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Motherlover by susie

Home Alone

A/N:  This isn’t the story I have been teasing... just a passing fancy.  Also not a sequel to my previous work.  This is a stand-alone bit. 


In the future, in the home where Kagome had grown up in, Sesshoumaru sat at the kitchen table sipping his second cup of coffee.  He had been introduced to the caffeinated beverage not long after becoming trapped in the strange era with the miko he now considered his, and he had become quite taken with the stuff.   

Said miko was on her way home from school, and thanks to the permissive nature of the woman who had given her life, he had been allowed to remain with his girlfriend under her mother’s roof, until the well opened back up to grant him access to his life 500 years in the past... if it ever would again. 

Mrs. Hirgurashi was tense, with her back to the demon lord as she cut carrots for the dinner she would make later that evening.  But her anxiety was not due to the fact that there was a dangerous demon in her house.  She was certain no harm would come to their family at his deadly hands.  She was reluctant to regard him openly simply because it was awkward. 

Ever since Sesshoumaru had taken up residence in her home, and been staying in her daughter’s room, it had been hard to ignore the noises constantly coming from upstairs whenever the couple was up there alone.  Her daughter was technically a grown woman, but it was still uncomfortable to hear them enjoying each other so regularly... and so loudly. 

Another reason she was timid was that Kagome’s demon boyfriend was wearing the sweatpants that had been recently bought for him... and nothing else.  It seemed like this youkai was never wearing a shirt.  And though she was a mother, she was still very much a woman.  And she was not at all comfortable with the feelings that stirred in her when in the presence of the very well-built male that was sleeping with her daughter. 

“Hitome...” she had insisted that he call her by her first name, but the sound of it passing through his tempting mouth caused a tremor through her, and the action made her chopping hand slip, and cut a gash on her index finger. 

“OW!” she moaned in pain, and he was up in an instant.  Hovering behind her as she regarded her bleeding finger, he took the injured hand in his own.  He hadn’t meant to startle her... only ask if she needed any help with her kitchen duties.  And he felt guilty for causing her to start enough to distract her from her task. 

She allowed him to inspect the wound.  She immediately forgot the pain as she looked back up to the handsome dog demon.  Though he appeared quite young, Sesshoumaru had lived for centuries.  And something about him allowed Hitome to feel like a schoolgirl again in his presence.  She should not be so affected.  It was very inappropriate to feel such things around her daughter’s boyfriend. 

Though he was taking in her wound apologetically, she could only gaze at him in awe.  He was so beautiful.  It was painful to endure.  If this guy was not Kagome’s, she would have made a move on him long ago. 

She was rendered speechless as he looked into her eyes.  He was way too close.  As the intensity of his golden pupils burned into her soul, he lifted her bleeding finger to take sinfully into his mouth.  She should recoil... should stop this immediately.  But any protest she could conjure would die on her tongue, as he used his own to swirl over the cut to try and heal the wound. 

She closed her eyes; partly in pleasure, and partly to help resist the urges that were calling for her to take him.  To kiss him harshly, and throw him onto the table and ride him into oblivion. 

Her blood entering his system caused his eyes to hood.  He could sense Hitome’s power.  The moment they were introduced, he could tell that this woman was a miko as well.  Apparently, Kagome’s traits were inherited not only from her reincarnation.  And the crackling energy he felt at the contact reminded him of the pleasurable sizzle of Kagome’s purity against him. 

He removed his hand from her own, allowing her to reclaim her finger from his hot mouth at her own will... a will it appeared that she no longer possessed.  She let it remain, enjoying the feel as he moved his tongue around it, also unwilling to fully relinquish his hold. 

With his hands now freed, he grabbed her at her hips, and pressed her against the edge of the sink and trapping her there with his weighty mid-section. 

His face was inches from hers, and never breaking eye contact, she finally removed her damaged appendage from his mouth, and inserted it past her lips to tantalizingly suck on.  She closed her eyes to enjoy the taste of him on her finger, and his lids dropped as he shuddered in lust at her response to him. 

When his eyes opened again, Hitome removed herself from her mouth.  She grabbed his face with both her hands, and pulled him into a deep kiss as they both moaned pleasurably at the contact. Grinding his hard cock into her wanting hips, he kissed her roughly as he permitted her hands to roam the expanse of his broad chest and shoulders. 

“I’m home!”

Kagome’s entrance through the front door could be heard from the other side of the house, and the two broke the kiss to stare hungerly into each other's eyes.  Though their faces were only an inch apart, their middles were still tightly pressed to one another, and their hands were still grasping on as he had her forcefully pressed against the counter. 



A/N:  I kinda want Sesshoumaru to bang Kagome’s mom... but like, only of Kagome is cool with it maybe?  I dunno, what do you think? 


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