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The Greatest Day by wawa

The Evil

Disclaimer - I do own Inuyasha...Oh wait no I don't!

AN - Written for Nobody's squirrel challenge. I found it really hard not to go over 500 words and had to cut many things out of this story to comply with the word limit. Thanks to all that read and review!!!!

Word count= 477

The Greatest Day

It was finally Saturday a day in which Sesshoumaru could relax sleep in cuddled next to his mate and just let the world pass him by. Except for the dam squirrel that kept running across his roof annoying him to no end!

Every Saturday it was the same precisely at seven forty three am the hell spawn would continually run across the roof. Effectively waking him up and then keeping him awake. The pitter-patter of the evil thing would grate on his nerves until he would finally get out of bed and start his day.

He had tried to look for the squirrel many times always coming up short. It was like a ghost one minute it is making enough noise to wake the dead and then suddenly it was gone as soon as he stepped outside.

Tossing the covers off him, he angrily stormed over to his dresser to get dressed. He was on a very important mission; a squirrel was going to die today.

Kagome awoke to the sound of several dresser drawers slamming shut. Instantly knowing what was causing Sesshoumaru to break his normal indifferent attitude and show his anger. For a demon that is annoyed by most things in this world and shows no emotion it was somewhat odd that a cute and fluffy squirrel could do the job.

With a heavy sigh, Kagome tried to bring her mate back to bed. "Sesshoumaru leave the poor squirrel alone and come back to bed."

Giving his mate a look of defiance he coolly replied, "This Sesshoumaru will do no such thing. That evil thing will die by my hands today.'

Deciding that she was too tired to deal with her homicidal mate Kagome choose to just roll over and go back to sleep. Sesshoumaru saw this and smiled knowing that his mate was submitting.

Making his way outside Sesshoumaru jumped onto the roof and deposited his handful of nuts in a pile right above where his bedroom would be. Taking several steps back, he prepared for the creature to make its appearance. All the while thinking that today would be one of his greatest accomplishments.

A half an hour later, he heard a noise, looking up he could not help the malicious smile from crossing his face. Today was truly going to be a great day.

There it was the bane of his existence happily eating the nuts left for it. Using his whip Sesshoumaru easily dispatched the squirrel from this world.

Kagome had just finished her breakfast when Sesshoumaru walked in the house whistling. 'There is no way he is actually whistling for killing an ordinary squirrel!'

Without saying a word Sesshoumaru picked Kagome out of her seat, threw her over his shoulder, and made his way to the bedroom. 'Today was going to be one of the greatest Saturdays of his life.'

AN - No squirrels were harmed during the making of this fic!


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