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Zero Division by Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer


Chapter One- Recruit

Dim lights flickered within the warehouse. Silence filled the empty space except for the footsteps of armed men on guard. Hidden in the darkness, blue eyes peered behind a wall and landed on the target. Four men stood in the middle of the warehouse surrounding the hostage tied up in a chair. Her skin tingled as adrenaline streamed through her system. Using her hand, she signalled at her team to move forward. She watched them surround the warehouse on the second floor, aiming their weapons towards all doors ready to snip their targets down. Everyone in position, her grip tightened around her gun.

Kagome pushed away from behind the wall and aimed her gun at the four men. “Put your hands in the air.”

The sound of the gun cocking echoed in the empty warehouse. The four guards immediately pointed their guns at her and snickered. Noticing the four guards approaching her and leaving the hostage, a slight smirk tugged at her lips. A wave of excitement burst forth. Kagome ran towards the four men that stood in her way from her target. Not expecting the girl to run towards danger, the men frantically tried to aim and shoot. Within combat distance, Kagome dropped and kicked the first guard’s legs causing him to fall from losing balance. She spun and punched the next guard unconscious.

‘Two down, two left to go,’ she thought to herself. Her kick landed straight in the middle of another guard’s chest making him fall a few feet away. She watched as more flocks of guards rushed through the doors. Each one was snipped down by her team mates on the second floor.

A hand grabbed her arm, reminding her that there was one more guard to deal with. Kagome twisted her arm and pulled away. She dodged a punch near her ribs and in return elbowed his sides. He flinched and fell to his knees to which Kagome took the chance to shoot him. Kagome aimed her gun and shot.


“Game over,” She said with a smirk.

The man kneeling in front of her looked down at his vest covered in paint and chuckled. “You won again.”

Kagome watched as all the guards covered in paint stood from the ground. Kagome lowered her paint ball gun. The warehouse lights brightened as she saw her team mates join her on the main floor.

Mission complete. Kagome smiled as she untied the hostage, that was a doll, from the chair.

Clap clap clap.

Kagome turned to see the Police Academy sensei and chief appear from behind the back room.

Her sensei smiled proudly and spoke, “You’ve passed the exam with an excellent record. Your mission to obtain the hostage safely was successfully accomplished.”

Kagome and her team mates bowed in response.

“The strategy your team used was very interesting and quite brave. You would need to have placed a lot of trust in each other to have completed this strategy,” the chief said as he patted Kagome’s shoulder.

Kagome smiled and looked at her team mates, “I knew they had my back. I trust them.”

Kagome’s smile widened as she saw her closest team mate and friend, Sakura, smile back.

The chief continued, “Well, you have all passed the Police Academy exam and so your award ceremony will be tomorrow. The Police force recognizes you and welcomes you.”

Kagome heard her team mates cheer. She clenched her hand into a fist as she felt the adrenaline still coursing through her body from the mission. Her eyes closed as she remembered the past;

Her days with Inuyasha,

The Shikon no Tama,

Her friends.

They had won the fight against Naraku, but once that was over with she was forced to return to her time.

Her brows furrowed. The well gave her no choice.

After the well had closed two years ago, attending a University and getting a normal job like a normal person just couldn’t cut it for her anymore. Every day in the past was an adventure, a fight for survival, a mission. Stuck in her time was just numbing.

She didn’t want to feel numb anymore.

So, she joined the Police Force.

She wanted it back.

The adventure, a mission, fighting for something good.

The adrenaline that she loved feeling slowly faded as the excitement of the mission was over. Yes, she lived for the danger. Blue eyes flickered open as she smiled. She was right to join the Police Force. This is where she belonged.


“Hello Ami,” a weary smile tugged on his lips.

Ami looked up from her computer and said curtly, “Ah, Commissioner Saito-san. You’re here to show the new recruits?”

“H-Hai,” he said as he gulped.

“Go ahead,” the secretary said as she returned her focus back to the computer screen.

Looking down at the stacks of files in his grasp, he hesitated. Each year he selected new recruits he thought would be suitable, but the General always said none were good enough. He hoped the General would recruit at least one new officer.

A timid knock sounded against the General’s office door.

“Come in,” a low voice commanded as a chill shot down the Commissioner’s back at the hollowness of the voice.

Saito poked his head into the General’s office. He noticed the General signing documents and hadn’t bothered to meet his gaze. With another gulp, Saito cautiously walked to the General’s desk and handed him the files. He quickly informed the General, “These are the new recruits to the Police Force. I’ve hand picked the best ones.”

Saito paused as he noticed the General hadn’t acknowledged him at all. He still continued nervously, “The first file is Kagome Higurashi, who excelled above all the students in the Police Academy. She’s received many stunning recommendations from her sensei’s and chief.”

Golden eyes flickered towards the file at the sound of the name.

A picture of this Kagome Higurashi was clipped onto the file.

Dark ebony hair.

Milky white skin.

Clear blue eyes.

“Miko.” His eyes narrowed. The picture of a human that looked identical to the miko he knew in the past caught him off guard.

“Ah, yes, she is the daughter of the Higurashi shrine. I guess that would make her a Miko,” Saito mumbled in confusion, not knowing how the General knew of Kagome Higurashi’s heritage. Saito gathered himself and was about to summarize the next recruit when he was interrupted.

“Recruit her.”

“Uhh, Kagome Higurashi?” Saito said dumbfounded and astonished that the General had chosen someone so quickly after rejecting so many times in the past.



The Commissioner blinked. Then slowly doing what he was commanded, the clueless Commissioner left the office.

The office was silent once more.

Golden eyes flickered back to the picture of the miko.


Curiosity flashed briefly past his eyes before fading into a blank stare.


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