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All I See Are Stars by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch.1 The Child

AN: The title was inspired by a song sung in a movie made in 2013 “Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart“. I know the beginning is weird, but if you watch it long enough it grows on you. That and the title works/makes sense. For several years I have not been able to get this out of my mind. Started as a short vision in 2015. Here is chapter 1. I am currently listening to, [‘Whisper of Hope’ Best of Gothic Storm 1 Hour of Most Beautiful & Emotional Music] on Hope you like.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Co. This is just a version/story that I have come up with. And I hope to use some of the characters in a way to better my writing and let my creativity go. I did not make the songs or sing them.

Kat Hasago- is Tess’s daughter and had a sister Mako who passed away.
Mistress Tess- is the old priestess that was kicked out of her order because she had slept with someone and became pregnant with Kat and the late Mako. Their father had the last name Hasago. I have no idea what the last name means. Just popped into my head, but I do know it is a very, very old name.
Harold- the headman’s father’s brother.

Ch.1 The Child

A scream filled the hut as the woman leaned forward. Beads of sweat slowly rolling down her oval face. Her hands in fists on the thin bedding. Only two other people stayed with her on this night. Who were the only ones willing to go near the injured female traveler. For a very good reason. Since she had just went into labor as soon as she had arrived and had blacked out from her wounds. By nightfall she had woken. The sharp pains in her stomach being too strong.

The elder woman at the end of the bed, frowned. Whispering to the young teen next to her. “She is loosing too much blood.”

“What can I do?”

“I don’t know.”

“But there has got to be.”

“Kat.” She warned.

“Sorry Mistress Tress. What if she looses….”

Tress brought a hand back and whacked the girl on her cheek. “Don’t speak of such. Grab a cloth and dampen it.”

Turning her head from the force, she nodded in partial shock, and shakily grabbed the nearest cloth. Doing as she was bid.

Tess took the cloth from her hand before she could get it wet. Dipping it in the wooden bowl by herself. She began using it to clean up some of the blood that had come out of the stitches down the woman’s stomach. Further annoying her as it started to drip in between her legs and over the babies head that started to crown. “Go do something child, ye have done enough.”

Panting and leaning forward, the traveler shook her head. “No…”

“No?” Tess scowled. “Are ye daft?”

The traveler narrowed her eyes back at the horrible woman in between her legs. She knew very well what type of person she was now. A mistress was someone who was taken as an extra gift or want for another man to bed while they had their own wife. But this person… she was a priestess, had the gall to call herself a priestess, even after she had been exiled. Their were not that many reasons for someone to be exiled. It must have been because of that child, Kat. So she had become pregnant by someone. After knowing that their faith and order forbade it. Her keen eyes took their interactions in. Kat was definitely Tess‘s daughter. Same brown eyes, and hair, and even the same face. And Tess was cruel to her.

“I said No.” She panted. “Kat… please come here.”

The girl looked towards her mother, then the traveler. Without a second thought she went towards the traveler. “Yes miss.” Carefully taking the offered hand.

Too tired, she leaned back, and gave Kat’s hand a light squeeze. “I need you to get behind me. Can you do that alright?” Wincing, she started to push again. Letting out a yell.

Kat immediately went behind the woman to help hold her up.

Her long black hair clung to her face as she leaned her head against the girls shoulder. “Thank you.”

The babies head was finally out because of the previous push. Tess grumbled about noble women and looked back down. “Ye need to push again, harder this time. The shoulders are next.”

She could feel it. The pressure on her lower stomach. Her wounds that would not close, and the blood leaving her. Her child was going to suffer if she couldn’t push her out. ‘I have to do this.’ With a better resolve, she took a breath, and with all her strength, she pushed.

And pushed.

Startling Tess as the shoulders came out without a problem. “That’s it.”

She didn’t stop. Holding onto her muscle to push as long as she could as she waited for it. Feeling her energy slipping away. Then, a huge relief flooded her senses. Relaxing her stomach and back. Her shoulders slumping. Her clammy skin slowly becoming paler. She strained to hear her baby. Barely able to keep her eyes focused.

Tess caught the infant with ease. Grabbing the cloth in her lap for it. Using it to lightly rub it‘s back. They heard a low cry. “A girl, my lady.”

“A girl. I‘m glad.” She whispered.

Kat was overjoyed that it finally came out. Looking down at the traveler. “Miss it‘s a girl! A baby girl! Miss…?” Her wide smile turned into concern. Eyes widening when the woman’s lovely blue orbs closed. “Miss are ye alright?”

