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Burnout by Takaharuka

Some Intoductions, Please.

A/N: Hi there! I'm a new author here and I hope we can all get along.

Anyways, here's a fic that myself and my friend thought up and I'm continuing. I have no idea where this story is going or when it will end, but you'll see a lot of characters from the anime in here!

So with out further ado, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything and certainly not Inuyasha and Co. And maybe some future Initial D stuff too. I only own my own characters Aki&Meike.


By Takaharuka

Chapter 1- Some Introductions, Please

~"It's better to burn out, than fade away."~

5 Years Ago...

"Kagome, why are you looking up street racing?" Sango asked her best friend/roommate.

"I don't know. I always though it would be kinda fun. I mean, come on. The fast cars, illegal night races, hot guys, gangs, parties, hot guys. It just sounds cool, ya know?" Kagome said as she looked at all the sites Google came up with.

"Western Youkai? That doesn't even have anything to do with racing let alone cars... Click on it." Sango said as she leaned over Kagome's shoulder staring at the computer screen.

"...Fine." As soon as Kagome clicked on the link, an animation started. It was a giant demonic white dog jumping out at the screen.

"Was that it?" both girls asked as they looked at each other them back at the computer which now showed a website that sold car parts.

"That's lame..."


Sango sighed as she skimmed the website with her eyes. "Hey, look. There's a bunch of links to other sites. Oh hey, it's that dog thing again and it's on fire."

Kagome automatically clicked on it before Sango could say anything else.

"...Cool. Way cooler than before."



-Paris, France-

The city of Light and Romance. The city with the one of the most famous structures in the whole world: the Eiffel Tower. It's old and beautiful homes and streets flourished with life and business. People walked about in the streets filled with the joy and happiness of the night life. Everyone was surrounded by friends and having a great time.

'Almost everyone,' thought Shippo grumpily.

He sat in a local and quaint cafe nestled between a few classy restaurants and was people watching. If anyone was not having fun, it was Shippo. He sat in his iron woven chair and pouted. No sir-ee, he was not having fun. Even his triple layer chocolate mousse with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel and chocolate flakes did not help a bit to make him feel any better.

'Who the heck would have a great time doing this?' Shippo thought while glancing at the figure seated less than three feet away from him.

Miroku, the deemed 'biggest lecher and ladies man of all time', was busy flirting with the French waitress.

Yes, an actual French waitress.

'Lord knows he's always wanted to do this,' Shippo thought, sickened.

Miroku's short black hair was in its customary low ponytail at the base of his neck and his deep violet-blue eyes were trained on the sight of the waitress. His charming smile was in place as he flirted shamelessly with the woman and he laughed pleasantly at some small and probably inane comment she made. He leaned in closer and whispered into her ear as she giggled dumbly.

'As if he doesn't already flirt with anything, human, female and straight,' Shippo thought utterly disgusted with Miroku. He watched them a few moments longer just before the waitress left to get their orders. 'Well, it seems that I'll have to break the news to Miroku about his new infatuation.,' Shippo thought evilly.

"Well Miroku, it seems you've moved on once again." Shippo said somewhat nonchalantly. "What happened to that sales woman at that one clothes shop at that place? What was her name? Chantella? Janelle?"

Miroku gave him a look as he replied, "As a matter of fact, her name was Marguerite. She and I had quite a great time in northern France. Chantellla was the woman at the cafe in Budapest, Hungary and Janelle was the woman I met in the market last week. They were all quite magnificent, but we had all decided we were not meant to be with the other."

Shippo raised a brow in speculation at the man and replied, "Sure. All of what you just said translates into, 'They didn't know how much of a lecher you are and once you guys were alone, you decided to pull your 'moves' on them. Then advertently; they slapped you in the face, called you a pervert and then stopped off to leave you in the dust.' Aren't I right?"

"Shippo!" Miroku cried out in 'hurt' while clutching his chest. "Your words wound me to my very soul! How could you say such a thing to-"

"-'a humble servant of Buddha such as myself?'" Shippo finished, already having heard the speech before. "Seriously man, what kind of a monk hits on any women in a five mile radius? Last time I checked, a 'humble' monk such as yourself couldn't do that."

"I don't hit on every women in a five mile radius." Miroku stated insulted. "I only hit on the exceptionally beautiful ones like our French waitress here."

"Uh-huh. When did your version of 'exceptionally beautiful' lead you to hit on a man? Are you switching teams on me Miroku?!" Shippo asked, pretending to be scandalized.

"'Man?' 'MAN!?'" Miroku sputtered loudly. "W-What are you talking about Shippo?! I am not switching teams, nor have I hit on any man what-so-ever! I am a purely female attracted, red-blooded male!"

"Well, I think that 'red blood' of yours apparently has some disorder. How could you not tell that 'waitress'," Shippo said while putting up air quotes, "wasn't a woman?"

