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Blindsight by ECCougarBeta

Panic Room

Hisa smiled at one of the nurses at the nurses station, who barely acknowledged her. It was fairly typical of the women, mostly because the rotation of nurses for this hospital were unusually high. At least in the psych ward, it was. This particular floor was one of those that nobody wanted to willingly work on, but last month Hisa had followed a patient from one ward in downtown Tokyo to the outskirts of the city. Oddly enough, the patient was being moved for bad behavior, and they didn’t want as many patients to be subject to her violent outbursts. It was said she was surrounded by supremely bad luck. Things and people tended to die around her, and there was never really any extraordinary reason for it. Hisa quietly moved along the hallway, passing door after door of reinforced steel.

Working in a high risk psych ward attached to the hospital would have excellent resume worth, but she always had to steele herself against the creeps that followed her in the wards. She paused at room 694, looking into the padded room where the patient she had decided to follow was huddled in a corner. Her long hair had its own curl despite being stringy and oily, and it curtained around her face, which made it hard to gauge her mood. As it were, she was gently rolling her head against the padding, and it looked like she was talking to her hallucinations again. When Higurashi first presented according to her case file, she insisted she was being followed around by someone who was after the jewel she had cut her stomach open and shoved into her body. The original reason she had been remitted to psych was exactly that reason - she had cut the side of her abdomen open with a box cutter, and while trying to sew the wound shut, had passed out from blood loss. Her mother had found her in the bottom of the old well at the shrine where the ambulance was called, where apparently she lived with her family for a few years.

Doctor visits weren’t anywhere on her file, but according to her history, she had missed most of her school because of various illnesses that were never formally diagnosed by a physician. Her mother had only decided to give in to the psych evaluations when her daughter had managed to break free of the nurses and doctors trying to hold her. That night, while treating her, it had taken enough clonazepam to knock out a horse to keep her from struggling, and when the highest dose had been administered, she was still weakly fighting unconsciousness. She kept saying there had been an assassin after her, over and over, a Perfect Killer she called him, and pleaded with the staff to please let her keep her wits. One of the nurses had gone to comfort her an hour later, and somehow, the nurse’s presence alone had caused a psychotic break that ended with the entire floor needing to be evacuated.

There was no real proof as to what had happened, but what was said was somehow there were dozens of fires set on the floor simultaneously that night. Piles of ash were observed everywhere in the hospital. Other than the ash there was nothing else to suggest fire. The lights had burst and broken glass was everywhere, but the last occupant of the room was the seventeen year old Higurashi girl, who had been found wandering the halls. She’d been walking barefoot over the shattered glass, dragging her blooded hands on the wall. Nobody could explain the blood, where it had come from. She had one minor wound in the same spot as her abdomen where she’d cut herself open, but this one was more localized and far more jagged. She held the spot and refused treatment, holding the wound like she was carrying a baby and insisted that the jewel was safe for now.

They put her in a straight-jacket and treated her feet. There were three more incidents like this at the last ward she was at previously, all with the same mysterious components. Other patients would disappear, and piles of ash would be found after odd circumstances occurred. It had been about a year since the last incident. Hisa was only going off what she’d heard rumors of, and she wasn’t the only nurse that had been intrigued enough to keep up with the Higurashi girl. Now, it seemed like she was comfortable where she was at. Hisa nodded as she walked away from the room and would make her rounds in another hour, headed back for the nurses station and began working charts. 


Screaming. So much screaming. It was stomach curdling and brought Hisa out of her paperwork. She jumped up, running for the corridor when she saw it.

Everything on the floor was shaking. Metal tools rattled in their respective carts that hopped and jumped against the tile. Even the air seemed to craw over her skin, sending Hisa into a confused jog down the hall, searching for the culprit. The screaming she heard... Was standing at the door. Nurses she didn’t recognize were being enveloped in white flame, screaming in shrieks of pain that made her stomach clench. She couldn’t move, standing stark still as she tried to figure out what to do, and by the time she had moved for a bucket or any water, it was far too late. The bodies were crumbling around the door they were standing at. One pile of ash after another, they were burning away. In the wake of all of the disaster, a dark figure emerged. A tall man, dressed in a pitch black suit stark against his skin white as the hair around him. He was moving toward her on the opposite end of the hall. His face was placid, eyes were red like a demon as he strode slowly towards the piles of ashes and stepping over them like they weren’t just screaming beings. Hisa fell back when his gaze fell on her, scrambling back.
“Hn..” She heard him dismiss her as being unimportant, looking instead with a demonic, toothy grin through the window of the door the rest had fallen in firey death at. It was door 694. The Higurashi girl. All he did was jam his hand through the steel of the door, ripping the door’s handle off and tossing aside the heavy metal door like it was nothing. Hisa felt tears gather as she heard the sound of screaming, pleading.

