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Healing Her Heart by Nile

Chapter 1

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Warning: Story is rated MA for sexual situations and language and somewhat violent situations. If you can't handle it, then don't read.

Note: Story is Canon divergent. Some information from Canon have been changed about existing characters in the series. Reviews are love. Thank you for taking the time to read my fanfic.


She was at a loss for words. Months before she held enough confidence to tell Inu Yasha to sit when he had pissed her or another off with his behaviour.

What made it different is that she had been foolish to fall in love with a being that she had thought might love her. She realized how wrong she was.


Kagome and Sango headed to the nearest hotsprings that Inu Yasha had directed them to earlier. Kagome caught a glimpse of the white soul stealing serpents. Sango had as well, and pulled Kagome with her to follow them. Kagome had told her before that Inu Yasha would follow the soul collectors anytime they came around.

It had been a while since they had known of Inu Yasha's last visit with Kikyo. During that time, Inu Yasha and Kagome had grown closer, even marking Kagome as his mate. Although Kagome never mentioned it, Sango had figured it out during their bathing rituals as she had viewed the mark. Sango swore it was a very crude one, as usually they were carefully done, but Kagome’s mark was deep bite marks and it looked as if he had used his claws and tore down toward her breasts. The scars were deep and she remembered that Kagome had been particularly sensitive drawing her bow for some time and that Shippou mentioned smelling the scent of blood on the futuristic priestess.

The forest was dense, slowing down their progression, but lo and behold, upon reaching the destination of the soul collector's, stood a naked Kikyo in a passionate kiss and embrace with Inu Yasha. Sango's eyes bulged as her temper rose. Kagome stifled a sob, and turned into her adopted sister. Sango brought her away and carefully bathed the distraught priestess before tending to herself. This was no ordinary heartbreak. It was in the hotspring that Kagome broke down and admitted that she gave herself to Inu Yasha and he had marked her as Sango had figured.

Sango's temper flared at an all out high.

'A demon does not cheat on its mate!'

Despite Inu Yasha's sire having two mates, his first had died long before he had taken a human mate so by demon law, the mating was legitimate. Yes, of course, within some demon houses and packs, the alpha female was shared with the males to guarantee the prolonging of future generations, however rumour had spread that the Great Inu no Taisho was loyal to his mate and his first had died in an attack against the Western domain.

Sango dressed Kagome and brought her back to camp. By that time, Inu Yasha had returned and noticed Kagome's demeanor. Sango glared at him and spat, "We saw. Demons, even half do not cheat on their mates."

Inu Yasha's eyes widened, and then he got pissed, jumping down from the tree he was about to settle in for the night, and approached the girls, his stance very stiff and agitated. His eyes briefly flashed red and Sango almost feared that Inu Yasha was going to succumb to his potent demon blood.

"I mated her," he said, pointing at Kagome, "because she will carry my pups. I do not love her, but it is only appropriate that since Kikyo can't have pups, that her reincarnation does it in her stead."

He turned to Kagome and with a curled hand, struck Kagome across the face, drawing deep gashes on her right cheek grinning maliciously.

"I told you not to say anything, bitch!" he growled.

The gash was deep, and Sango gasped, almost seeing a hint of Kagome’s jaw bone through the viscous blood now running down her face as it was turned.

Everyone in the camp gasped, as time seemed to slow. . The blow from it threw Kagome’s body a few feet away into a tree. Kagome fell unconscious, her body positioned unceremoniously on the dirt. Miroku rushed to catch her as Sango grabbed her haraikotsu to defend Kagome. Inu Yasha sneered and turned away, leaping off into the forest.

When she came to, Sango and Miroku were hovering over her, quite worried. Sango had to sew the gash and Kagome looked so pale that she cried into Miroku’s robes. Sango loved Kagome like a sister, having traveled with her so long, and to see her in such a terrible mess was heartbreaking.

"He didn't tell me to not tell you. He said we'd tell you in our own time," Kagome said softly, almost in a whisper and fell unconscious once more.


Kagome stared at the fire. She was alone and had been for the past three months. Inu Yasha had chased her friends away and left her alone during the evenings. She did not speak, and barely ate or slept. She kept to her daily bathing ritual, the only comfort she had left as Inu Yasha unmercifully taunted her that she stunk.