She smiled sadly. “Her name. Kagome… Kagome Higurashi… don‘t… kill her.”

Her body went limp and the baby stopped crying.

Kat stared at her. “Miss? Miss!” She shook her shoulders. “Ye need to wake up. Ye can’t leave now. Ye need to.”


The sharp voice startled her. Raising her eyes to her mother with tears falling down her shoulders. “mom…”

“Close your tripe.” Tess quickly tied off the umbilical cord. Taking the sharp knife from the bedside. With a deft swipe the cord was cut and the baby started to squirm. The woman wanted nothing to do with it. Putting it to the side. “Ye need to get the men and have them burn the bodies.”

‘bodies?’ Kat’s eyes widened. “Ye can’t.”

“Aye, I can. I have no use for the babe or reason to take. It shall pass away as it’s mother and from hunger. Especially since no one else might take the babe with our crops coming in as it is.”

Tears still trailing down either side of her face, Kat’s visage hardened. “Her name is Kagome.” She got out from behind the dead woman. “Kagome Higurashi. And her mother died to birth her. She asked us not to kill her!”

Nearly finished washing her hands in the basin on the ground, Tess turned her furious body around, and hit her daughter again. But this time, Kat grabbed her hand. “Nay, my wayward mother. Ye can not kill her.”

Tess’s wide eyes narrowed. “Ye mad foolish child. How dare ye!” This time she kicked her on the leg and hit her along the back of her head. Her daughters body quickly hitting the floor. Receiving another kick. “How dare ye judge the.” She kicked her again. “Don’t speak back to the again.”

Kat grabbed her mothers foot when she went for another kick. Pushing her leg back and making her mother stumble backwards. With a groan, she got up and ran for the now bawling baby. Who quieted when she picked her up. Wrapping her in the closest blanket and grabbing the basket to put under her. She turned once she was at the door. Seeing her mother get up from the ground. “I will not let ye kill, her mother. If ye want her gone, ye will have to slit mine own throat.”

With that, she left the hut to see the villagers outside. Looking at the crowd that had gathered at the shouts. “Well?” The headman came up to her. Some of the men brought their pitchforks closer to themselves in their anxiousness.

“Headmaster Poe.” She inclined her head. “The lady had a baby girl, but she did not survive the birth. Mother wishes for her body to be burnt.”

Poe’s large dark eyebrows furrowed. Grasping Kat’s shoulder rather harshly to keep her from running. “Hold it.“ Deciding to look around at the others. He raised his voice for all to hear. “Who here wishes to take in the babe?”

They murmured amongst each other, and one by one, they shook their heads in the negative. She knew what would happen if no one agreed. Kat spoke up in slight fear. “I will.” Trying to get his hold off her. Seeing her mother exit the hut. Poe let go of her in surprise and she bolted before anyone else moved. Pushing past them to find the goat herder. Hearing her mother shouting curse words behind her back. Kat waited till she was farther away to yell out. “Harold! Harold!”

An elder man in his late 80’s jumped at the sound of his name. His head hitting the cabinet he had been going through. The goats outside his door baying at him. Making a ruckus that further hurt his head. “Dang nag it! Who is yelling for the?” He rubbed his grey hair. “Blasted wood.“ His eye sight wasn’t as good as it used to be. So he squinted grey tinted eyes at the entrance of his goats hut.

“Harold, it’s me, Kat.” Kat slowed down as she reached the spot next to him.

“Ye? Oh Kat. What are ye doing here child? Ye mother will be furious with ye and me.” Harold got up with creaking bones and brushed the front of his pants.

She knew that he was the oldest in the village. Which was rare for anyone to make it past 28 to 30 years. Because of the demons and illnesses. The headmaster had hoped that he would be killed first when the demons come again. So he had been sent to the edge of the village. Which ironically, the old man was left alone. Even though he pissed off Poe all the time. The only thing that did pass away was one or two of his sheep that went missing on occasion. While the village still got attacked on that same occasion. What happened after that, and just recently, it always unnerved her.

For the past three years; the village people began to fight back against the rouge demons. And unfortunately…. They pillaged, raped, and stole from human travelers that even came by. It was a strange luck that the traveling woman even survived a day in the village that had become a bandits home.