“No! No more! You can’t have it!” She was screaming as the dark entity walked into the room. Her morbid fascination began to overwhelm her survival instinct and she crawled forward trying to discern what was happening as the screaming began to turn into unintelligible shrieking.

A growling, gravely voice came over the shrieks.

“We can. We will.”

She screamed again and Hisa could hear ripping and struggling. She had finally made it close enough to see what was happening to the girl. Hisa’s hands came to her mouth and she fought the urge to vomit.

The room had filled with thin tendrils. The girl was spread before the entity, the canvas straightjacket having been ripped to shreds. Her hospital gown didn’t save her from the entity’s view, and her naked body was being prodded.

“Where is it?” The voice boomed from the silver-haired entity. He was met with a scream of pain. “I did not commandeer this body for centuries for you to tell us the jewel no longer exists.”


It felt like ants were marching over her skin as the Higurashi girl wailed. Blood splashed on the floor, and something with a strong acidic smell made Hisa’s stomach turn as she shrieked again the second the entity touched her again

“S-sesshoumaru wake up..” She heard the girl call weakly. “P-please, wake up. Don’t let him t-take me, please!”

Laughter filled the room, cruel and cold.

“He’s here, you know.”

A whimper from Higurashi.

“He can hear you.”

Crying filled the room and Hisa could see the girl begin to struggle anew. “I’ll purify him, you b-bastard.”
The entity laughed again.

“He’s telling you to. I can hear it. Would you like to?”

“n... no. no... no no no no no..” She groaned. The tendrils were stripping her, cutting away the gown and digging into her flesh. Each dig was followed by a claw tipped with acid running over her wounds and seemingly searing them shut.

“But he’s so concerned for you, little miko!” The dark voice proclaimed.
“DO IT, PRIESTESS!” Roared a new voice in the room. The entity’s flesh roiled, the suit bulging angrily. “PURIFY US. KILL HIM.”

The girl sobbed, even as her struggle renewed. “I can’t, I can’t... Sesshoumaru p-please don’t make me. Please, I can’t, not you...”

“GODAMMIT DO ... DO..” The voice faltered and the deep gravelly voice was back. “You see? So concerned for you. Its endearing, isn’t it? Makes it so much more difficult to kill him, doesn’t it?”

The entity was on her now, the silver tendrils bringing her closer. She thrashed, screaming until she was choking on her own screams and Hisa couldn’t stand it anymore. She shook herself out of her stupor and launched herself at the entity in the room. Pain seared through her and looking down, she saw she’d been impaled on a long, silver tendril of acidic light. Blood spilled over the floor and it took her a long moment before she realized she’d been torn in half. 


She shrieked as blood sprayed over her face. The nurse had been ripped in half and tossed asunder in her padded cell. Sesshoumaru’s features were twisted in ways she’d never seen. It wasn’t him. She knew that. The last few years she’d been trying desperately to hide from Sesshoumaru, and only today was it as he held her captive by strong tentacles she realized it wasn’t him. She’d barely made it back from the Feudal Era when she’d realized she was followed. Mama was the first to change. Then Souta had been killed, the death ruled as accidental. Ji-Ji was the same. When Mama had signed off on sending her to a psych ward, she knew something was wrong, and she had desperately tried to hide the completed Shikon back in her body. She hadn’t failed - the jewel was safely hiding in her body. She didn’t know exactly where, but the thing had drifted somewhere she couldn’t tell in her body cavity. Since then, it had been demon after demon, coming for her.