She almost felt nothing, except the occasional relapse to sobbing quietly, and even that was done in a numb trance. She was unable to go home to the comforting arms of her mother. Inu Yasha had destroyed the well that very evening while she laid bleeding profusely from her face.

Her face was now permanently scarred, the four claw marks a straight line from the middle of her cheek, and spreading back near her ear. She had never thought she was a beautiful girl, but she had prided herself in trying to keep her face decent. She hid her face with her long unkempt obsidian locks. She did not want to scare anyone with her disfigurement.

Kagome often found herself confused. Sango explained one time that when demons mate, whether it be another demon or a human, some abilities are shared. She found out her nails had grown into petite claws, her incisors grew longer and she could speak in the inu language. She also found herself able to travel further, so traveling with Inu Yasha did not seem so strenuous. Inu Yasha was aware of it and pushed her to the brink of her ability and left her to collapse in the middle of a clearing so he could venture off to Kikyo’s side.

He had not been so cruel until after their first mating. She had been convinced that he was devoted to her, but afterwards, he seemed to withdraw at first before the cruel words started. She felt lonely and wondered if he had thought the mating between him and her had been unsatisfying. Of course, Kagome had never had a sexual relationship so she had no real feminine wiles to impress him in bed.

She often questioned herself and her beliefs. She wondered what she had done to receive such treatment and she always came to the conclusion that maybe it was punishment for shattering the Shikon no Tama. She knew she was being unreasonable to come up with that excuse, but there was nothing else. She had always tried to be a good girl and never talked bad about people or did dirty tricks.

Kagome heard a branch snap and her eyes immediately turned toward the sound, making her jump slightly. It was Inu Yasha. He looked at her and she looked down, wishing she could will herself invisible. He approached her and gripped her chin, taking in the scars he had given her. She dully looked at him, struggling not to cry and let him have the satisfaction of her broken spirit. She did whimper and for a moment she could have sworn there was a glimpse of regret, but that quickly disappeared under his unnerving gaze.

"You're in heat, bitch," he smirked, untying her yukata and pushed her roughly to the ground.

She had dreaded this day and struggled as he pressed his weight against her. He slapped her hard.

“Quit moving, bitch. You’re mine,” he growled and then stuck his unwelcome fingers into her dry entrance, “And this is my cunt too. You won’t deny me. Now be a good mate and just lay there.”

He was determined to impregnate her, and once she gave him the heir he wanted, he said he would kill her. He had informed her of that after she had discovered the well was destroyed. For days she laid by the well, unmoving. During that time, Inu Yasha had disbanded the Inu- group for good, warning them never to come near again. After a few days, he came back and dragged her and dumped her into the nearest river, telling her to wake up so they could leave.

He had been shard hunting with Kikyo during the night and doing kami- knows- whatever with her, while just journeying in silence with Kagome during the day. Sometimes during their walk, he would remind her how worthless she was and that she was a copy.

She could not hold the tears back as he roughly handled her breasts. She yelped, unable to will her own tongue. She closed her eyes, as he entered her forcefully. She had lost all attraction to him despite his handsome appearance. He pounded into her, grunting as tears spilled from the corner of her closed eyes. Her body finally adjust and gave into its desires, despite being torn, and as she climaxed, she cried out mournfully as he shouted, "Kikyo!"

Him shouting the undead priestess's name was the final blow. He had never done that, but then again, he did not touch her unless it was to smack her around.

Once he was satiated, he pulled out and sneered, “What a waste of a body! You weren’t as enjoyable as Kikyo. Now she is a real woman.”

She covered herself and layed there staring off into the night, the tears still pouring out of her quietly. His intrusion had left her vaginal walls torn, but that was only a portion of the pain that haunted her. The night was a tad on the cold side, so she shivered, but did nothing to cover herself more. She did not care anymore as her eyes dulled. Whatever sparkle that was left, was no longer there. Any passerby would have thought she was dead by the look on her face as she did not even close her eyes to sleep.

Inu Yasha had left her, even dousing the fire before he left to make her night colder and knowing it took her a while to conjure up a good fire, but she was not quite alone. The whole time, two amber eyes bore angrily at what had just happened.


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