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At Home by SunsetMiko

At Home

I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does. I do not profit financially from these fics.

Written for LiveJournal’s Ebony_Silks Community.
Theme: Home

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 250

Rating: R

Warnings: Suggestive and mushy too.

Universe: Canon

Nothing was what he was used to.

Instead of five course gourmet meals he ate instant noodles.

Instead of servants on bended knee ready to fulfill his every order and obey his every word, he was surrounded by insolent humans and his incredibly disrespectful half-breed half-brother.

Instead of sleeping on a soft bed, heavy curtains keeping the morning light out until he was ready to rise, he slept on the hard ground, dawn’s first rays waking him whether he liked it or not.

Instead of resting his tired head on feather pillows covered in the finest silk, he laid it on her soft breast, the sound of her heart reassuring him of her presence and lulling him to sleep.

Instead of cold stone walls echoing with his footsteps, reminding him of just how empty his den really was, she wrapped him in tight, hot, slick walls that fluttered around him with her pleasure, the sound of her breathy moans echoing in his ears like sweet music.

Instead of opening his eyes to ancient tapestries depicting his kind proudly in battle, the first thing he saw every morning was a mess of wild black hair hiding her face from him. He would push it to the side and behind her ear, revealing plump pink lips turned up in a smile, lips that always drew him in for a kiss.

No, nothing was what he was used to. It was better.

Where ever she was, it was where he felt at home.


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