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Love at last by ~Juggalette4Lyfe420~

love at last

It was just another day for the gang. "Inu Yasha I sence 4 shards." "What direction Kagome?" "East." So the mixmatch group went East. Sesshomaru and his little group were heading west after seeing the Eastern Lord Chi. He senced his half brother's group. 'Kagome' he thought to himself. He walked to the the edge of the clearing just as they finished off a demon. And were now setting up camp. Everyone ate and went to sleep. Inuyasha picked up the sent of grave yard soil, bones and death. What he didn't know was everyone wasn't asleep and had watched him leave. Soon everyone looked at Kagome who only got up and walked to the forest and Sango stood saying "Kagome do you feel sad?" "No Sango and I'm sure you know why I moved on." With that she walked away unaware of the Dog Demon Lord following behind.

The Next Day

Inuyasha finally came back to camp. Sango and Kagome looked up at him. Inuyasha cleared his throught getting everyone's attention. Then he said "guys Kikyo is joining the group." Kagome stood up and asked "Why?" Everyone waited for him to reply but what he said shocked everyone. Inuyasha says "because wench Kikyo is the original and sence the shards better. You should be glad I'm even letting you stay bitch."

From where Inuyasha was he suddenly heared a visious growl and looked up to see a red eyed Sesshomaru walk up behind a crying Kagome. "What are you doing here you bastard? Get away from the bitch Sesshomaru." Inuyasha said. Sesshomaru now stood behind Kagome. When Inuyasha finished that sentence Kagome through herself at Sesshomaru who caught her in his arms and hugged het to him as he growled comfertingly to Kagome. Sesshomaru's demon instincts were leading him to confert his friend and his first love though she didn't know she was. "Its ok Gome-Chan." Sesshomaru said soothingly. "Can I change now Maru-Chan?" "Yes." was Sesshomaru's simple reply. There was a bright light and when it faded there asleep in Sesshomaru's arms was the most beautiful dog demoness any of them had ever seen everyone exept Sesshomaru who had already seen Kagome like this had gasped.

Kagome now had long black hair that was in low pig tails that hung over her shoulders she wore a beautiful sapphire kamono it had two slits that stopped a little bit below her mid thigh. her hair had very noticable blue highlights and the tips were crimson red. On her face she had marks like Sesshomaru just they were blue and she had a gold chain that had a crescent moon on it that sat on her neck. There were other marks that they could tell that she was also an elemental miko. "And I thought you were her friend Inuyasha." said Sesshomaru colder than ever.


She was running through a forest laughing while saying "You can't catch me Maru-Chan." "Oh yes I can Kagome." Sesshomaru said as he caught her. Kagome laughed. "KAGOME SESSHOMARU COME IN!!" Yelled Kagome's mother and father.


"Kagome have you ever wondered who gave you the necklace?" asked her father. "Yes." she said. "Well you see Kagome it was my son Sesshomaru you two are betrothed to become mates." said Sesshomaru's father InuTashio. "COOL!" Kagome exclaimed.


Kagome slowly opend her eyes. She sat up and looked around and then she saw Sesshomaru. Kagome asked "Sessho-Kun?" Sesshomaru had been surprised but he just smiled and nodded. While he said "Yes Kagome-Koi."

And since that day they have been inseperatable. They mated and had one pup it was a boy they named him InuTashio after his grandfather. And they lived happy lives with InuTashio Jr. and Shippou and Rin. They became sad when Rin died but they still lived happy.




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