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Tantei by InumeT_FlyGirl


WARNING: This story is purely fictional. Any names, brands, or references to RL companies, jurisdictions, and/or places are not owned by me. This fiction contains gruesome stories, rape, violence, and strong use of language. NO YIMS!

DISCLAIMER: InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi/Viz media and I do not earn any profit.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Date: March 12, 2016

Time: 10:56 P.M.

Ricardo was a tall and burly kind of guy. His eyebrows were as thick and as rough as his beard; his eyes were frequently caught in a suspicious slant that led others to believe that he was angry half of the time, and his nose flared repeatedly, as if there were something in the air.  His tanned skin was marred and showed signs of his rough lifestyle, and yet his hands were smooth and blemish free.

Ricardo never got his hands dirty.

It was how he managed to stay unsuspected in the crimes he committed. It would do the Boss no good, if he left a trail.

And if there was anything that Ricardo was it was loyal to the Boss.

The Sicilian Mafia were mostly found in New York, however, with Chicago’s rise in violent crimes and its reputation, no one suspected that most of crime related activities were done by the mob as opposed to the ‘gangsters’ they believed behind it. It was almost too easy to use Chicago’s heavy media ties to gun violence and assault to their advantage. The police were too busy, trying to regulate and control what they believe were “bad” neighborhoods instead of trying to bust one of the most successful Italian mafia’s to had ever lived.

The idiots.

A spike in crime this high could not be pulled off by baby gangsters. There was always a higher force at work. And in this case, the higher force were them.

Ricardo wasn’t a fool though.

He was smart and knew not to trust just anyone with information. The only few he trusted were a handful of his men, his wife, and his boss. So, it came to no surprise eight months ago, when his boss assigned him the task of taking some foreigner under his wing he vehemently disagreed. They didn’t need anyone else! Why couldn’t his boss see that?

Especially not that guy…

The newbie wasn’t your average joe. He was taller than he was-6’6 or so-, had long black hair that reached the middle of his back, weird gold eyes, and a muscular build. What bothered Ricardo more than the fact that he wasn’t Italian, but Japanese, was the stoic passive aggressive vibes the guy gave off. He never showed any fear, despite the tasks he had been given to prove his loyalty, nor did he bat an eye when he was tortured as a prerequisite to joining as an outsider.  The guy killed without hesitation and showed no mercy.

He couldn’t fault Matteo for taking a liking to him. The guy was unapproachable and fiercely loyal to Matteo.

However, Ricardo still had his doubts.

He had heard through the grapevine that the guy used to be a member of the Triads. The reason he left was never disclosed however, though everyone had their suspicions.  He was either hiding something or lying.

And for that reason, Ricardo didn’t trust him.

“What the hell, Rickey? Boss gave us specific instructions. Get your head out of your ass and move! I’m not taking the heat for fucking this up”

Distracted by his thoughts, Ricardo had forgotten to let his guys know his location. He had been tailing this fucker who owed the boss money and lost sight of him.

“Fuck!” He yelled, slamming his hand on the dashboard. He began to drive again, searching frantically for the silver Cadillac he was just tailing.

Matteo would be pissed if he let this guy get away.

Turning sharply, he dipped down the alley way of California Ave and made a dash to 45th and Western. This guy couldn’t have gotten too far. ‘There!’ He could have screamed in joy as he spotted the car in a parking garage. Quickly, he radioed his men to give the location, before he maneuvered his vehicle into the lot, directly behind his victim.

He grinned menacingly as he stepped out of his car and over to the other. This was his favorite part of the job. Reaching into his coat and grabbed his gun, fingering the trigger as he walked casually over to the driver side of the door, prepared to knock on the bastard’s window.

Two things happened at once.

The wind was knocked out of him as the door flew open and into his ribs. In his shock and pain, the gun fell from his hands and onto the pavement with a loud thud, and the assailant stepped out of the car with a smirk. His throat was grasped in an instant and the air that he was struggling to regain from the blow was once again blocked due to the hand securely fastened around his throat.

His eyes flew open then, catching a glimpse of black and gold, before a dark chuckle was heard.

“Surprised to see me Rickey?”

“I-Ichi-ro? W-what?”

That bastard! That foreign bastard. He betrayed them! He fucking knew it!

Desperately he tried to reach his phone, to quickly speed dial Matteo, but the traitor was too fast. He was also ridiculously strong. His feet dangled in midair, and his body sagged at the pressure. Just how strong was this guy?

Ichiro loosened his grip on Rickey’s’ throat to allow him the pleasure of speaking. He needed his full cooperation if he wanted to do this the right way and take Matteo down. He watched in amusement as Rickey continued to struggle in his grasp.

The poor fool. Did he really believe he could escape?

He let his grin fade, before turning to slam Rickey against the car door, denting it noticeably. He watched in veiled in satisfaction as the Italian man winced in pain and his eyes widen.

So, the fool realized he wasn’t human?