As luck also had it, Kat couldn’t help, but seek Harold out when she was younger. She had talked back to the headmaster once and they starved her for several days. When she went to get food as it was too much pain to bare, she had gotten beaten by the villagers, as her mother also shunned her. She had run and avoided angering them as much as she could. Till they left her alone when she went to visit Harold, and she found out that they also avoided him. And her mother hated him for some weird reason. Right now, she didn’t know what to do. Her grief for the lady mother was coming back to the surface. Several tears trailing down her face again. “A traveler had come in..”

“Yes, yes, I heard of the woman. A Lady from her speech and dress.” He motioned for her to sit on the stool on his right. Several of his goats coming in as she did what he suggested. “What happened?”

The baby in the basket started wiggling around again. Kat tried to smile and lifted the corner of the blanket. The babies eyes were closed as she had fallen asleep. Her skin still covered in some of the birthing liquid. Partly ashamed at her ignorance, she lowered her head. “What do I do?”

The old mans eyes followed her line of site. “My goodness. Kat ye need to clean her off and dry her. Then put her in a cleaner blanket. Else she catch a fever or cold.” The babe had literally just been born. “Let me warm some water.”

Kat nodded. Relieved that he would help her. “I did not know where to go…”

“Aye, I understand. The babe can be raised here. But if she were to have any defects ye know what the village will do.”

“She doesn’t.”

Harold raised a brow at her defensive tone. “Alright then, no worries.” He wondered out of the goats hut to the main hut directly next to it. Which was where he resided.

“It will be alright…” Kat brought the edge of the blanket to gently wipe the babies nose and face. She didn’t even open her eyes. Bringing a tiny hand up and back down. Being fast asleep. “It will be alright.” She stated much stronger. “I’m not going to let them harm you.”

And so it was.

For a time…

She had gotten so focused on taking care of the baby that she had forgotten about the village. Learning about the goats and how she could nurse the babe on them till she was old enough. It didn’t take long. Getting into a habit of washing all the cloths and linens every couple of days. Gathering soapwort to make soap. Then all of the small amount of herbs that she knew of and Harold taught her more. She got into a routine. Wake up and take care of the babe, take a nap, wake up again to nurse, then clean and tidy the huts. When she wasn’t cleaning and tidying the huts, she went for the herbs, and spices. Even hunting with Harold’s bow for rabbit, turkey, or deer. Harold had given her his spare blankets to sleep on. Plus any extra cloth he had so she could make a swath for the babe. She slept in the goats hut mostly. After that first month, Harold had shaken his head, and said she might as well keep Bayleaf and Helga. His best milking goats. If she was ever too exhausted, they would take turns, and watch over Kagome.

By month two, Harold’s hut was spotless, and she had repaired part of the roof. And with his help started making another room to add to it. Filling his shelves to the brim with jars full of all sorts of herbs, spices, and food. He also started to teach her how to read, write, and some of the things that a lady of the house normally did. Though it was all drawn in the dirt. She was completely awed and excited at the possibility of learning such things. Glad that at least she knew a little bit from her own wayward mother. She delved into it happily. Not even asking how he knew any of it and seeing it as a gift.

It only happened on occasion. If either of them heard a loud ruckus in the village they would listen. If nothing else happened down there, that would warn them, they let it be.

Needless to say, Kat was exhausted by month three. She realized a huge error she had made. Looking down at her clothes. Little Kagome was nestled against her front with a cloth sling as Bayleaf and Helga followed her heels. Their own now, not so small, baby goats still trailing behind them. In her hunting, and wondering, she had seen these odd looking goats that grew strange puffy stuff. Finding maybe three specifically placed in a penned in area while the rest roamed farther off in a field. Having never heard or seen them before.

Harold had quickly explained that they were sheep from over seas and also a spoil that he had kept the town from completely eating all at once. At least trying to explain that, that puffy stuff was wool, and they could use their wool for making clothes, or blankets. It was also what he snuck into their pillows. But he didn’t really get very far. Telling her to go ahead and use the spinning wheel. It had shocked her. Not many had a spinning wheels, or knew how to use it, or even knew what it was. She did as he had pointed at his hut. Finding a spinning wheel behind it and the new room. But, there was still no loom to make clothes or blankets.