One of them she had assumed was Sesshoumaru. She had been deadly wrong. Naraku was inside his body, she could tell. There were two powerful demonic presences before her as she hung by her wrists before the body that looked like Sesshoumaru. And just as Naraku had said, Sesshoumaru was the backseat driver here. Somehow, some way, he’d managed to overcome the demon lord and was currently wreaking havoc in the hospital she’d been transferred to. Kagome shook as gold eyes raked over her and she felt sick, vomiting as those tendrils cut trails along her stomach and ripped away the lower half of the hospital gown. Naraku used Sesshoumaru’s acid laced claw tips to burn the wounds closed so she wouldn’t bleed out. He clearly had plans, and she didn’t want any part of them.
“You c-can’t have it..” She panted, tears falling over the now bloodied tile floor. Naraku tutted with Sesshoumaru’s mouth, feigning disappointment.
“You know, we find this is fine. As long as we know you have it, we can afford a few more days of fun before ripping you apart to find it. You’ve cost us hundreds of years, multiple bodies.” Naraku stepped closer to her as the thin tentacles brought her closer, spreading her wide by the ankles.

“It was mere luck that has us in this body... And we are quite pleased with how easy it is to manipulate these days. The great Lord Sesshoumaru grew soft with the years.”

The fleshy appendages around her thighs grew tighter as she whimpered softly, biting her lip to try and contain anymore noises of agony. She fought the panic... Harder to do as the grip on her calves became bruising.

“What if I did this with this body...?” He hissed in her ear as he brought her naked lower half eye level. She struggled hard and failed. A crack sounded and she screamed in pain as one foot was splintered by the grip of the tentacle. A claw tipped finger running down the middle of her belly made her still, face whitening.
“How upset do you think the Lord of the West would be if we used his body to defile you, priestess?” His tongue dragged along the side of her hip and she swallowed hard as she began to struggle anew.
“S-stop, dammit!” She gritted her teeth. Fangs ran over her hip bone and bit down hard. She could feel the teeth grinding into the bone there and it pulled another shriek of pain from her. Her struggles ripped her side apart further under his mouth, now drenched in her blood as he pulled away from her.
“Sesshoumaru’s sense of smell is truly magnificent. Before that little outburst, he could tell you were aroused. Perhaps a good fuck will make you more compliant in our hunt.”

Sesshoumaru’s face twisted and the grip Naraku had on her faltered enough to drop her violently to the floor.

“Run.” He gasped. “We cannot stop him.. You must..” Sesshoumaru’s muzzle crackled and the red in his eyes was fighting with the gold. “Run. RUN!”

Sesshoumaru’s roared as he fought and Kagome crawled for the door around him, through the orderly’s blood. She had crossed the threshold when she felt hands grab her ankles and throw her against the padding of the wall hard enough to jar her vision. She groaned and coughed as she felt clawed hands pull her back up by her throat.
A white hot pain between her legs made her wail, stilling with hopes that it would end as she wept. Sesshoumaru’s golden eyes had bled back to normal, signaling Naraku’s return to control as hissed at her.

“What a tight cunt you have, Kagome. We can barely fit his hand up here.” He cooed. “How fetching you look, covered in blood not yours.” She could feel the grate of his tongue on her again, lapping up the blood covering her torso now.

“How he fights... His beast is happy with our ministrations, you know.” Naraku moved his hand inside of her and she could do nothing but let him have leeway. Her fighting had stopped and her crying was silent tears through gritted teeth. “I’m tempted to let the beast have at you.”

Naraku’s hand ripped out of her body and Kagome shrieked. He was still holding her against the back of the wall when his other hand began fumbling at the demon lord’s belt line, pulling Sesshoumaru’s soft member from his pants. Naraku used one claw to cut the rest of the gown apart and draw a thick line of blood over her chest. He shoved his hand in her mouth even as she tried to bite him and shoved his fingers far enough back she choked. Mucus sticky on his hand, he smeared her blood over the palm of his hand before reaching down and stroking Sesshoumaru’s cock with his fluid covered hand.

“Violating both of you at once. What a delicious pleasure...” He hissed through Sesshouaru’s fangs. Sesshoumaru’s cock jumped to life in his hand, hard strokes and squeezes making him grunt before he spit in the hand that had been stroking him again and shoved those fingers up inside of her, wetting her dry cunt. She begged. Pleaded. All of it fell on attentive ears that heard her, and there was a mirror of panic in the back of Sesshoumaru’s eyes as Naraku prepared the priestess’ pussy for the worst. The tight grip of the tentacles wrapped around her thighs returned, practically cutting circulation off and Sesshoumaru’s hand tightened around her throat as he pulled her legs farther apart, pinning them against the padding of the wall.

