Reviews for The Greatest Day by wawa

Maru (Chapter 1) - Sat 27 Dec 2008
awesome. the hilarity of trying to imagine Sesshoumaru whistling was enough to completely amuse me... no kidding about the rest of it. LOL Maru

Nobody (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Dec 2008

LOL too funny wawa great job i enjoyed this very much.

Kira Cross (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Dec 2008
LMAO wawa that was funny, but poor squirrel. oh well thats what you get for annoying sesshomaru

Oroyukae (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Dec 2008

Yes!!!!Brilliant! So very entertaining and humorous, I particularly liked how dispatching the squirrel to the beyond mad him whistle.

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Dec 2008

LOL!  Thank-you!  I have a 6:45 am squirrel who runs across MY roof and I DO wish for his demise on a daily basis!  This was very funny and I enjoyed it immensely!  Nice job!

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