Of course she knew the village grew flax plants to create clothes and they only had one weaver in the entire group. They had also grown lax in growing the flax plants, because of their pillaging. She looked back down at her torn and worn out dress she had warn. It was all she had. The five diapers for the babe were also getting worn out because there was not that many of them. A piece of cloth could only go so far. Even with the strong material that they were made of. What she wore was several years old. With frayed edges. There was scrapes and holes at random and her shoulder strap was nearly gone. And little Kagome was slowly growing also. ’She will need clothes soon….’ She realized that they needed quite a few small things. Important, but small.

Her eyes wondered towards the humming Harold. Who was conveniently in the middle of milking one of his other female goats under a tree. “Oh the cheese we get, the food we eat, there is always a many and plenty. For my nutty goats, she‘s milking them oats, and weeds for seventeen. But my greedy belly is growling for more. They oblige as long as they get to snore. By night you know, they disappear like the sun…” He started humming again. “It wont be long. It shall be done. Like a one and a nanny.”

She smiled at that. Looking down at Kagome. “He may be nutty, but he sure will be here. You can count on that.” She scrunched her nose against the smaller one, and the babe gave her wide eyes. Gargling adorably.

Harold turned his head at her voice. “Of course I shall be here. And never forgot that! That old chief can stick his head in his..”

“Harold.” She lightly chided.

“Yes?” He stopped milking the goat and turned fully to the lass. He was so proud of how far she had come. It had taken him a bit at first. Getting used to his new occupants and the babies loud crying. He wasn’t sure if he was down right tired from the lack of sleep or blessed that the browned haired girl had stayed. As babies go, all he could tell her was about how he took care of his goats, and the goats themselves. Then the tidbits he learned over the years. They had done a lot. “Tis something bothering you?“

She lowered her head. “May I try trading some cheese for the items we need?”

His brows lowered in concern. “I do not think that is a good idea.”

“You can not carry all that we need. I can get it.”

“Ye mother wi.”

Her brown eyes shot to his in slight anger, interrupting him. “I will deal with it.”

Shoulders lowering with a sad sigh, Harold shook his head. “Fine then. Ye may.” Reluctantly watching her get up to transfer Kagome to him. As the babe closed her eyes, and grabbed his shirt with a thumb in her mouth, Kat turned around to gather the cheese in his part of the main hut. Seeing her coming out with almost all of his bricks stacked in her arms. His eyes widened at the realization that she was going to get a lot. Then she quickly walked past him as the two female goats went to his side. Her brown hair slowly disappearing through the trees and small trail leading to the village. “Be safe…” He whispered in concern.

Waiting a minute or two while sitting there before he got up. Leaning forward with a grunt at the added weight and picking up the pail of milk. He spent the next couple of hours working on prepping the cheeses. Then, entertaining Kagome as she laid on her stomach. Barely able to use her front arms to hold up her head for too long. ‘At least she doesn’t cry that often now.‘ He smiled at her and his tone changed. “Are you going to take a tiny nap at noon?” She smiled and made some sounds. He laughed. Starting to make some funny faces to get her to laugh or make some more oddly adorable sounds.

When she didn’t reply, he tilted his head in confusion, and looked more closely to her. Kagome tried to kick her back feet. Her blue eyes not focusing on him even though his face was now right in front of hers. So he looked more closely. “Hello.” Then he saw it. A slight delay as she turned her eyes towards him. Not quite focusing on him, she cooed. Immediately, he sat back, and frowned. “Did you do that on purpose?” He brought a hand to his chin to keep his head up. Watching her roll onto her side. Her tiny arms coming up and making the hungry motion. ‘Can she see?’ He wondered and worried. He knew what the others would do. ‘But, she always looked at Kat….‘ Hoping that she would grow out of what ever it was or that she just needed time. Harold picked her up and called Bayleaf. The brown and white goat bayed at him. Quickly coming over to snuffle the bundle in his arms.

“None of that now.” Harold turned Bayleaf’s stubborn head. The baby cooed again at the feel of the goats tongue on her face. This time Harold sighed. “Just hold still girl.” He went and scooted to the floor. So he could hold Kagome at a better angle. Bayleaf held perfectly still as he got a teat into Kagome’s mouth. The babe making happy noises then quieting as her eyes closed. Her hands coming up to try to grip the udder to no avail. She greedily but slowly took her time. After a while he ended up switching her to another teat.

It was hard not to smile around the babe.

Then, as the time went by, he sighed. His arms hurting. Wondering why she was eating so slowly or so much. Maybe a growth spurt soon. Staying in the same position for as long as he could. “Alright, Kagome. I can’t hold ye forever.” Slowly pulling her back towards him, he sighed in relief. Stretching out one arm as he held the other. His own eyes looked at the sky as he hadn’t forgotten about the hour. The worry from before coming back stronger.