"Well let me think about that Shippo." Miroku answered some what annoyed. "Our waitress is, One: Dressed as a woman. Two: Looks like a woman. Three: Talks like a woman. And let's not forget Four: Freakin' smells like a woman."

"You obviously haven't been around enough cross-dressers." Shippo sighed heavily.

"Cross-dressing, huh? How can you tell that she's a he?" Miroku asked a bit curious and peeved he didn't notice. I hit on a guy. Eww, Miroku thought to himself with an inward shiver of revulsion.

"Oh Miroku, Miroku, Miroku! So many things to teach you." Shippo responded as if Miroku were dumb and he no brains at all. He then pointed to their 'waitress' while 'she' was helping another group. "Look and learn Miroku. The Art of Cross-Dressing is not something someone just decides to do one day without putting thought into it. It takes skill to cross the gap and make ones self into the other gender.

"Look how his slightly broad shoulders are covered with the distracting frill and of puff of the sleeves. He even grew his hair long to get the female look. Look at his neck; the chocker around it helps hide his already slight Adam's apple. And the curve of his jaw is slight, but just enough to a hint that he's a guy. He probably even took classes to learn how to talk like a woman or just watched and copied the women he'd seen. Plus, he can just put on perfume to smell like a woman easily." Shippo finished like a teacher instructing a stupid pupil before adding another tid-bit of information. "Besides, there's a sign out front that warns the customers this place has cross-dressers. I read this place was known for it's phenomenal skill for tricking it's customers (male or female) into believing its' employee's as their portrayed genders. I wanted to see how you would do. Apparently, you're broken or something."

Sure enough, Miroku turned and spotted the sign (although really, really small and in a really, really hard place to see) that stated 'Beware, you are in risk of entering a cross-dresser's zone. You are warned.'

'Well that's quaint. They could have at least put it in clear sight,' Miroku thought peeved. He spotted their 'waitress' heading back to their table with his order and quickly stood up. "H-Hello Jessebella! It seems I must be leaving now because I have a very important, um, meeting I must attend! Yes! Quite important!" Miroku said while trying to keep his cool. Shippo stealthy hid a snickered across from him.

'Jessebella' quirked 'her' head to the side (in a very feminine way) and asked in accented English, "Do you really have to go? I just got your order too! Can you stay for a bit longer?" At Miroku's head shake, 'she' continued on. "How about we reschedule our date, yes?"

Miroku laughed nervously and replied, "Um, how about I call you and reschedule? I have a very busy time while I'm here and I don't know when I'll have the time to go out. Come Shippo, we must attend to that, um, meeting....Yes! That meeting at once!" Miroku hauled Shippo away from his seat and quickly left the cafe.

'Jessebella' called to them while they, meaning Miroku, was literally running away. "You don't even have my number!"


-Tokyo, Japan-

He stared out of the windows and took in the sights of the place he called home.


'There really is no place like it.' He thought to himself.

As long as he could remember, Tokyo was one of the few places where he felt truly comfortable. Granted, he owned homes in several countries, but none of them compared.

'Yes, none of them do compare. How many countries allow you to drive up to 200kph on the highway without the police even trying to chase after you? Not many.' Sesshomaru thought to himself dryly.

The early morning traffic buzzed quietly below him. At 25+ floors, traffic and pedestrians looked like ants. There was the usual haze of smog among the skyscrapers and high rises but it all spoke of urbanization and industrial growth. Japan was growing and Sesshomaru was content to be a part of its' growth.

As he stood overlooking his domain, the buzz on his intercom interrupted him.

"Taisho-sama? Excuse me, but Inuyasha-sama is on line 1 for you. Your 8:15 meeting is in 20 minutes, but would you like to speak to him now or later?"

Reaching for the intercom, Sesshomaru answered. "Shiori, give me Inuyasha. This shouldn't take long." He picked up the line and spoke coolly, "Inuyasha. Report."

A disgruntled growl met his ears. "Keh. You don't gotta speak to me like I'm one of your employee's 'Taisho-sama.' I'm your brother for gods' sake."

"Though you my be my younger brother, you are a subordinate of mine, thus you are technically an employee of mine, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru explained while gathering papers for his meeting. "Report. How is the team?"

Shuffling of papers and more disgruntled mumblings could be heard over the phone. "Shippo and Miroku are fine in Paris. They got those parts that were ordered and tested them out on the streets. They're doing their thing but almost got arrested for the Kit's tricks and the Houshi's hand problem. You might want to talk to them about that."

"Not surprising." Sesshomaru answered absently while scanning some documents.

"Jinenji and Kohaku are all clear in Beijing. No arrests, or any troubles on their end. They're doing their usual ambassador deals; Charming the hell outta everyone and making more connections for us in China. You can always count on them to get the job done with spare time."

"Good. Ookami's and Naraku's teams?"

