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Lavender and Thunderstorm by LightoftheWest

Choices We've Made

Chapter 1 - Choices we've made

After the battle with Naraku, Kagome and Sesshomaru had grown closer but his duties had called him back home. What happens when Rin is about to give birth and a new enemy appears? 

Can they get over what had happened?

""- Talking

'' - Thinking

Bold = Beast 

Rated MA for future chapters

I do not own any characters! 


She smelled of lavender as she touched his arm.

He was soaked from the thunderstorm. 

The rain beating against the hut that she resided in she sighed as she dipped the washcloth in warm water and rubbed against the wound. "Why didn't you stay away?" she asked as she too was wounded. His amber eyes looking in a different direction. Avoiding her electric blue ones, his face scrunched in pain.

"You would have died if I did not save you," she gripped his arm harder and he flinched.

"I am now the priestess of this village and protector of the jewel, my life will always be in danger," Kagome said her scent growing it was thrown in with a smell of pepper. She wanted so badly a normal life but since the battle with Naraku, everything changed.

Kagome could no longer go home to her time she was now forever stuck in feudal Japan. She grieved for a time and then took up Kikyo's place.

Kikyo and Inuyasha were now full demons living who knows where she didn't really care.

She had let go of Inuyasha a long time ago.

Sango and Miroku left to rebuild her village and bury her brother who died when Naraku took the last Shikon shard.

She was invited to the wedding but declined.

Kagome loved her friends but she couldn't leave the village unprotected. 

Shippou helped during the battle with Naraku and after he was brutally beaten by his children he decided he wanted to grow stronger. He left the village to go to school with his own kind to become strong.

Kagome hasn't heard from him since and wondered if he was still alive.

Kagome now entirely alone.

When one day Sesshomaru stopped by and dropped Rin off to study under Kaede and live as a normal girl.

Sesshomaru wanted to give her a choice and live amongst the humans until she was old enough for her to decide which she would rather live with.

Rin found a boy she loved and married him and soon was pregnant with her first child.

Kagome stood on the outskirts of the village always watching, then one night when it was thundering and raining a demon decided to enter the village.

Kagome had a bored expression on her face.

Kagome took out her bow and was ready to aim when she was suddenly attacked from behind and was surprised.

Sesshomaru near the village heard a cry for help.

It was Kagome.

Her scent of blood filled the air and he quickly came to her aid. He took out one of his swords and cut the demon down and as Kagome became free she held out her hand and blasted the other. He then collapsed, he hadn't noticed the wound the other demon inflicted on him. She too was bleeding but it soon was healing.

She was now immortal.

Kagome could no longer feel pain and she had stopped aging.

She had whistled and others came to help carry him to her hut.

"I was visiting Rin," Sesshomaru said as she helped him with his wound. It was already healing from his demonic powers.

The thunderstorm threatening to rain out everything.

"You should have left me, I just need to get my bow" which was knocked out of her hands before he got there.

"You screamed for help, what was I supposed to do," Sesshomaru said as he caught her hand with the washcloth.

"You will return to Rin after I am done," she said with resignation.

After the battle with Naraku they had become close but soon his lands needed him and had to return.

That was when she received a message that she was to attend his mating ceremony with the Eastern princess. 

She declined, she didn't want to face him and his amber eyes. 

She needed to face this problem on her own.

She would have to face her destiny soon. 

"I had no choice," Kagome knew what he was referring too but she just shrugged. 

"You had a choice, now I have made mine." Kagome put down the washcloth and turned to put the bowl of water away.

He was mated but all he could think of was the lonely priestess. 

The thunderstorm had stopped and the rain lifted "You may go now, go back to Rin she is to give birth any day now," Kagome said she guided him to the door of the hut.

Sesshomaru bore his golden gaze into her and wanted nothing more than to save her from this life.

He wanted her to grab his arm and ask him to stay.

She didn't. 

Sesshomaru looked down to the jewel hanging around her neck. 

It was a cursed jewel and a noose around her neck. 

"I will return do not doubt that," Sesshomaru spoke and left to find Rin. 


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