Without another thought, Harold wrapped Kagome into a cloth to keep her warm, and headed outside. Steadily towards the edge of his meadow. He stopped at the small trail leading down to a bigger path to the village. The tall trees on either side blocking his view. Tempted to pace where he stood. He decided to call out. “Kat.”

Waiting for an answer, the sheep around him started to graze on the grass, and shuffle around. Looking down at the bundle in his arms. “She should be back by now…”

Little Kagome yawned. Then turned her head slowly in the direction he had been looking.

Harold heard a small sound shortly after. Thinking it was a sign, he called to the path. “Kat. Are ye down there?”

Near the middle a very tired girl pushed on a cart as hard as she could. Till finally, making it near the top, her legs gave out.

He quickly went to her side. “Kat, are ye alright?” He brought her face up to see several marks and bruises on her. Her shoulder strap had been torn and retied in the same place and a cut marred her arm.

Above all that, Kat gave him a smile. “I didn’t back down.”

A loud sigh left him. Turning his gaze at the cart that she partly leaned on. His eyes widening slightly in surprise. It was full to the brim with clothes and cloth with several looms and two chests. Looking right back at her.

For the first time in her life she fought the villagers back after some of them had tried to steal the few items she had gotten from the weaver. And in the show of her anger the leader of that small group threw the items back at her. Making the others give her more when she demanded that they let her get supplies for the baby and herself, or she would call for the headman, and Harold. “I got it. I got what we needed.”

Harold put a hand on her back. “Ye did very well. Lets get ye inside.”

Kat nodded, and with his help, got back to her feet. Slowly pushing the cart up the last of the way.

Over the next couple of months it went that way. The villagers gave her the items she requested. Only on a few occasions with a few more bruises and scrapes. And Kagome thrived under their care. Slowly getting bigger as she went from crawling, to stumbling, and then adorable waddle walking through winter. She was now old enough to eat regular food. Relieving the two main nursing goats. It was starting to warm up again.

Kat had begun to notice there was something wrong with the baby turned toddler. It had started as small things. Seeing little Kagome have difficulty looking at Harold and the animals. Then crawling into the wall in the hut. Accidentally stumbling under one of the animals. Though the animals took great care around her. Not stepping on her with their hoofs and not knocking her over. One of the baby kids even started guiding her around the grass outside. She had tried making toys for her to play with. With Harold, and her teaching her, her words. The little baby was now going on 15 months. Having a tuff of black hair that was so curly. Seeing her bright blue eyes… that had a slight white hue over them sometimes. It was the beginning of a new year. And she had hopped that it would make things better.

Kagome would stop what she was doing and hold onto the goat or sheep. Listening, as she turned her head. Calling Harold, “Unkey.” and Kat had the luxury of, “Mumm.” with an extra m at the end.

Harold had tried to tell her.

Kat dropped the broom that she had used to sweep out the straw on the floor for a new batch. Kagome had wondered too far to the edge of the meadow. Where a sheep walked her near it. “Kagome you need to come back this way.” She forced herself to stay where she was. Waiting for her to respond.

Kagome nodded and turned. Saying, “Home sheep, home.” to the sheep. The little sheep turned her in the right direction. She looked for where the female voice had come from. Recognizing her mumm from the tone and white glow around her form. Thanks for the sheep and the light she quickly came running on the semi cold ground. Her arms out as if she were to catch her as she let the sheep go. “I coming.”

Tears started falling down her cheeks. Kat kneeled. Harold didn’t say a word as Kagome completely missed him next to the hut. Wrapping her arms around the child. “Oh my little Kagome.”

Kagome smiled and laughed. Feeling her arms around her. She raised her hands to her face. “I see you!”

Kat kissed one of her hands. Smiling sadly at her. “I see you to honey. I see you to.” All to well knowing that Kagome could not see normally. Seeing Kagome’s blue eyes slowly focus onto her face. Almost fixedly. She knew, that she could only see those who had holy energy. As Kat herself had a small amount of it. She knew, after several arguments, and trying. That Kagome could not see Harold at all.

Kagome didn’t know why she was crying. But tried to cheer her up with one of her brightest smiles. Faintly seeing her mumm’s white face and the outline of her hair. That seemed to glow like it always did. Her uncle had told her it was like a star in the night sky.


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