Kagome cried shaking her head as Naraku closed the distance, pressing Sesshoumaru’s body hard against hers.
“We are sorry...” Sesshoumaru said softly, his eyes flickering between the cruelty and sorrow. In one hard twist of his hips, the length of Sesshoumaru’s cock had plunged into her and he was moving. Kagome couldn’t breath. It hurt so badly, burning and tearing her apart as the demon lord’s body grunted over her. She cried out, pleaded with him to stop, to come to his senses.
Naraku answered in Sesshoumaru’s stead.
“He’s barely even here, priestess. He loves the feel of your cunt, I can feel it the way he moves without even being directed.” Naraku whispered in her ear, releasing her throat to suck on it and draw more blood for him to lap at with Sesshoumaru’s fangs.

“To defile you, the priestess, is a pleasure denied many a demon. Both of us love it. Feel him as he moves? Not just us.” Naraku grunted, gritting his teeth. “His body already comes close to release. Even the jewel we sense is darkening with it.”

Kagome’s head had lawled to one side, jostling with the force of each thrust. It wasn’t in her to fight anymore. He was going to take what he wanted from her body, but as long as the jewel was safe inside of her... She cried at the injustice. The unfairness as Sesshoumaru’s body raped her, as Naraku grunted and poured seed inside of her. This was not a fate she had chosen for herself, and the only way out was to murder the last of the group that had fought the maniac raping her.

“Sessh...” She croaked. “Please... I’m so sorry.. tell me you forgive me.” she cried. Everything in her fought the last resort, wishing there was any other way. Naraku’s eyes were angry and cold.
“He wants nothing more than to fuck you again, priestess.” Naraku answered. “And we are going to give him what he wants. Spread those thighs for us again, my whore priestess.”

Kagome sobbed, feeling the pressure of the flesh holding her snapped more bones in her legs, bruising her arms. Naraku was preparing to enter her again when she did it. Calling everything in her, she did what she’d been doing every time she felt demonic presence within range. An uncontrolled burst of pure power pulsed from her. Sesshoumaru and Naraku screamed, hands trying to shield his face as the skin and muscle began to burn away with the pure energy. The tentacles grasped her wildly, breaking bones in her forearms and wrists as they scrambled to protected their master and stop their flesh from searing. Sesshoumaru’s beautiful face was burning in front of her, screaming in agony along with her terrified howling. The seconds felt like hours. Kagome lost track of the blinding light as the darkness flooded to fill the space again.

She couldn’t stop screaming. His face, the pain both of them.. Her legs ached, her thighs and her violated cunt... Everything.  


The woman curled in on herself screaming made Satoe shudder. The whole room was a fucking horror show, like one of those horror houses you walked into to scare yourself on Halloween. It was the Higurashi girl. Blood was sprayed on every corner of the walls, and Otonabi Hisa had been ripped in half on the floor a mere ten feet away from the screaming young woman. She was naked and smeared with blood as well. Bodies littered the floor outside the room in pieces. Nobody could figure out what the fuck was going on, and the entire scene had been a mess of screams. The stink of blood and feces hung heavy in the air as everyone tried to sort through the disaster, where the Higurashi girl was at the center.

Even now she was still screaming. She hadn’t stopped, and you could hear her throat rasping as the vocal chords strained. The nurses were trying to pick her out of the bloody mess, but every time someone touched her she would shriek and scramble, kicking and fighting like her life depended on it. It wasn’t until Satoe had spoken softly to her she could even get the girl to pause in her screaming. The blood on the floor was beginning to crust over. She spoke in hushed tones to the Higurashi girl, trying to convince the girl to let her help. The girl suddenly sat up, eyes wild. “I killed him.” She began rocking, her screaming having subsided.

Finally, she let one of the orderlies pick her up and transport her to a gurney. An hour later it was determined she’d been sexually assaulted, bones in both her legs had been broken, and bruising in patterns that were unexplainable was all over her body. Satoe frowned as she looked over the finalized patient chart. There was nobody but the state for the girl now, as her mother had recently been found dead in the shrine that was listed as her home. For now, the Higurashi girl was placed in room number 469, strapped to the bed while her wounds healed.

Six months later, the Higurashi girl attempted suicide when she was told she was pregnant, despite the contraceptives she’d been given after the apparent assault. She’d been left so long to her trauma, her paused periods were chalked up to malnutrition as getting her to eat was nearly impossible anymore. She held her belly and rocked, eyes still wild beneath her dark hair, uttering things to herself about a man and how perhaps, it was him and not another. That maybe, just maybe he wasn’t really gone, and would return as a half demon, and would save her from this hell...


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