“Listen Rickey, I would love to have a chat with you, but I’m in a bit of a time crunch. The call you sent out to Matteo gives me about ten minutes to offer you a plea deal” 

Realization dawned on Rickey then. The foreigner was a fucking cop! A fucking pig! His struggle began anew, despite the pain his back was in.  It didn’t matter, he had to warn Matteo and the guys, he had to! He needed to-

“Your struggles are futilei. Don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be. Do you really think you could escape here alive? With your rap sheet alone, we have enough evidence to throw you behind bars for more than half of the rest of your life. Did you think about that? Or is Matteo your first and only thought, hm?”

The shithead cop was baiting him, he just knew it. Dammit! Why didn’t Matteo listen to him? He knew this guy was bad news when he first laid eyes on him. He knew that something like this would happen. ‘Fuck this.’  Rickey round up the bit of strength he had left and tried to pry the guys hands from his throat. What the fuck was he?

A deep rumble was heard and Rickey sneered into the face of pig who held him. Was he laughing at him?

“Matteo was right about you Rickey.” He released Rickey slowly, knowing that if the fool tried to run he wouldn’t go anywhere anytime soon. It didn’t matter if Rickey helped him or not; he would take Matteo down, either way. However, he just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see Matteo’s face when he realized Rickey betrayed him. He just had to break Rickey down first,

“You are a fiercely loyal idiot.” Ichiro shook his head as he stared at-the now free- Rickey. “You would do anything to prove yourself to man who could give a damn about you” He watched as the Italian’s face contorted into anger and he attempted to lash out. He quickly grabbed his hand and put pressure on the digits, “What’s wrong Rickey? You don’t believe me?”

“No! Fuck you! You fucking pi-ahh!” The crack of his middle and ring finger made him stop his words. Hot white searing pain shot through him. ‘He just broke my fucking fingers’

“Such a pity. I do admire your loyalty though, however misplaced it may be”

“Fuck you!”

Ichiro glared, “No thank you. Ah, but while we are on the subject of fucking… Did you know Matteo has been fucking your wife?”

Ichiro watched as a glimpse of shock registered on his face, before being replaced with denial and rage. He had him.


“Oh, so you didn’t know? How cold Matteo.  He has been fucking Gina for three years now behind your back. Have you never wondered why your assignments were at off times and more frequent than others? How your wife would stare longingly at Matteo when he came to visit? How-

“Shut up! Shut the fuck up! You fucking lying pig! Shut up!”


Ricardo refused to believe him! He was just trying to get under his skin! There was no way his Gina would do that to him; no way Matteo would betray him! He loved Gina more than life itself and she loved him! She told him that!

Ichiro almost laughed as he watched Rickey’s inner battle. The Italians head shook vehemently in denial, as he whispered, “no” over and over again. He had him. He pulled out his phone and brought it up to Rickey’s face.

“Maybe this will provide you with some clarity” He hit the play button on to the video and listened as moans and grunts echoed throughout the empty parking lot. The image of two bodies entangled and merged with one another was vivid and graphic. There was no mistaking the two lovers.

Gina and Matteo.

Gina was fucking Matteo! There was nothing that had ever felt this painful. His heart literally felt as though it had been ripped out as he watched the two on screen. His eyes wouldn’t move. They couldn’t. How could they? How could they do this to him? Lie to him? He had been loyal to Matteo, to Gina. He never strayed! He treated her like a queen. His queen. His boss was his best friend. Was everything a lie?


Ichiro almost felt bad for the man as he watched him sink to his knees and scream out his frustration. Unfortunately, he was running out of time. He needed him to decide.

“Time is ticking Ricky, I need to know are you in or out?”

“What do you need me to do?”

Ricardo had enough. His entire life had been a lie. His reason for living stripped away in mere seconds. What could be worse?

Ichiro glanced at his watch. He had two minutes left. He needed to do this quickly. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Listen Rickey, I will grant you full immunity if you cooperate and do everything that I say. We are trying to take down Matteo but we need him here. I’ve gathered enough evidence but with your testimony we could shut his entire operation down. I’m ending this tonight.” His voice was rushed and rough. He was so close.

“I need you to call Matteo and tell him to come to the top of the building where you are holding the guy in the Cadillac. That’s it and that’s all. We will take it from there. You got that?”

Ricardo hesitated. Could he really do this? Despite all that had happened, it felt wrong to betray Matteo this way.

He hated Ichiro.

He hated pigs.

But right now, he hated Matteo more than anything.

Looking at Ichiro, he nodded.

Fuck Matteo.

Pulling out his phone, he called Matteo as instructed, his hands clenched and unclenched around the device in suppressed anger. He needed to keep his cool.

Ichiro, on the other hand, was happy. He would finally had taken Matteo down and his undercover life would be officially over.



Matteo Denaro- alleged boss of the Denaro Clan, a subsidiary of the Sicilian Mafia.

Sicilian Mafia- criminal syndicate from Sicily, Italy

Please Note: You must be a U.S. citizen to become a cop in most states. Some states require a green card or for you to be a temporary part of an operation due to its international nature. However, for this story let’s pretend…that isn’t true.


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