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Ultimate Sacrifice by miwa03

Crumbled world

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Chapter 1 - Crumbled world

Kagome felt numb. She stood unwaveringly in front of the Goshinboku, Inuyasha's and her tree. The tree that marked the start of her quest with her lover, Inuyasha. Her left hand still held the bow, her right hand dangled beside her eye. The wind blew strands of her raven hair.

She stood there, watching the target of her just released arrow, Inuyasha. He was now sleeping soundly, like the first time they met, stuck in the very same tree and the wind playing with his hair. The differences were that there was blood everywhere on this Inuyasha and his red fire rat haori was tattered, seeping with his blood.

"Do you really think this will work Kagome?" Shippou's little voice brought Kagome's attention back to her surroundings. She griped her bow tightly and answered determinately, "It has to Shippou. It must work. This is our last hope."

Shippou looked at the sleeping Inuyasha, his eyes were glassy with unshed tears. He didn't want to upset Kagome more with his tears and uncertainty. "You are right Kagome, this will work. And now we must find him fast."

Kagome eyes softened watching her friend, trying to be strong for her sake. He was grown now, handling things maturely. He had left the care of Sango and Miroku to Kaede before following her here "Yes Shippou. We travel west now."


Sesshoumaru had felt it; he sensed that something was amiss with the world. He remembered feeling this kind of... dread... when his sire departed to the underworld. He realized that perhaps his half-breed brother has something to do with it, and that Rin was living near him now after the defeat of Naraku three years ago. Without a second thought he turned his path, started walking to the east.

The closer he got to Inuyasha's forest, the stronger the scent of the blood, Inuyasha's blood. But something was not right, Inuyasha's scent seemed to be halted, like frozen. Something powerful was surrounding the half-breed.

Then he sensed another scent. Peach and honey, lacing with a powerful aura, pure and clean. The Miko. After disappearing with the death of Naraku three years ago, she has recently coming back to this era again, for the half-breed no doubt. And then he saw her, at the other side of the clearing with her Kitsune friend. Her face was hard but he saw relief in it, like she was actually happy to see him again. Is she looking for this Sesshoumaru? he asked himself.

"I'm glad I found you at last Sesshoumaru-sama." He heard she speak. "We have been looking for you."


Sesshoumaru said nothing, just stood there, watching Kagome with his piercing golden eyes. The eyes that painfully reminded her of someone left behind. Kagome felt uneasy with his apprising gaze but continued, "We need your help."

He made no notion that he heard her. But seeing that he hadn't left her and Shippou in the clearing, Kagome felt that it was her cue to continue. "Inuyasha.. is dying."


Sesshoumaru understood. Tenseiga.

He stood there, his mind full of questions. How? Why? What? When? But he stayed silent, wanting the powerful miko to explain her request.

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath remembering the painful memory, and began, "Last night.. some shadow youkai invaded our village..".

Shadow youkai, sesshoumaru thought, they live in the mountainous region in the far north area. What are they doing here?

"They were too many. I got separated from the others and when I purified the last one that hunted me, I ran back to the village." She stopped there and Sesshoumaru felt the sorrow emanating from her. "It's okay Kagome." The Kitsune hugged her to assure her.

She nodded and smiled sadly then continued, "They were already in the ground, Sango and Miroku, covered with blood but still breathing. Inuyasha was.. bleeding much but still standing. I.. I drew my arrow but the last Shadow youkai turned his attention to me. He moved so fast I could barely see and the next thing I see was.. Inuyasha in front of me..". She was sobbing now. Sesshoumaru felt disgusted with the display of weakness but says nothing, waiting for her to continue.

"I purified the last youkai in confusion. Inuyasha was bleeding from the hole in his chest, I knew he was dying..." she stopped to take another deep breath. "I saw him taking his last breath and at that time, I thought of you." She turned her sorrowful but hope-filled eyes to him.

Sesshoumaru was irritated. So she remembered this Sesshoumaru only because of this Sesshoumaru heirloom!! Why didn't she remember this Sesshoumaru when she was in trouble, when she needed someone powerful!! She remembers this Sesshoumaru because of Inuyasha! This sesshoumaru refuses to be the half-breed's shadow! I will make this miko only see this Sesshoumaru, remember this Sesshoumaru above all else! His stance was taught with suppressed anger.

Unaware of the turmoil raging inside the Taiyoukai, Kagome continued, "I knew.. I knew that there wouldn't be enough time to locate you. Inuyasha would die long before I could find you. So... I tried to stop his time. Sealing him once again on the Goshinboku with my arrow."

Sesshoumaru said nothing.