More shuffling papers could be heard. "Keh. Same shit with that mangy wolf's team. They might do some line up changes but I got people checking them out. Naraku is being his usual bastard self and being secretive. I got a tip that they got some surprises for us that may be one or two new drivers to add to their ranks. I heard they're foreign and from the states. I'm doing some background checks as we speak."

"Get that to me as soon as possible. Anything else?"

"Yeah, maybe." Inuyasha paused. "Apparently, there's also this team that's been getting some press lately. Word on the street and my sources say it's an all female team from drivers to mechs. They've been kicking ass and taking names. I also heard that their mechs are the brains of the operation. I'm not sure if they could be a threat yet, but they do have the potential." Inuyasha left the question hanging in the air.

Sesshomaru considered his options for a moment before answering. "Get me a profile on all members on that team and as much as you can on those mechanics. Also a profile on those drivers for Naraku as well. We don't need any surprises and we'll deal with them all in due time. Are you done in California?"

"Yeah, I also picked up some contacts in Florida too. I'll be back sometime around 3 p.m. Friday, Japan time, so send a car for me, will ya?"

"Alright. The others will be back by Saturday morning and we'll have a debriefing on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Western Lands."

"Have a good meeting Sess, live up to your namesake. Later Taiyoukai"

"Hn. Hanyou"


-Somewhere in the France-

In the quiet countryside somewhere in France, two young women stood side by side looking at a road map in the dark with a flashlight. It was around 10 p.m. and the roads were fairly deserted. They were surrounded by fields of local plants and a few local farms. A field of cows mooed in the distance as they decided where to go.

"All these country roads look the same to me." said the taller of the two.

"Yeah, I know. Being in another country sucks big-time. You think we should have done a better route check?" said the shorter girl.

"I guess that could have helped. Then again, it's too late to think on what we could have done and we need to get out of here pronto. I'm not too fond of sleeping with the cows."

"I know, me either." said the shorter of the two with a grimace. "Sleeping out here would remind me of a slasher fic too much. You know, the kind where these two defenseless chicks get stuck in the country. Meanwhile, a menace to society; aka killer, is on the loose and trying to kill them. You know, the usual stuff."

"Hey, but you're forgetting something." said the taller girl. "We're not two defenseless chicks. You're a ten-year judo student who happens to be totally kick ass with a katana or any blade; I'm a second degree black belt in Karate and I'm pro with any firearm. Your blades are in your car and my lovers are in my dash and under my seat. We're not defenseless. We're actually the 'menace to society' as you put it."

"Huh, you're right. I kinda forgot for a second there." the shorter girl stood for a moment before crossing her arms and sighing, "Man, I miss Mugen. I wish I brought him with me. I love that katana."

"No worries, I brought him with me." the taller girl said with a smile aimed at the shorter girls' look of surprise. "You said you wanted to enter a competition when we get to Japan and I thought you'd want your baby there with you. You can thank me after you win."

"No wonder you're my best friend." said the shorter girl with a smirk on her lips and a shake of her head. "You totally read my mind. I'll get you a present sometime. Though, hey, didn't you want that new Beretta? The onyx one with the specials?"

"You're going to get me that Aki!!? Whoa!"

"Oh, Meike! Not get, I already bought it. You should be really thankful. That little lover cost me quite a few pretty pennies." the shorter girl, Aki, answered with a scowl.

"Damn it! Now I'm gonna owe you now Aki! You know I hate being in your debt." the taller girl, Meike, said with a pout.

"Well, I like you being in my debt, but if you let be borrow the Beretta a few times, I guess we could call it square." Aki said innocently.

Aki and Meike smiled at each other and grimly turned back to the matter at hand.

"Okay. Where the hell are we gonna go first?" Aki scrunched her nose in thought.

Meike looked at the map for a moment before an idea came to mind. "I got it!" she yelled. She pointed to a city on the map. "Right now, we're closest to here. I have some connections so we can use a plane from Paris, make a stop in Germany for a bit and get our asses to Japan in good time."

Aki stared at her. "You want to go to Germany? Why?? That city there is only good for alcohol..." She trailed off as the thought came to her. She smacked her hand to her forehead. "Of course! Gah! I'm so stupid at times! Oh, we should do some shopping in Paris for a bit too, my supplier just got some new inventory that I've been meaning to check out..."

"So it's set now?" Meike listed their plan. "Paris for a bit of shopping, white and black market; Germany for some partying and drinks; Then a fist-class ride to Japan for some good ol' fun."

The girls grinned in delight and jumped into their cars. Rubber squealed into the night as monstrous cars and even more monstrous drivers raced to make their futures while other unsuspecting drivers and teams would be drawn into the adventure of their lives... be continued...


Okay, I really don't know where this story will be going in the future, but I think I started out pretty well. I haven't written up the next chapter(s) up yet, so it may be a really long time before you see this fic even updated again...Hopefully, my muse will strike again if you guys really like this fic.




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