this family that has transformed, has done so because of their blood. Not just the thin amount that remains from our sire youkai, but the miko and priest blood as well. "

"That doesn't make since. If anything it should kill the blood not make it stronger." he retorted.

"Hn." taking a page from Inuyasha's book. "You would think so, as it turns out the youkai that sired this line, was in love with a Miko, almost a thousand years ago, I'm sure you've heard of her, Midoriko." Inuyasha's eyes widened more if possible, the old man knew so much, but always seemed such a fool. "She blessed the Inu Youkai, our family's sire, second in command to the Inu no Taishou, your father, his name was Shinosamu." The name rang bells, in Inuyasha's head.

"But how. Shinosamu died, after my father, a few decades later. He was like my uncle." the old man smile, Fate, he thought, was so whimsically morbid.

"Hn, well, that may be, but he loved again, another miko in fact, who birthed a hanyou, who then eventually sired an almost human child until that child turned eighteen, that child changed into another perfect hanyou, and it has always happened since. I have no idea what the fates have in mind for Kagome." he said sighing. "This would have been hard enough to explain when she turned eighteen but now, she's the protector of the Shikon jewel as well. And that is why I told you. I have no doubt in my mind that she will turn on your side of the well, and I know your time is much worse for a hanyou then it is here. She's pure of body, mind, heart and soul, and those are only things that allow her to weld the Shikon at all without becoming tainted that is. When she turns, it may not be so, the jewel will not be able to be corrupted by her, but she will be more seduced into using its power."

Inuyasha was in shock, his innocent little Kagome was going to become an Inu hanyou like himself, more so, that she might even be a seduced by the power from the jewel, it seemed all too much. Even after listening he wasn't seemingly grasping the situation. It wasn't until he could smell the tears from Mrs. Higurashi from the kitchen that he started to really think about it. Hanyou's lived horrible lives, and most died before they were able to really live, her family though pure and wonderful had been cursed, by love of all things.


"Huh?" the old man answered looking somewhat confused.

"Why would Midoriko do this?" he said quietly dumbfounded.

"She knew she was going to die, and she loved Shinosamu dearly. She was not able to bare a child to him, and he loved human's too much to take a youkai bride…mate. She knew that his children, and their children would weaken as time went on, eventually killing his youkai blood through the birth of the next generation. She'd hoped that eventually hanyous would be excepted, and she wanted him to be happy, for some part of him to always be alive even if he was not." sighing he paused. "It was her way of making sure his bloodline would survive on. What ever blood there is, no matter how thin, it will always become a pure hanyou so long as there is spiritual blood to infuse it so, and our line, seems to always fall in love with someone with high spiritual power. Kagome will be just as powerful as you. Only…" his words trialed off.

"Only what?"

"Inuyasha, in the seven hundred fifty years that this has been happening, never once has the hanyou to be shown spiritual powers, it has always been their parent, and eventually their husband, wife, or mate, that has had that power. I'm worried because of the Miko powers she has, even my almost dormant, dying powers can feel her radiant aura and her awesome power, it rolls off in heavy waves that threaten consume us with purity. Her transformation .. may yield her into a full youkai, specially because she carried the Shikon jewel within her since birth until a few years ago. The jewel after all is a part of the soul that blessed this line a thousand years ago." he paused, "Sayuri and I have wanted to say something but its never been the right time. Now we can feel the changing, and there is no time left."

"Sayuri has spiritual powers?" the hanyou roared, and as if to answer the young man she stepped into the living room and was glowing with a bright white radiant light, finally letting it fall and ebb away again.

"Mama?" Kagome's voice called down sounding concerned.

"Coming." she said softly, smiled to the pair and went to her daughter.

"Inuyasha. Take care of her and don't force her, she won't know until it is almost happening, and maybe not even until its done. It'll be better if you tell her." Those were his last words, he'd said his peace and with that, left the hanyou outside on their patio to think.


"Yes dear?"

"I just wanted a hug, because… because he just doesn't get it." the mother and daughter held each other, Sayuri pouring ever bit of love she could into her daughter, who she knew would be so lost so very soon. Her birthday was about a month away and when, if she came home she would be a hanyou, not the girl that sat here. She would be powerful, dangerous, moody, and she would look completely different, her deep muddy blue eyes, would be no more, in their place would be brilliant sky blue orbs. Even her tiny delicate ears might be gone, replaced with stout white fuzzy triangles. She sighed and hugged her daughter tightly. Knowing tonight might be her last night here, ever.

The next morning they pair left for the land beyond the well, the hanyou looked wirily at the miko who once used to be so joyful. Now all he could feel was her doubt and worry leaving her family. For the first time ever, Kagome didn't want to leave deep down she knew this might be it, this might be the last 'goodbye.' Pushing that depressing idea out of her head, and waves to her family. 'I love you' she mouthed to them before jumping with the boy into the well.


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