"He is waiting Sesshoumaru-sama. Please, I never ask for anything from you before. Please save his life. I.. I would be eternally grateful to you." Kagome was on her knees, submitting to him.

Seeing her like this, Sesshoumaru couldn't help but to feel very pleased. For a being as powerful as she to submit before him. Maybe she was unaware of her power, but Sesshoumaru knew that to have her loyalty meant to have a pure power unconquerable by any enemy. She was better by his side, him, the taiyoukai who had enough power to tame her. There wasn't any being more powerful than him to control her, not even the half-breed.

Sesshoumaru was brought back from his musing by the Miko voice. "My lord... please... You are my only hope. I would do anything for him, for you to bring him back."

Apparently she is afraid that this Sesshoumaru will reject her wish. My lord... That sounded wonderful in Sesshoumaru's ear. She says she would do anything for the half-breed, but soon this Sesshoumaru will make her willing to do anything for this Sesshoumaru.


Sesshoumaru only stood there the whole time. Kagome was getting worried, she was afraid that Sesshoumaru would reject her wish. She was praying in her heart for a spark of Sesshoumaru's kindness, like the one he showered Rin with.

"You would do anything for him." Sesshoumaru suddenly spoke.

 Kagome was startled by his sudden voice.

"You would do anything for this Sesshoumaru in order to bring the half-breed's life back." He stated again, not giving her time to reply.

"Yes.." Kagome answered, confused.

"A life for a life." He said. His golden eyes were watching her intensely, and again Kagome felt the uneasy feeling of someone trying to read her soul.

"What?" Kagome said confusedly.

"If you want this Sesshoumaru to bring the half-breed's life back, then you must do the same. Bring a life to this world." He said unwaveringly.

"What? Who's..?" Kagome was speechless.

"Do you agree?" He asked.

"But... whose life? I don't have the power to bring fourth a life." Kagome stated bewildered.

"Come with me... No one follows." And he turned and started walking away.

"Wait!" No! He is going away without helping Inuyasha! Kagome was panicking. "Shippou! You must go back to Kaede and help her. I will follow Sesshoumaru."

"No!! I won't leave you Kagome!" Shippou clutched tightly to Kagome's miko garb.

"I ask you to help Sango and Miroku. And most importantly, I ask you to guard Inuyasha's body. Please Shippou, could you do that for me?" Kagome tried to reason while watching Sesshoumaru's back that was getting smaller from the corner of her eye.

"But.. but.." Shippou was in tears now.

"It's alright. He would do me no harm. I promise I will be back." Kagome hugged Shippou.

Sniff.. "Promise me Kagome." Shippou said, willing his tears to stop.

"Yes, Shippou. Now go." Kagome let Shippou go and ran after Sesshoumaru.

"I promise I will guard Inuyasha, Kagome. We'll wait for you." Shippou's voice was getting smaller with each step Kagome took.

Finally she spotted Sesshoumaru's back. He had stopped, waiting for her. After taking a couple breaths she asked, "What would you want me to do?"

Silence. Kagome could hear the rustle of the leaves blown by the wind and the running water from the stream nearby. "Do we have an agreement Miko?" He asked without turning his back.

"I don't understand, Sesshoumaru-sama." Kagome stated confusedly.

"I ask for the last time, do you agree?" Sesshoumaru's voice became hard and Kagome realized that this was her last chance to save Inuyasha's life.

"Yes. Yes, I will help you bring that life. Now will you bring Inuyasha's back to life Sesshoumaru-sama?" Kagome answered hurriedly.

Now Sesshoumaru turned himself to face Kagome. "This Sesshoumaru will bring Inuyasha back to life after you bring the life this Sesshoumaru desire."

"What? But.." Kagome was uncertain. What if she could not fulfill his requirement?

"Inuyasha will always stay there, unchanged, frozen in time. After your deed to me is done, this Sesshoumaru will bring him back to life." Sesshoumaru stated, no room for argument in his tone.

Kagome stood there, thinking, with Sesshoumaru's golden eyes boring into her soul. She realized that she had no other choice. "Yes. I will bring you the life you desire first, and then Inuyasha will be alive again." She said finally.


Sesshoumaru could not help to fight his smirk. Finally I've got her, he thought.

"Come..." Sesshoumaru said, leading the way.

"Wait! Whose life do you want me to bring fourth? At least tell me that before I help you." Kagome said running to follow the pace of the taiyoukai.


She didn't even have the time to gasp, before a strong arm circled around her waist and held her close to the taiyoukai's strong chest. She then felt the hot breath of said taiyoukai on her ear, heard the words that made her whole world collapse.

"Miko, you and this Sesshoumaru will create a new life... the next heir of the Western Lands." And everything shattered in Kagome's world.


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